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1995-05-06Mantorp ParkSpice Kari Mäkinen/S[-]
1995-05-07Mantorp ParkSpice Kari Mäkinen/S[-]
1995-06-03AnderstorpSpice Kari Mäkinen/S[-]
1995-06-04AnderstorpSpice Kari Mäkinen/S[-]
1995-07-23KnutstorpSpice Kari Mäkinen/S[-]
1995-08-26Mantorp ParkSpice Kari Mäkinen/S[-]
1995-08-27Mantorp ParkSpice Kari Mäkinen/S[-]
1996?Spice 88P Kari Mäkinen/S[-]
1996-07-13AnderstorpSpice 88P Kari Mäkinen/S[-]
1996-07-21Road AmericaSpice GTP Mark Pritch/USA[-]
1996-07-21Road AmericaSpice GTPL Ron Ciaravella/USA[-]
1996-07-21KnutstorpSpice 88P Kari Mäkinen/S[-]
1996-08-24Mantorp ParkSpice 88P Kari Mäkinen/S[-]
1996-08-25Mantorp ParkSpice 88P Kari Mäkinen/S[-]
1997GeorgiaSpice GTP R. Mandeville/[-]
1997GeorgiaSpice GTP Ron Ciaravella/USA[-]
1997GeorgiaSpice GTP Ron Ciaravella/USA[-]
1997-05-04Mantorp ParkSpice 88P Kari Mäkinen/S[-]
1997-06-08AnderstorpSpice 88P Kari Mäkinen/S[-]
1997-10-05DaytonaSpice Ed Davies/[-]
1997-10-05DaytonaSpice GTP John Hotchkis/[-]
1997-10-05DaytonaSpice GTP Pual Newman/USA[-]
1997-10-05DaytonaSpice GTP Ron Ciaravella/USA[-]
1997-10-05DaytonaSpice Ed Davies/[-]
1998-08-02MostSpice Helmut Bross/D[-]
1998-10-03HockenheimSpice Helmut Bross/D[-]
1998-10-24HockenheimSpice Helmut Bross/D[-]
1999-01-31DaytonaSpice SE90C Jim Mullen/[-]
1999-01-31DaytonaSpice GTPL Ed Davies/[-]
1999-01-31DaytonaSpice GTP Joe Hish/USA[-]
1999-01-31DaytonaSpice GTP Kurt Baumann/[-]
1999-03-07SebringSpice GTP Jim Mullen/[-]
1999-03-07SebringSpice GTP John Hotchkis/[-]
1999-03-07SebringSpice GTPL Joe Hish/USA[-]
1999-03-07SebringSpice GTPL Mark Pitch/[-]
1999-03-07SebringSpice Joe Hish/USA[-]
1999-03-07SebringSpice GTP Ron Ciaravella/USA[-]
1999-07-10HockenheimSpice Ruedi Jauslin/CH[-]
1999-10-23HockenheimSpice Ruedi Jauslin/CH[-]
2000-05-21SpaSpice SE88C Nick Adams/GB[-]
2000-06-04DoningtonSpice SE88C Nick Adams/GB[-]
2000-06-04DoningtonSpice SE89 Ronnie Farmer/[-]
2000-06-24DijonSpice Ruedi Jauslin/CH[-]
2000-06-24SilverstoneSpice SE88C Nick Adams/GB[-]
2000-06-24SilverstoneSpice SE89 Michael Janowski/[-]
2000-06-25DijonSpice Ruedi Jauslin/CH[-]
2000-07-09Brands HatchSpice SE88C Nick Adams/GB[-]
2000-07-09Brands HatchSpice SE89 Michael Janowski/[-]
2000-08-06NürburgringSpice SE88C Nick Adams/GB[-]
2000-08-06NürburgringSpice SE88C Ronnie Farmer/[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaSpice GTP John Hotchkis/[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaSpice GTP J. Adams/[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaSpice GTP Jim Mullen/[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaSpice SE88C Chris Randall/[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaSpice SE88C Nick Randall/[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaSpice Ed Davies/[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaSpice GTP Jin Loftis/[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaSpice SE88C Ronnie Farmer/[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaSpice SE88C Michael Jankowski/[-]
2001-04-14DoningtonSpice SE88C Nick Adams/GB[-]
2001-04-14DoningtonSpice SE88C Chris Randall/[-]
2001-04-14DoningtonSpice SE90C Nick Randall/[-]
2001-05-13SpaSpice SE88C Nick Randall/[-]
2001-05-13SpaSpice SE88C Michael Jankowski/[-]
2001-05-13SpaSpice SE88C Nick Adams/GB[-]
2001-06-10DoningtonSpice SE88C Nick Adams/GB[-]
2001-09-23DoningtonSpice Chris Randall/[-]


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