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Archívy Euromontagna

Renault R5

Výsledky hledání

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1976-07-04ŠternberkRenault R5 Alfred Rabl/A[-]
1978-04-09AmpusRenault R5 S. Agnes/[-]
1980-05-04AlplRenault R5 Tilo Berlin/A[-]
1981-06-21BabaRenault R5 Ján Novoveský/SK[-]
1982-05-09AlplRenault R5 Josef Prügger/A[-]
1982-06-13RechbergRenault R5 Josef Prügger/A[-]
1984PedavenaRenault R5 Fanti/I[-]
1984-07-22SchauinslandRenault R5 Richard Singler/D[-]
1985PedavenaRenault R5 Bianchi/[-]
1985PedavenaRenault R5 Eva/I[-]
1985PedavenaRenault R5 Maset/I[-]
1985PedavenaRenault R5 Vincenzo Zanini/I[-]
1986PedavenaRenault R5 T. Martinelli/[-]
1986PedavenaRenault R5 Pedimatteo/I[-]
1986-08-17St. UrsanneRenault R5 -[-]
1987LevicoRenault R5 Aurenghi/I[-]
1987LevicoRenault R5 T. Martinelli/[-]
1987LevicoRenault R5 Giorgio Adami/I[-]
1987VergatoRenault R5 Pier Franco Baldanzi/I[-]
1987VerzegnisRenault R5 Knycz/[-]
1987LevicoRenault R5 Sandrini/I[-]
1987-07-12MarmoladaRenault R5 Sandrini/I[-]
1988-05-29RechbergRenault R5 Giacomo Botti/I[-]
1990-05-13Rampa da FalperraRenault R5 Jose Pinto/P[-]
1990-07-22Cesana-SestriereRenault R5 Emilio Corio/I[-]
1990-09-23Al FitoRenault R5 Roberto Cuervo Mendez/E[-]
1990-09-23Al FitoRenault R5 Daniel Sordo/E[-]
1990-09-23Al FitoRenault R5 Gregorio Castro/E[-]
1990-09-23Al FitoRenault R5 Florentino Varela/E[-]
1992Caprino-SpiazziRenault R5 Olivier Dall´aglio/CH[-]
1995-09-10Trento BondoneRenault R5 Argenta/I[-]
1996-06-16VerzegnisRenault R5 Eva/I[-]


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