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Archívy Euromontagna

Ralt RT30

Výsledky hledání

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1981-09-20ŠternberkRalt RT30 Herve Bayard/F[-]
1986-08-17St. UrsanneRalt RT30 Jo Zeller/CH[-]
1987-06-28ŠternberkRalt RT30 Herve Bayard/F[-]
1987-08-23St. UrsanneRalt RT30 Jo Zeller/CH[-]
1987-10-11OberjochRalt RT30 Uwe Wolpert/D[RT30-579]
1987-10-11OberjochRalt RT30 Arnold Wagner/D[-]
1988-03-27ZotzenbachRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1988-04-24KrähbergRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1988-05-29RechbergRalt RT30 Wolf Petutschnig/A[-]
1988-06-19ŠternberkRalt RT30 Uwe Wolpert/D[RT30-579]
1988-07-24HomburgRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1988-08-21St. UrsanneRalt RT30 Jérome Savioz/CH[-]
1988-08-28HöxterRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1989HauensteinRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1989-04-23KrähbergRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1989-04-30RechbergRalt RT30 Wolf Petutschnig/A[-]
1989-05-07IlztalRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1989-07-30HomburgRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1989-07-30HomburgRalt RT30 Arnold Wagner/D[-]
1989-08-06Mont DoreRalt RT30 Uwe Wolpert/D[RT30-579]
1989-08-16OsnabrückRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1989-08-20St. UrsanneRalt RT30 Jérome Savioz/CH[-]
1989-09-03HöxterRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1989-09-03HöxterRalt RT30 Michael Borchert/D[-]
1989-09-17UnterfrankenRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1989-09-24St. AgathaRalt RT30 Walter Terler/A[-]
1989-10-01EurohillRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1989-10-08SamerbergRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1989-10-15OberjochRalt RT30 Lorang Guy/D[-]
1989-10-15OberjochRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1989-10-29HeisdorfRalt RT30 Herve Bayard/F[-]
1989-10-29HeisdorfRalt RT30 Christian Hauser/L[-]
1989-10-29HeisdorfRalt RT30 Arnold Wagner/D[-]
1989-10-29HeisdorfRalt RT30 Guy Lorang/L[-]
1990DudelangeRalt RT30 Herve Bayard/F[-]
1990-04-29RechbergRalt RT30 Günther Aberer/A[-]
1990-05-01EschdorfRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1990-05-01EschdorfRalt RT30 Herve Bayard/F[-]
1990-05-01EschdorfRalt RT30 Guy Lorang/L[-]
1990-05-02KrähbergRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1990-05-27WittlichRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1990-06-17TrierRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1990-07-29HomburgRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimRalt RT30 J. Claude Piarrou-Cazala/F[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimRalt RT30 Franck Donin/F[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimRalt RT30 Guy Lorang/L[-]
1990-09-09UnterfrankenRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1991HoltzRalt RT30 Herve Bayard/F[-]
1991AlzeyRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1991-06-09TrierRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1991-07-28HomburgRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1991-08-11Mont DoreRalt RT30 Patrick Cain/B[-]
1992HoltzRalt RT30 Herve Bayard/F[-]
1992HoltzRalt RT30 Franck Maas/L[-]
1992-04-26KrähbergRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1992-06-14TrierRalt RT30 Petra Wolpert-Höllerich/D[-]
1992-07-26OsnabrückRalt RT30 Petra Wolpert-Höllerich/D[-]
1992-07-26HomburgRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1992-07-26HomburgRalt RT30 Petra Wolpert-Höllerich/D[-]
1992-08-09AlzeyRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1992-08-09TeufelsrutschRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1992-08-09TeufelsrutschRalt RT30 Frank Jordan/D[-]
1992-08-16HauensteinRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1993-09-05TurckheimRalt RT30 Franck Maas/L[-]
1994-06-19DouneRalt RT30 Kenny Allen/GB[-]
1994-08-21HauensteinRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1994-08-21St. UrsanneRalt RT30 Fabien Gysin/CH[-]
1994-09-18DouneRalt RT30 Kenny Allen/GB[-]
1994-09-25EurohillRalt RT30 Frank Taubert/D[-]
1995-05-07JaizkibelRalt RT30 Luis Molero/E[-]
1995-06-05HoltzRalt RT30 Franck Maas/L[-]
1995-06-17DouneRalt RT30 Kenny Allen/GB[-]
1995-08-06Mont DoreRalt RT30 Wilson Laidlaw/[-]
1995-08-06Mont DoreRalt RT30 Marc Lobstein/F[-]
1995-09-03TurckheimRalt RT30 Franck Maas/L[-]
1996-09-09TurckheimRalt RT30 Marc Lobstein/F[-]
1997-07-27HomburgRalt RT30 Marc Lobstein/F[-]
1997-09-07TurckheimRalt RT30 Marc Lobstein/F[-]
1998-05-24JaizkibelRalt RT30 Jesús M. Santamaria/E[-]
1998-06-14TrierRalt RT30 Marc Lobstein/F[-]
2000-08-13Mont DoreRalt RT30 Edmond Pupil/[-]
2002-06-16Mont VentouxRalt RT30 Jean-Yves Brunet/F[-]
2002-08-11Mont DoreRalt RT30 Christophe Carrere/F[-]
2002-08-25ChamrousseRalt RT30 Thierry Brosseau/F[-]
2003-06-01BeaujolaisRalt RT30 Thierry Brosseau/F[-]
2003-07-27DunieresRalt RT30 Thierry Brosseau/F[-]
2003-08-24ChamrousseRalt RT30 Thierry Brosseau/F[-]


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