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Porsche 908

Výsledky hledání

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1970-05-24MontsenyPorsche 908 Jorge De Bagration/E[908/02-013]
1970-05-24MontsenyPorsche 908 Juan Kutz/E[-]
1970-07-26SchauinslandPorsche 908 Helmuth Leuze/D[908-016]
1971-03-28MontserratPorsche 908 Jorge De Bagration/E[908/02-013]
1971-03-28MontserratPorsche 908 José M. Lencina/[-]
1971-05-02MazametPorsche 908 Larrien/[-]
1971-05-23MontsenyPorsche 908 Mario Casoni/I[908-02/008]
1971-05-23MontsenyPorsche 908 Jorge De Bagration/E[-]
1971-05-23MontsenyPorsche 908 Juan Kutz/E[-]
1971-07-04Trento BondonePorsche 908 "Noris"/I[-]
1971-07-25ChamroussePorsche 908 Claude Ballot-Lena/F[-]
1971-08-29Ballon D´AlsacePorsche 908 Christian Poirot/F[-]
1971-10-24CasablancaPorsche 908 André Wicky/CH[908/02-010]
1971-12-06InterlagosPorsche 908 Jorge De Bagration/E[908/02-013]
1971-12-11Sao PaoloPorsche 908 Bueno/[-]
1971-12-13InterlagosPorsche 908 Jorge De Bagration/E[908/02-013]
1971-12-20InterlagosPorsche 908 Jorge De Bagration/E[908/02-013]
1971-12-28InterlagosPorsche 908 Jorge De Bagration/E[908/02-013]
1972-03-26AratePorsche 908 Juan Kutz/E[-]
1972-04-30MazametPorsche 908 Jean-Marie Alméras/F[-]
1972-05-14Col BayardPorsche 908 Jean-Marie Alméras/F[-]
1972-05-14HoltzPorsche 908 Albert Pfuhl/D[-]
1972-05-21L´IllePorsche 908 J. Boucard/[-]
1972-05-28GeronePorsche 908 Juan Kutz/E[-]
1972-06-04WissembourgPorsche 908 Albert Pfuhl/D[-]
1972-06-11EchelettePorsche 908 Jean-Marie Alméras/F[-]
1972-06-18Mont VentouxPorsche 908 Wilhelm Bartels/D[-]
1972-06-25RevardPorsche 908 Jean-Marie Alméras/F[-]
1972-06-25TurckheimPorsche 908 Christian Poirot/F[-]
1972-06-29Bolzano MendolaPorsche 908 "Noris"/I[-]
1972-07-02Trento BondonePorsche 908 "Noris"/I[-]
1972-07-09Saint HippolytePorsche 908 Christian Poirot/F[-]
1972-08-06TreffortPorsche 908 Christian Poirot/F[-]
1972-08-06Haut CantalPorsche 908 Jean-Marie Alméras/F[-]
1972-08-27PerthuisPorsche 908 Christian Poirot/F[-]
1972-09-24BelleauPorsche 908 Christian Poirot/F[-]
1973-05-20HockenheimPorsche 908 Peters/[-]
1973-06-24TurckheimPorsche 908 Christian Poirot/F[-]
1973-07-01Trento BondonePorsche 908 Vittorio Maione/I[-]
1973-07-01VuillafansPorsche 908 Christian Poirot/F[-]
1973-08-05TreffortPorsche 908 Christian Poirot/F[-]
1974-06-30Trento BondonePorsche 908 Walter Proebst/D[-]
1974-07-06CosenzaPorsche 908 Vittorio Maione/I[-]
1975-08-31HappurgPorsche 908 Walter Proebst/D[-]
1975-09-14MontsenyPorsche 908 Reinhold Joest/D[-]
1975-09-21NeuffenPorsche 908 Reinhardt Stenzel/D[-]
1975-09-21NeuffenPorsche 908 Rolf Fischer/D[-]
1975-10-12OberallgäuPorsche 908 Walter Proebst/D[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondonePorsche 908 Hans Dieter Sthal/D[-]
1995DaytonaPorsche 908 -[-]
1996-07-21Road AmericaPorsche 908 Tony Dean/GB[-]
1996-07-21Road AmericaPorsche 908 Joe Buzzetta/[-]
2002-04-28RechbergPorsche 908 August Deutsch/A[-]
2004-05-09MonzaPorsche 908 Siegfried Brunn/D[-]
2004-07-04NürburgringPorsche 908 Philip Brunn/D[-]
2004-07-04NürburgringPorsche 908 Siegfried Brunn/D[-]
2004-08-15SilverstonePorsche 908 Philip Brunn/D[-]
2004-09-12SpaPorsche 908 Jean-Marc Luco/CH[-]
2004-09-12SpaPorsche 908 Siegfried Brunn/D[-]
2004-09-12SpaPorsche 908 Philip Brunn/D[-]
2004-09-12SpaPorsche 908 Flettner/[-]
2008-08-16NürburgringPorsche 908 Sascha Maasen/D[908-005]
2008-09-14SilverstonePorsche 908 Bernardo Sa Noguieira/P[-]
2008-09-14SilverstonePorsche 908 Manuel Amaral/P[-]
2009-05-09SpaPorsche 908 Herve Regout/B[908-005]


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