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Archívy Euromontagna

Porsche 906

Vısledky hledání

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1966-06-26Mont VentouxPorsche 906 Michel Weber/D[-]
1966-07-10Trento BondonePorsche 906 Ignazio Capuano/I[906-150]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransPorsche 906 Michel Weber/D[-]
1967-08-27Ollon VillarsPorsche 906 Alain Bernardo/CH[-]
1969-07-27SchauinslandPorsche 906 Hans Kühnis/CH[-]
1969-09-07GaisbergPorsche 906 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1970-04-19PayernePorsche 906 Max Müller/CH[906-152]
1970-05-09TìrlickoPorsche 906 Kurt Rieder/A[-]
1970-05-24HockenheimPorsche 906 Max Müller/CH[906-152]
1970-07-05Trento BondonePorsche 906 Piero Monticone/I[-]
1970-07-15Cesana-SestrierePorsche 906 Piero Monticone/I[-]
1970-07-19UlmPorsche 906 Max Müller/CH[906-152]
1970-09-06MarchairuzPorsche 906 Max Müller/CH[906-152]
1970-09-27KerenzerbergPorsche 906 Max Müller/CH[906-152]
1971HockenheimPorsche 906 Max Müller/CH[906-152]
1971MarchairuzPorsche 906 Max Müller/CH[906-152]
1971-03-28MontserratPorsche 906 Juan Kutz/E[-]
1971-04-25SembachPorsche 906 Max Müller/CH[906-152]
1971-06-01WangenPorsche 906 Max Müller/CH[906-152]
1971-07-04Trento BondonePorsche 906 Andreas Trummer/A[-]
1971-08-15NiederstettenPorsche 906 Max Müller/CH[906-152]
1971-08-22St. UrsannePorsche 906 Max Müller/CH[906-152]
1971-09-11GurnigelPorsche 906 Max Müller/CH[906-152]
1971-10-03HembergPorsche 906 Max Müller/CH[906-152]
1972-04-30MazametPorsche 906 Larrieu/F[-]
1972-06-04WissembourgPorsche 906 François Migault/F[-]
1975-07-13S. GiustinoPorsche 906 Vittorio Mascari/I[-]
1975-07-27AscoliPorsche 906 Vittorio Mascari/I[-]
1975-08-03RietiPorsche 906 Vittorio Mascari/I[-]
1992-05-17SpaPorsche 906 Ivan Scotti/CH[-]
1992-06-28NürburgringPorsche 906 Ivan Scotti/CH[-]
1992-07-26SilverstonePorsche 906 Ivan Scotti/CH[-]
1993-04-11Paul RiccardPorsche 906 Ivan Scotti/CH[-]
1993-07-25SilverstonePorsche 906 Ivan Scotti/CH[-]
1993-08-08NürburgringPorsche 906 Ivan Scotti/CH[-]
1993-08-29ZandvoortPorsche 906 Ivan Scotti/CH[-]
1994?Porsche 906 Rolf Lamberty/D[-]
1995DaytonaPorsche 906 Jeff Keiner/[-]
1997-07-06SeattlePorsche 906 Wade Carter/USA[-]
1997-09-07Watkins GlenPorsche 906 Henry IV. Payne/[-]
1997-10-05DaytonaPorsche 906 Jeff Keiner/[-]
1998-06-21MostPorsche 906 Bernd Becker/D[-]
2004-05-09MonzaPorsche 906 Perrier/F[-]
2004-05-09MonzaPorsche 906 Sturdza/[-]
2004-09-12SpaPorsche 906 Fellner/A[-]
2004-09-12SpaPorsche 906 Olivier Mathai/[-]
2005-04-17SpaPorsche 906 Olivier Mathai/[-]
2005-07-10MonzaPorsche 906 Romain Rocher/F[-]
2006-05-14SpaPorsche 906 Gilles Boyer/F[-]
2006-05-14SpaPorsche 906 Charles Rupp/F[-]
2007-07-01NürburgringPorsche 906 Peter Voegele/CH[-]
2007-08-19SpaPorsche 906 Peter Voegele/CH[-]
2007-09-16SilverstonePorsche 906 Peter Voegele/CH[-]
2008-08-16NürburgringPorsche 906 Peter Voegele/CH[-]
2008-09-14SilverstonePorsche 906 Peter Voegele/CH[-]
2010-05-08SpaPorsche 906 Romain Rocher/F[-]


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