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Archívy Euromontagna

Opel Corsa

Výsledky hledání

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1984-07-22SchauinslandOpel Corsa Hans Martin/D[-]
1985-05-19MontsenyOpel Corsa Joaquin Reyes/E[-]
1985-05-19MontsenyOpel Corsa Salvador Sanuy/E[-]
1987-05-10Rampa da FalperraOpel Corsa Estacio Marques/P[-]
1987-05-17MontsenyOpel Corsa Juan A. Nadal/E[-]
1987-05-17MontsenyOpel Corsa Joan M. Barrabeig/E[-]
1988-05-08MontsenyOpel Corsa Salvador Sanuy/E[-]
1988-07-13NürburgringOpel Corsa Günther Thorn/D[-]
1989-07-16Cesana-SestriereOpel Corsa Laura Givone/I[-]
1989-08-23NürburgringOpel Corsa Günther Thorn/D[-]
1989-09-03TurckheimOpel Corsa Hans Schäfer/D[-]
1989-09-17CefaluOpel Corsa Raimondo Carrubba/I[-]
1989-10-15OberjochOpel Corsa Manfred Müller/D[-]
1990-06-17TrierOpel Corsa Klaus Kirchner/D[-]
1990-06-17TrierOpel Corsa Haimo Blatt/D[-]
1990-08-12MostOpel Corsa Günther Thorn/D[-]
1990-08-19St. UrsanneOpel Corsa Pierre Huerzeler/CH[-]
1990-08-19St. UrsanneOpel Corsa Thierry Bangerter/CH[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimOpel Corsa Hans Schafer/D[-]
1990-10-14ÖsterreichringOpel Corsa Manfred Grübel/D[-]
1991-05-12JaizkibelOpel Corsa Fco. Javier Ortuzar/E[-]
1991-06-02MostOpel Corsa Rudolf Stalla/D[-]
1991-08-11MostOpel Corsa Rudolf Stalla/D[-]
1992-09-06TurckheimOpel Corsa Francine Fritsch/F[-]
1993ZolderOpel Corsa Rudolf Stalla/D[-]
1993-08-08Mont DoreOpel Corsa Nadine Bruat/F[-]
1993-10-10BerounOpel Corsa Roman Siegel/CZ[-]
1994-08-21HauensteinOpel Corsa Rainer Dauber/D[-]
1994-09-04FriebergOpel Corsa Rainer Dauber/D[-]
1994-09-25EurohillOpel Corsa Rainer Dauber/D[-]
1994-09-25EurohillOpel Corsa Heid/D[-]
1994-09-25EurohillOpel Corsa Menz/D[-]
1994-09-25EurohillOpel Corsa Klaus Kirchner/D[-]
1995-06-04WolsfeldOpel Corsa Rainer Dauber/D[-]
1995-09-17PedavenaOpel Corsa Eros Saviane/I[-]
1996-08-18St. UrsanneOpel Corsa Daniel Petignat/CH[-]
1997-06-29FouchyOpel Corsa Bernd Haid/D[-]
1997-07-06RietiOpel Corsa Alberto Panzironi/I[-]
1997-08-24St. UrsanneOpel Corsa Daniel Petignat/CH[-]
1997-09-07TurckheimOpel Corsa Bernd Haid/D[-]
1997-09-28Al FitoOpel Corsa J. Alfredo Valle Vega/E[-]
1998-06-28VallecamonicaOpel Corsa Massimo Cozzoli/I[-]
1998-07-05RietiOpel Corsa Salvatore D´Amico/I[-]
2000-05-01EschdorfOpel Corsa Thomas Stelberg/D[-]
2000-05-01EschdorfOpel Corsa Alexandre Nicolas/[-]
2000-05-01EschdorfOpel Corsa Brigitte Gust/[-]
2000-07-23HomburgOpel Corsa Klaus Kirchner/D[-]
2001-06-17TrierOpel Corsa Thomas Stelberg/D[-]
2002-06-15TrierOpel Corsa Jeff Steil/L[-]
2002-09-22Coppa NissenaOpel Corsa Angelo Sapia/I[-]
2003-04-27RechbergOpel Corsa Peter Rack/A[-]
2003-06-15TrierOpel Corsa Thomas Stelberg/D[-]
2003-08-02Bánovce nad BebravouOpel Corsa Bartolomiej Steinhof/PL[-]
2003-08-03Bánovce nad BebravouOpel Corsa Bartolomiej Steinhof/PL[-]
2004-04-25RechbergOpel Corsa Peter Rack/A[-]
2004-04-25RechbergOpel Corsa Gerhard Schützl/A[-]
2006-05-21EstrelaOpel Corsa Luis Alexandre/P[-]
2010-08-15St. UrsanneOpel Corsa Patrick Küpfer/CH[-]
2011-05-01RechbergOpel Corsa Gernot Steinlechner/[-]
2011-07-03Trento BondoneOpel Corsa Matteo Coser/I[-]
2012-04-29RechbergOpel Corsa  Gernot Steinlechner/[-]
2012-05-20Rampa da FalperraOpel Corsa Andre Rodrigues/[-]
2012-08-19St. UrsanneOpel Corsa Pascal Tornare/CH[-]
2012-08-19St. UrsanneOpel Corsa Patrick Küpfer/CH[-]
2016-05-07Náměšť nad OslavouOpel Corsa Václav Fibich/CZ[-]
2016-05-08Náměšť nad OslavouOpel Corsa Václav Fibich/CZ[-]
2016-05-28Ústí nad OrlicíOpel Corsa Václav Fibich/CZ[-]
2016-05-29Ústí nad OrlicíOpel Corsa Václav Fibich/CZ[-]
2016-07-31GlasbachOpel Corsa Andy Heindrichs/[-]
2016-08-21St. UrsanneOpel Corsa Patrick Küpfer/CH[-]
2019-05-12FalperraOpel Corsa -[-]


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