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Morris Cooper S

Výsledky hledání

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1963-06-23Mont VentouxMorris Cooper S Christabel Carlisle/GB[-]
1964-04-26MontsenyMorris Cooper S Jaime Samso/E[-]
1964-06-14Mont VentouxMorris Cooper S Julien Vernaeve/B[-]
1964-06-14Mont VentouxMorris Cooper S Warwick Banks/GB[-]
1964-06-14Mont VentouxMorris Cooper S Dionisi/F[-]
1964-06-14Mont VentouxMorris Cooper S Jean Selz/CH[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergMorris Cooper S John Terry/GB[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergMorris Cooper S Josef Chalupa/A[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergMorris Cooper S Walter Pöltinger/A[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergMorris Cooper S F.X. Schmöllerl/A[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergMorris Cooper S Karl Ritter/A[-]
1965-03-21MontsenyMorris Cooper S Jose Maria Juncadella/E[-]
1965-03-21MontsenyMorris Cooper S "Squalo Xavi"/E[-]
1965-06-06Mont VentouxMorris Cooper S Dionisi/F[-]
1965-09-19GaisbergMorris Cooper S Karl Ritter/A[-]
1966-05-15MontsenyMorris Cooper S Jaime Samso/E[-]
1966-05-15MontsenyMorris Cooper S Jorge Costa/E[-]
1966-05-15MontsenyMorris Cooper S Ramon Grifoll/E[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxMorris Cooper S Franck Alesi/F[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyMorris Cooper S Arturo Saenz/E[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyMorris Cooper S Francisco Valles/E[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyMorris Cooper S "Squalo Xavi"/E[-]
1968-08-25Sierre Montana CransMorris Cooper S André Savary/CH[-]
1969-08-31Ollon VillarsMorris Cooper S Richard Albanesi/CH[-]
1970-05-24MontsenyMorris Cooper S Miguell Brunells/E[-]
1970-06-21Mont VentouxMorris Cooper S Richard Albanesi/CH[-]
1970-08-23St. UrsanneMorris Cooper S Burri/[-]
1971-05-02VyskeřMorris Cooper S Jiří Šmíd/CZ[-]
1971-06-20Mont VentouxMorris Cooper S Franco Capietti/I[-]
1971-06-20Mont VentouxMorris Cooper S Tonino Piovano/I[-]
1971-06-20Mont VentouxMorris Cooper S Sanchez/F[-]
1971-07-11Cesana-SestriereMorris Cooper S Richard Albanesi/CH[-]
1971-08-22St. UrsanneMorris Cooper S Bruggmann/[-]
1971-08-22St. UrsanneMorris Cooper S Otto Flattich/CH[-]
1976-08-08Mont DoreMorris Cooper S P. Ceccaldi/[-]
1994-09-03Šternberk HAMorris Cooper S Helmut Kogler/A[-]
1994-09-04Šternberk HAMorris Cooper S Helmut Kogler/A[-]
1997-04-27RechbergMorris Cooper S Ghisla Bettino/I[-]
1997-04-27RechbergMorris Cooper S Anton Makoditsch/A[-]
1997-09-21Šternberk HAMorris Cooper S Luigi Tosolini/I[-]
1998-05-03RechbergMorris Cooper S Hannes Doblhofer/A[-]
1998-07-26BabaMorris Cooper S Anton Makoditsch/A[-]
1998-09-19Šternberk HAMorris Cooper S Anton Makoditsch/A[-]
1998-09-20Šternberk HAMorris Cooper S Anton Makoditsch/A[-]
1999-05-02RechbergMorris Cooper S Gregor Frötscher/A[-]
1999-05-16Rampa da FalperraMorris Cooper S Eduardo Costa/P[-]
1999-05-16Rampa da FalperraMorris Cooper S Fernando Soares/P[-]
2001-07-01VallecamonicaMorris Cooper S Tiziano Romano/I[-]
2002-05-25EstrelaMorris Cooper S Eduardo Costa/P[-]
2003-06-29VallecamonicaMorris Cooper S Tiziano Romano/I[-]
2003-06-29VallecamonicaMorris Cooper S Andrea Burini/I[-]
2010-06-13TrierMorris Cooper S Ute Jene/D[-]


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