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Mitsubishi Lancer

Výsledky hledání

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1985-08-18St. UrsanneMitsubishi Lancer Ruedi Schmidlin/CH[-]
1986-08-17St. UrsanneMitsubishi Lancer Paul Clement/CH[-]
1986-08-17St. UrsanneMitsubishi Lancer Christian Arnaud/F[-]
1987-08-23St. UrsanneMitsubishi Lancer Paul Clement/CH[-]
1987-08-23St. UrsanneMitsubishi Lancer Christian Arnaud/F[-]
1991-08-18St. UrsanneMitsubishi Lancer Thenny Negele/CH[-]
1994-08-21St. UrsanneMitsubishi Lancer Rene Hollinger/CH[-]
1995-08-20St. UrsanneMitsubishi Lancer Edy Kamm/CH[-]
1996-08-18St. UrsanneMitsubishi Lancer Rene Hollinger/CH[-]
1999-06-06Caprino-SpiazziMitsubishi Lancer Maurizio Del Cotto/I[-]
1999-06-06Caprino-SpiazziMitsubishi Lancer Toffoli/I[-]
1999-06-13TrierMitsubishi Lancer Bruno Houzelot/F[-]
1999-06-13TrierMitsubishi Lancer Herbert Zimmer/D[-]
1999-06-20VerzegnisMitsubishi Lancer Antonello Zanin/I[-]
1999-06-20VerzegnisMitsubishi Lancer Maurizio Del Cotto/I[-]
1999-08-08Mont DoreMitsubishi Lancer Jean Pierre Segura/F[-]
1999-08-22St. UrsanneMitsubishi Lancer Ruedi Schmidlin/CH[-]
1999-09-06TurckheimMitsubishi Lancer Bruno Houzelot/F[-]
2000-05-01EschdorfMitsubishi Lancer Jean-Jacques Zimmer/L[-]
2000-05-01EschdorfMitsubishi Lancer Ralph Schroeder/[-]
2000-05-14JaizkibelMitsubishi Lancer José Rosales Blanco/E[-]
2000-06-11ŠternberkMitsubishi Lancer Petr Poulík/CZ[CE9A0110465/98]
2000-06-25VallecamonicaMitsubishi Lancer Massimo Galli/I[-]
2000-07-08KohoutoviceMitsubishi Lancer Bořek Plšek/CZ[-]
2000-07-09KohoutoviceMitsubishi Lancer Bořek Plšek/CZ[-]
2000-07-23BabaMitsubishi Lancer Radoslav Bujdoš/SK[-]
2000-10-01Al FitoMitsubishi Lancer Luis Rodriguez Flores/E[-]
2001-05-20Rampa da FalperraMitsubishi Lancer Jose M. Barreiro/E[-]
2001-05-20Rampa da FalperraMitsubishi Lancer Ferreira Da Silva/P[-]
2001-06-10ŠternberkMitsubishi Lancer Milan Liška/CZ[0006758/95]
2001-06-17TrierMitsubishi Lancer Heinz Muntermann/D[-]
2001-09-30Al FitoMitsubishi Lancer Jose Magdaleno Maria/E[-]
2001-09-30Al FitoMitsubishi Lancer Luis Rodriguez Flores/E[-]
2001-09-30Al FitoMitsubishi Lancer José Rosales Blanco/E[-]
2002-04-28RechbergMitsubishi Lancer Jan Kosciuszko/PL[-]
2002-05-19Al FitoMitsubishi Lancer Mercelino Hevia/E[-]
2002-05-19Al FitoMitsubishi Lancer José Rosales Blanco/E[-]
2002-05-19Al FitoMitsubishi Lancer Jose Magdaleno Maria/E[-]
2002-05-19Al FitoMitsubishi Lancer Jan Kosciuszko/PL[-]
2002-05-25EstrelaMitsubishi Lancer Serafim Martins/P[-]
2002-06-30VallecamonicaMitsubishi Lancer Rudi Bicciato/I[-]
2002-07-06RietiMitsubishi Lancer Fabrizio Romano/I[-]
2003-05-18FasanoMitsubishi Lancer Nicola Semeraro/I[-]
2003-06-01CosenzaMitsubishi Lancer Nicola Semeraro/I[-]
2003-06-29VallecamonicaMitsubishi Lancer Rudi Bicciato/I[-]
2003-08-10PopoliMitsubishi Lancer Giani Martellucci/I[-]
2003-08-31Lima AbetoneMitsubishi Lancer Rudi Bicciato/I[-]
2004-04-25RechbergMitsubishi Lancer Rudi Bicciato/I[-]
2004-07-04RietiMitsubishi Lancer Rudi Bicciato/I[-]
2004-07-04RietiMitsubishi Lancer Peter Jureňa/SK[-]
2004-07-04RietiMitsubishi Lancer Stefano Gagliardini/I[-]
2006-05-14Al FitoMitsubishi Lancer Felix Alvarez/[-]
2006-06-24KohoutoviceMitsubishi Lancer -[-]
2006-07-02Trento BondoneMitsubishi Lancer Maurizio Pioner/I[-]
2006-07-15VsetínMitsubishi Lancer -[-]
2006-07-16VsetínMitsubishi Lancer -[-]
2007-06-10TrierMitsubishi Lancer Ludger Dreyfürst/D[-]
2007-08-04VsetínMitsubishi Lancer Milan Greguška/CZ[-]
2007-08-05VsetínMitsubishi Lancer Milan Greguška/CZ[-]
2008-10-11OstravaMitsubishi Lancer Martin Vlček/CZ[-]
2008-10-11OstravaMitsubishi Lancer Miroslav Jakeš/CZ[-]
2008-10-11OstravaMitsubishi Lancer Václav Janík/CZ[182057000005]
2011-04-16Col St. PierreMitsubishi Lancer Ales Prek/SLO[-]
2011-05-01RechbergMitsubishi Lancer Ales Prek/SLO[-]
2011-05-15Al FitoMitsubishi Lancer Ales Prek/SLO[-]
2011-05-15Monte EriceMitsubishi Lancer Rudi Bicciato/I[-]
2011-05-22Rampa da FalperraMitsubishi Lancer Ales Prek/SLO[-]
2011-06-05TrierMitsubishi Lancer Roland Herget/D[-]
2011-07-03Trento BondoneMitsubishi Lancer Ales Prek/SLO[-]
2011-08-06Mont DoreMitsubishi Lancer Ales Prek/SLO[-]
2011-08-28Ilirska BistricaMitsubishi Lancer Ales Prek/SLO[-]
2011-08-28Ilirska BistricaMitsubishi Lancer Dagmar Šuster/SLO[-]
2014-04-13Col St. PierreMitsubishi Lancer Tomislav Muhvic/CR[-]
2015-04-26RechbergMitsubishi Lancer Igor Drotár/SK[-]
2016-07-10LimanowaMitsubishi Lancer Andrzej Szepieniec/PL[-]
2016-07-10LimanowaMitsubishi Lancer Rafal Serafinowicz/PL[-]


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