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Archívy Euromontagna

Lotus Mk.23

Výsledky hledání

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1963TurckheimLotus Mk.23 Kurt Rost/CH[Mk.23S-75]
1963-06-09RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1963-06-09RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1963-06-09RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Kurt Rost/CH[Mk.23S-75]
1963-06-09RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Harry Zweifel/CH[-]
1963-06-09RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Kurt Rost/CH[Mk.23S-75]
1963-06-09RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Alban Scheiber/A[-]
1963-06-09RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1963-06-23Mont VentouxLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1963-06-23Mont VentouxLotus Mk.23 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1963-06-23Mont VentouxLotus Mk.23 Regis Fraissinet/F[-]
1963-07-28Cesana-SestriereLotus Mk.23 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1963-08-11SchauinslandLotus Mk.23 Alban Scheiber/A[-]
1963-08-11SchauinslandLotus Mk.23 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1963-08-11SchauinslandLotus Mk.23 Kurt Rost/CH[Mk.23S-75]
1963-08-11SchauinslandLotus Mk.23 Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1963-08-11SchauinslandLotus Mk.23 Fritz Baumann/CH[-]
1963-08-11SchauinslandLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsLotus Mk.23 Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsLotus Mk.23 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsLotus Mk.23 Fritz Baumann/CH[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsLotus Mk.23 Bernhard Baur/CH[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsLotus Mk.23 Walter Schalz/A[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsLotus Mk.23 Alban Scheiber/A[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsLotus Mk.23 Harry Zweifel/CH[-]
1963-09-08GaisbergLotus Mk.23 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1963-09-08GaisbergLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1964-06-07RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1964-06-07RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1964-06-07RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1964-06-07RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Harry Zweifel/CH[-]
1964-06-07RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Kurt Rost/CH[Mk.23S-75]
1964-06-14Mont VentouxLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1964-06-14Mont VentouxLotus Mk.23 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergLotus Mk.23 Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergLotus Mk.23 Harry Zweifel/CH[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergLotus Mk.23 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergLotus Mk.23 Fritz Baumann/CH[-]
1964-07-12Trento BondoneLotus Mk.23 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1964-07-26Cesana-SestriereLotus Mk.23 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1964-07-26Cesana-SestriereLotus Mk.23 Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1964-07-26Cesana-SestriereLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1964-08-09SchauinslandLotus Mk.23 Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1964-08-09SchauinslandLotus Mk.23 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1964-08-09SchauinslandLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1964-08-30Sierre Montana CransLotus Mk.23 Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1964-08-30Sierre Montana CransLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1964-08-30Sierre Montana CransLotus Mk.23 Emil Knecht/CH[-]
1964-08-30Sierre Montana CransLotus Mk.23 Fritz Baumann/CH[-]
1964-08-30Sierre Montana CransLotus Mk.23 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1965-06-13RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1965-06-13RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Heini Buess/CH[-]
1965-06-13RossfeldLotus Mk.23 Endrik Fleischmann/D[-]
1965-07-25Cesana-SestriereLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1965-08-08SchauinslandLotus Mk.23 Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1965-08-08SchauinslandLotus Mk.23 Heini Buess/CH[-]
1965-08-08SchauinslandLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsLotus Mk.23 Alban Scheiber/A[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsLotus Mk.23 Pierre Marx/F[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsLotus Mk.23 Heini Buess/CH[-]
1965-09-19GaisbergLotus Mk.23 Walter Schatz/A[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransLotus Mk.23 Roland Sandi/CH[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransLotus Mk.23 Bruno Frey/CH[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransLotus Mk.23 Charly Cuenoud/CH[-]
1967-08-27Ollon VillarsLotus Mk.23 Charly Cuenoud/CH[-]
1969-10-05MarchairuzLotus Mk.23 Henri Bürgisser/CH[-]
1970-04-19PayerneLotus Mk.23 Jean-P. Adatte/CH[-]
1970-05-31BremgartenLotus Mk.23 Jean-P. Adatte/CH[-]
1970-09-27KerenzerbergLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1971BremgartenLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1971HockenheimLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1971MarchairuzLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1971-06-13LodrinoLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1971-10-03HembergLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1972-05-07PayerneLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1972-05-21MonzaLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1972-05-28HockenheimLotus Mk.23 Jean-P. Adatte/CH[-]
1972-05-28HockenheimLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1972-06-18HockenheimLotus Mk.23 Jean-P. Adatte/CH[-]
1972-06-18HockenheimLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1972-06-25NiederstettenLotus Mk.23 Jean-P. Adatte/CH[-]
1972-06-25NiederstettenLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1972-08-06SchauinslandLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1972-08-13OberhallauLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1972-08-20St. UrsanneLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1972-09-03MarchairuzLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1972-09-24HembergLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1973-05-20HockenheimLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1973-05-27PayerneLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1973-07-01EggbergLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1973-07-22HockenheimLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1973-08-19St. UrsanneLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1973-09-23MarchairuzLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1973-09-30VaduzLotus Mk.23 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1975-08-17St. UrsanneLotus Mk.23 Heinz Siegrist/[-]
1978-10-01ZwischenwasserLotus Mk.23 Ferruccio Botti/A[-]
1996-09-09TurckheimLotus Mk.23 Marcel Hayoz/CH[-]
1997SebringLotus Mk.23 Tom Yeager/[-]
1997-09-07TurckheimLotus Mk.23 Marcel Hayoz/CH[-]
1997-09-20Šternberk HALotus Mk.23 Kurt Schille/A[Mk.23C//4]
1997-09-21Šternberk HALotus Mk.23 Kurt Schille/A[Mk.23C//4]
1998-05-03RechbergLotus Mk.23 Kurt Schille/A[-]
1999-07-04Brands HatchLotus Mk.23 Jochen Richrath/[-]
2000-09-10TurckheimLotus Mk.23 Marcel Hayoz/CH[-]


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