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Archívy Euromontagna

Lotus Elan

Výsledky hledání

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1961-06-18RossfeldLotus Elan Charles Vögele/CH[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergLotus Elan Rolf Markl/A[-]
1965-03-21MontsenyLotus Elan José Trabal/E[-]
1965-03-21MontsenyLotus Elan Juan Antonio Rodes/E[-]
1965-03-21MontsenyLotus Elan Ramon Coll/E[-]
1965-06-13RossfeldLotus Elan Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1965-08-08SchauinslandLotus Elan Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1965-09-19GaisbergLotus Elan Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1965-09-19GaisbergLotus Elan Emil Heger/A[-]
1965-09-19GaisbergLotus Elan Rolf Markl/A[-]
1966-06-12RossfeldLotus Elan Walter Flückiger/CH[-]
1966-06-12RossfeldLotus Elan Wolfgang Schmidt/[-]
1966-06-12RossfeldLotus Elan Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1966-07-10Trento BondoneLotus Elan Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1966-07-24Cesana-SestriereLotus Elan Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1966-07-31SchauinslandLotus Elan Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1966-07-31SchauinslandLotus Elan Walter Flückiger/CH[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransLotus Elan Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1966-09-04GaisbergLotus Elan Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1966-09-04GaisbergLotus Elan G. Mössmer/A[-]
1966-09-04GaisbergLotus Elan Walter Flückiger/CH[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyLotus Elan "Pachy"/E[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyLotus Elan Jose M. Aguilar/E[-]
1967-06-04RossfeldLotus Elan Sebastian Helliel/D[-]
1967-06-04RossfeldLotus Elan Allen (Helmut) Vetter/D[-]
1967-06-04RossfeldLotus Elan Manfred Behnke/D[-]
1967-07-10Trento BondoneLotus Elan Sebastian Helliel/D[-]
1967-08-27Ollon VillarsLotus Elan Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1967-09-03GaisbergLotus Elan Josef Nobauer/A[-]
1967-09-03GaisbergLotus Elan Josef Burri/CH[-]
1968-06-02MontsenyLotus Elan Jean-Claude Ehinger/CH[-]
1968-06-02MontsenyLotus Elan Fernand Blein/CH[-]
1968-06-02MontsenyLotus Elan Carlos Giro/E[-]
1968-06-09RossfeldLotus Elan Brandon/[-]
1968-08-25Sierre Montana CransLotus Elan A. Mayer/[-]
1968-08-25Sierre Montana CransLotus Elan Kurt Knorr/CH[-]
1968-08-25Sierre Montana CransLotus Elan Hermann Bürgi/[-]
1968-08-25Sierre Montana CransLotus Elan René Huser/[-]
1968-08-25Sierre Montana CransLotus Elan Charles H. Perrenoud/CH[-]
1968-08-25Sierre Montana CransLotus Elan Roland Ghezzi/CH[-]
1968-08-25Sierre Montana CransLotus Elan Umberto Bonardi/[-]
1968-08-25Sierre Montana CransLotus Elan Martine Mayer/[-]
1969-08-31Ollon VillarsLotus Elan René Huser/[-]
1969-08-31Ollon VillarsLotus Elan Heini Buess/CH[-]
1969-08-31Ollon VillarsLotus Elan Martine Mayer/[-]
1969-08-31Ollon VillarsLotus Elan Umberto Bonardi/[-]
1969-09-07GaisbergLotus Elan Wolfgang Kowarik/A[-]
1971-06-06RossfeldLotus Elan Hubert Hofmann/A[-]
1971-06-06RossfeldLotus Elan Armin Fuchs/D[-]
1971-08-22St. UrsanneLotus Elan Heinrich Wirth/CH[-]
1972-08-20St. UrsanneLotus Elan Luthi/[-]
1972-08-20St. UrsanneLotus Elan Haeubi/[-]
1973-05-20MontsenyLotus Elan Fernando Gomez/E[-]
1973-06-03RossfeldLotus Elan Helge Hoffmann/D[-]
1973-08-19St. UrsanneLotus Elan Hugo Lüthy/CH[-]
1973-08-19St. UrsanneLotus Elan Christian De Nadai/[-]
1977-07-17DobratschLotus Elan Sepp Kreuzberger/A[-]
2001-07-01VallecamonicaLotus Elan Franco Guidi/I[-]
2002-06-30VallecamonicaLotus Elan Flamino Pain/[-]
2002-09-06TurckheimLotus Elan Roger Poulet/B[-]
2004-09-12SpaLotus Elan Stephane Gutzwiller/CH[-]
2008-04-26MonzaLotus Elan Anthony Schrauwen/B[-]
2008-05-10SpaLotus Elan Anthony Schrauwen/B[-]
2008-05-11Al FitoLotus Elan Antonio Noguera/[-]
2008-08-16NürburgringLotus Elan Anthony Schrauwen/B[-]
2008-09-14SilverstoneLotus Elan Anthony Schrauwen/B[-]
2009-05-09SpaLotus Elan Anthony Schrauwen/B[-]
2009-08-22NürburgringLotus Elan Anthony Schrauwen/B[-]
2011-05-15Al FitoLotus Elan Antonio Noguera/[-]
2011-08-06Mont DoreLotus Elan Jean-Pierre Vacher/[-]


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