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Archívy Euromontagna

Lola T70

Výsledky hledání

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1970-09-27DobratschLola T70 Claude Haldi/CH[-]
1971-12-13InterlagosLola T70 Wilson Fittipaldi/BR[-]
1971-12-20InterlagosLola T70 Wilson Fittipaldi/BR[-]
1973-05-06SembachLola T70 Joe Kretschi/CH[SL76/151]
1973-05-20HockenheimLola T70 Joe Kretschi/CH[SL76/151]
1973-05-27PayerneLola T70 Joe Kretschi/CH[SL76/151]
1973-06-03DijonLola T70 Joe Kretschi/CH[SL76/151]
1973-07-01EggbergLola T70 Joe Kretschi/CH[SL76/151]
1973-08-19St. UrsanneLola T70 Joe Kretschi/CH[SL76/151]
1973-08-26HockenheimLola T70 Joe Kretschi/CH[SL76/151]
1973-09-09GurnigelLola T70 Edwin Wildhaber/CH[-]
1973-09-23MarchairuzLola T70 Joe Kretschi/CH[SL76/151]
1973-09-30VaduzLola T70 Edwin Wildhaber/CH[-]
1986ÖsterreichringLola T70 Andrew Fletcher/GB[-]
1986-09-14DoningtonLola T70 William Tuckett/GB[-]
1986-09-14DoningtonLola T70 Terry Smith/GB[-]
1987HungaroringLola T70 Mike Wheatley/GB[-]
1987HungaroringLola T70 Paul Palmer/GB[-]
1987HungaroringLola T70 William Tuckett/GB[-]
1987HungaroringLola T70 Terry Smith/GB[-]
1992DoningtonLola T70 -[-]
1992-05-17SpaLola T70 Terry Smith/GB[-]
1992-06-28NürburgringLola T70 Terry Smith/GB[-]
1992-07-26SilverstoneLola T70 John Starkey/USA[-]
1992-07-26SilverstoneLola T70 Terry Smith/GB[-]
1993?Lola T70 Nick Amey/GB[-]
1993-04-11Paul RiccardLola T70 Terry Smith/GB[-]
1993-05-16SpaLola T70 Nick Amey/GB[-]
1993-05-16SpaLola T70 Terry Smith/GB[-]
1993-06-06AnderstorpLola T70 Terry Smith/GB[-]
1993-06-06AnderstorpLola T70 Nick Amey/GB[-]
1993-07-25SilverstoneLola T70 Terry Smith/GB[-]
1993-07-25SilverstoneLola T70 Jonathan Baker/GB[-]
1993-08-08NürburgringLola T70 Terry Smith/GB[-]
1993-08-08NürburgringLola T70 Mauro Borella/I[-]
1993-08-29ZandvoortLola T70 Nick Amey/GB[-]
1993-08-29ZandvoortLola T70 Terry Smith/GB[-]
1993-09-12DoningtonLola T70 Nick Amey/GB[-]
1993-09-12DoningtonLola T70 Terry Smith/GB[-]
1994?Lola T70 Chris Strakosch/GB[-]
1994-07-17DoningtonLola T70 Jonathan Baker/GB[-]
1995-04-16Paul RiccardLola T70 Yvan Mahe/F[-]
1995-07-02Brands HatchLola T70 Richard Dodkins/GB[SL76-109]
1995-07-15Oulton ParkLola T70 Richard Dodkins/GB[SL76-109]
1995-10-22DoningtonLola T70 Jamie Watt/GB[-]
1996-04-28MonzaLola T70 Sidney George Hoole/GB[-]
1996-06-23NürburgringLola T70 Raimund Hoeppermanns/D[-]
1996-07-21Road AmericaLola T70 M. Merrill/[-]
1996-07-21Road AmericaLola T70 David Cowart/[-]
1996-07-21Road AmericaLola T70 Richard Dodkins/GB[SL76-109]
1996-07-21Road AmericaLola T70 Toby Bean/[-]
1996-07-21Road AmericaLola T70 Skip Gunnell/[-]
1996-09-29BrnoLola T70 Raimund Hoeppermanns/D[-]
1997-07-06SeattleLola T70 Bob La Roque/[-]
1997-07-06SeattleLola T70 Dave Hankin/[-]
1997-09-07Watkins GlenLola T70 David Cowart/[-]
1997-09-07Watkins GlenLola T70 George Stauffer/USA[-]
1997-09-07Watkins GlenLola T70 Tomy Drissi/[-]
1998-03-29JaramaLola T70 Jacques Colibet/F[-]
1998-03-29JaramaLola T70 Philip Harper/F[-]
1998-05-17MonzaLola T70 Chris O´Neill/GB[-]
1998-05-24SpaLola T70 Carlos Barbot/P[-]
1998-05-24SpaLola T70 Koge Van Der Woude/NL[-]
1998-05-24SpaLola T70 Ross Hyett/GB[SL76-109]
1998-05-24SpaLola T70 Peter Schifer/D[-]
1998-05-24SpaLola T70 Nick Amey/GB[-]
1998-05-24SpaLola T70 Craig Jones/GB[-]
1998-05-24SpaLola T70 Jonathan Baker/GB[-]
1998-05-24SpaLola T70 Ean Pugh/IRL[-]
1998-05-24SpaLola T70 Nigel Hulme/GB[-]
1998-07-19DoningtonLola T70 Ross Hyett/GB[SL76-109]
1998-08-09NürburgringLola T70 Ross Hyett/GB[SL76-109]
1999-01-31DaytonaLola T70 Tom Malley/[-]
1999-05-02SilverstoneLola T70 Nigel Barrett/GB[-]
1999-05-16SpaLola T70 Nigel Barrett/GB[-]
1999-07-04Brands HatchLola T70 Nigel Barrett/GB[-]
1999-07-18Mondello ParkLola T70 Nigel Barrett/GB[-]
1999-08-08ZandvoortLola T70 Nigel Barrett/GB[-]
1999-10-16SilverstoneLola T70 Nigel Barrett/GB[-]
2001?Lola T70 Raimund Hoeppermanns/D[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaLola T70 Duncan Dayton/USA[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaLola T70 Duncan Dayton/USA[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaLola T70 Craig Bennett/USA[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaLola T70 James Oppenheimer/USA[-]
2004-05-09MonzaLola T70 Jose Manuel Segimon/E[-]
2005-04-17SpaLola T70 Jose Manuel Segimon/E[-]
2005-04-17SpaLola T70 Jose Manuel Segimon/E[-]
2005-04-17SpaLola T70 Franck Sytner/[-]
2005-04-17SpaLola T70 Stefano Rosina/I[-]
2005-07-10MonzaLola T70 Stefano Rosina/I[-]
2005-11-13IstanbulLola T70 Claude Nahum/CH[-]
2005-11-13IstanbulLola T70 Bernard Thurner/CH[-]
2005-11-13IstanbulLola T70 Jose Manuel Segimon/E[-]
2005-11-13IstanbulLola T70 Jose Manuel Segimon/E[-]
2006-04-17NogaroLola T70 Jose Manuel Segimon/E[-]
2007-04-15MonzaLola T70 Stefano Rosina/I[-]
2007-07-01NürburgringLola T70 Jose Manuel Segimon/E[-]
2008-04-26MonzaLola T70 Marc Devis/B[-]
2009-05-10EstrelaLola T70 Martine Pereira/P[-]
2010-05-02Rampa da FalperraLola T70 Martine Pereira/P[-]
2010-05-09EstrelaLola T70 Martine Pereira/P[-]
2011-05-22Rampa da FalperraLola T70 Martine Pereira/P[-]


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