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2014-10-04BrnoKTM X-Bow Marek Rybníèek/CZ[-]
2010-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow  Patrick Winter/A[-]
2009-04-26RechbergKTM X-Bow Günter Zanker/A[-]
2010-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow  Günter Zanker/A[-]
2009-04-26RechbergKTM X-Bow Catharina Felser/A[-]
2010-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow  Catharina Felser/A[-]
2009-04-26RechbergKTM X-Bow Christoph Gaksch/A[-]
2009-04-26RechbergKTM X-Bow Mario Wolf/A[-]
2009-04-26RechbergKTM X-Bow Alexander Haubner/A[-]
2009-04-26RechbergKTM X-Bow Kristopher Rosenberger/A[-]
2009-04-26RechbergKTM X-Bow Roger David Green/GB[-]
2009-04-26RechbergKTM X-Bow Manfred Wolf/A[-]
2009-04-26RechbergKTM X-Bow Siegfried Buchegger/A[-]
2009-08-29LaudonKTM X-Bow Siegfried Buchegger/A[-]
2009-08-30LaudonKTM X-Bow Siegfried Buchegger/A[-]
2011-06-12ŠternberkKTM X-Bow Siegfried Buchegger/A[-]
2009-04-26RechbergKTM X-Bow Andreas Kriegl/A[-]
2010-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow  Andreas Kriegl/A[-]
2010-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow  Gerald Hierzer/A[-]
2010-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow  Erwin Friezl/A[-]
2010-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow  Dominik Olbert/A[-]
2012-04-29RechbergKTM X-Bow Dominik Olbert/A[-]
2013-04-28RechbergKTM X-Bow  Dominik Olbert/A[-]
2014-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow Dominik Olbert/A[-]
2015-04-26RechbergKTM X-Bow Dominik Olbert/A[-]
2016-04-24RechbergKTM X-BOW Dominik Olbert/A[-]
2010-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow  Robert Gobli/A[-]
2010-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow  Franz Olbert/A[-]
2012-04-29RechbergKTM X-Bow Franz Olbert/A[-]
2010-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow  Michael Tranniczek/A[-]
2010-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow  Daniel Ebner/A[-]
2010-04-25RechbergKtm X-Bow  Manfred Haubenwaller/CZ[-]
2011-05-01RechbergKTM X-Bow Richard Cvornjek/[-]
2011-05-01RechbergKTM X-Bow Erwin Frieszl/[-]
2011-05-01RechbergKTM X-Bow Hubert Sonnberger/A[-]
2012-04-29RechbergKTM X-Bow Hubert Sonnberger/A[-]
2011-05-01RechbergKTM X-Bow Ferdinand Madrian/A[-]
2011-06-12ŠternberkKTM X-Bow Ferdinand Madrian/A[-]
2011-05-01RechbergKTM X-Bow Marcel Hirscher/[-]
2011-05-01RechbergKTM X-Bow Alfred Lang/[-]
2011-05-01RechbergKTM X-Bow Sandra Simbürger/[-]
2011-05-01RechbergKTM X-Bow Joanna Jaroszewicz/[-]
2011-05-01RechbergKTM X-Bow Mario Glatz/[-]
2012-04-29RechbergKTM X-Bow Andreas Töscher/A[-]
2012-04-29RechbergKTM X-Bow Gernot Müller/A[-]
2012-04-29RechbergKTM X-Bow Gerhard Vötsch/A[-]
2013-04-28RechbergKTM X-Bow  Gernor Prügger/A[-]
2014-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow Gernor Prügger/A[-]
2013-04-28RechbergKTM X-Bow  Niko Pain/A[-]
2014-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow Niko Pain/A[-]
2014-04-25RechbergKTM X-Bow Michael Birkner/A[-]
2015-04-26RechbergKTM X-Bow Christian Nöst/A[-]
2015-04-26RechbergKTM X-Bow Oliver Mayer/A[-]
2015-04-26RechbergKTM X-Bow Johann Zweimüller/A[-]
2019-04-06Brno ZAVKTM X-Bow Johann Zweimüller/A[-]
2019-04-06Brno ZAVKTM X-Bow Johann Zweimüller/A[-]
2016-04-24RechbergKTM X-BOW Josef Hirtler/A[-]
2014-10-04BrnoKTM X-Bow TomᚠMiniberger/CZ[-]


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