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Archívy Euromontagna


Výsledky hledání

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1972-06-18La BachellerieJide Rinaudiére/[-]
1974-06-30Trento BondoneJide "Tichne"/I[-]
1975-07-27Mont DoreJide 1600 M. Constant/[-]
1975-07-27Mont DoreJide 1300 C. Porcheron/[-]
1979-08-05Mont DoreJide 1600 Claude Fouchard/F[-]
1980-08-10Mont DoreJide 1600 Y. Rabin/F[-]
1983-09-04TurckheimJide C. Carcreff/F[-]
1983-09-04TurckheimJide P. Dubuc/F[-]
1990-08-12Mont DoreJidé Jacques Cotret/[-]
1990-08-12Mont DoreJidé Roger L´Hermet/F[-]
1990-08-12Mont DoreJidé Didier Thorin/F[-]
1990-08-12Mont DoreJidé Michel Moraines/F[-]
1990-08-12Mont DoreJidé Alain Sansillon/[-]
1990-08-12Mont DoreJidé Lionel Briche/[-]
1990-08-12Mont DoreJidé Pascal Desmereau/F[-]
1994-06-05Vall´s D´AndorraJide Original Didier Thorin/F[-]
1994-08-07Mont DoreJide Original Didier Thorin/F[-]
1994-08-07Mont DoreJide JFH 1600 Albert Roque/F[-]
1994-08-07Mont DoreJide Jean-Noël Zangarelli/F[-]
1995-08-06Mont DoreJide 1600 Michel Moraines/F[-]
1995-08-06Mont DoreJide Turbo Christian Alexandre/F[-]
1995-08-06Mont DoreJide Laurent Guittonneau/F[-]
1997-09-07TurckheimJide Jacques Goehry/F[-]
1998-08-09Mont DoreJide Jacques Goehry/F[-]
1998-08-09Mont DoreJide Dominique Lenegre/F[-]
1998-08-09Mont DoreJide Original Didier Thorin/F[-]
1998-08-09Mont DoreJide Turin Spark Michel Moraines/F[-]
1998-08-09Mont DoreJide Henri Michel Esbain/F[-]
1998-09-06TurckheimJide Jacques Goehry/F[-]
2000-06-11BeaujolaisJide Jacques Goehry/F[-]
2000-07-02SchirmeckJide Jacques Goehry/F[-]
2000-07-02SchirmeckJidé Abel Sahoui/F[-]
2000-08-13Mont DoreJide Original Didier Thorin/F[-]
2000-08-13Mont DoreJide Turbo Frederic Warcholinski/[-]
2000-08-13Mont DoreJide Xavier Burgevin/F[-]
2000-08-13Mont DoreJide Henri Michel Esbain/F[-]
2000-09-10TurckheimJide Jacques Goehry/F[-]
2000-09-10TurckheimJide Original Didier Thorin/F[-]
2001-08-12Mont DoreJide Xavier Burgevin/F[-]
2001-08-12Mont DoreJide Original Didier Thorin/F[-]
2001-09-09TurckheimJide Original Didier Thorin/F[-]
2002-06-09La PommerayeJide Xavier Burgevin/F[-]
2002-08-11Mont DoreJide Xavier Burgevin/F[-]
2002-08-11Mont DoreJide Original Didier Thorin/F[-]
2002-09-06TurckheimJide Original Didier Thorin/F[-]
2003-04-27Col St. PierreJide Franck Bellieres/F[-]
2003-05-18PommerayeJide Xavier Burgevin/F[-]
2003-06-01BeaujolaisJide Xavier Burgevin/F[-]
2003-07-13VuillafansJide Turbo Frederic Warcholinski/[-]
2003-07-13VuillafansJide Original Didier Thorin/F[-]
2003-08-10Mont DoreJide Xavier Burgevin/F[-]
2003-08-10Mont DoreJide Original Pascal Desmereau/F[-]
2003-08-10Mont DoreJide Original Didier Thorin/F[-]
2003-08-24ChamrousseJide . Xavier Burgevin/F[-]
2003-09-21LimonestJide Original Didier Thorin/F[-]
2004-08-08Mont DoreJidé Maxi Franck Cannata/F[-]
2004-08-08Mont DoreJide Original Pascal Desmereau/F[-]
2004-08-08Mont DoreJidé Franck Bellieres/F[-]
2004-08-08Mont DoreJidé Original Didier Thorin/F[-]
2005-08-07Mont DoreJidé Franck Bellieres/F[-]
2005-08-07Mont DoreJidé Original Xavier Burgevin/F[-]
2005-08-07Mont DoreJidé Original Didier Thorin/F[-]
2006-08-13Mont DoreJidé Maxi Robert Cannata/[-]
2006-08-13Mont DoreJidé Didier Thorin/F[-]
2009-05-03EschdorfJide Maxi Robert Cannata/[-]
2010-08-08Mont DoreJide Maxi Robert Cannata/[-]
2010-08-08Mont DoreJidé Xavier Burgevin/F[-]
2010-08-08Mont DoreJidé Original Renaud Desmereau/[-]
2011-04-16Col St. PierreJidé J40 Turbo Toussaint Filippi/[-]
2011-08-06Mont DoreJide Maxi Robert Cannata/[-]
2011-08-06Mont DoreJidé Original Gabriel Lejeune/[-]
2014-04-13Col St. PierreJide J40 Toussaint Filippi/[-]
2016-04-17Col St. PierreJidé Maxi Robert Cannata/[-]
2016-04-17Col St. PierreJidé J 40 Toussaint Filippi/[-]


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