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Archívy Euromontagna

Ford Cortina Lotus

Výsledky hledání

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1964-04-26MontsenyFord Cortina Lotus Vittorio Lepori/E[-]
1964-06-07RossfeldFord Cortina Lotus Alfred Katz/D[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergFord Cortina Lotus Gerhart Greil/A[-]
1964-07-12Trento BondoneFord Cortina Lotus Gerhart Greil/A[-]
1964-07-12Trento BondoneFord Cortina Lotus Gianfranco Rovetta/I[-]
1964-07-26Cesana-SestriereFord Cortina Lotus Gianfranco Rovetta/I[-]
1965-03-21MontsenyFord Cortina Lotus Vittorio Lepori/E[-]
1965-06-06Mont VentouxFord Cortina Lotus John Whitmore/GB[-]
1965-06-06Mont VentouxFord Cortina Lotus Peter Procter/GB[-]
1965-06-06Mont VentouxFord Cortina Lotus Jean Sage/F[-]
1965-06-13RossfeldFord Cortina Lotus Gerhart Greil/A[-]
1965-07-11Trento BondoneFord Cortina Lotus Spartaco Dini/I[-]
1965-07-11Trento BondoneFord Cortina Lotus Gerhart Greil/A[-]
1965-07-25Cesana-SestriereFord Cortina Lotus Maurice Veyron/[-]
1965-07-25Cesana-SestriereFord Cortina Lotus Spartaco Dini/I[-]
1965-07-25Cesana-SestriereFord Cortina Lotus O. Clerici-Bagozzi/I[-]
1965-09-19GaisbergFord Cortina Lotus Gerhart Greil/A[-]
1965-09-19GaisbergFord Cortina Lotus Siegfried Pust/A[-]
1965-09-19GaisbergFord Cortina Lotus Gerhard Krammer/A[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxFord Cortina Lotus Creder/F[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxFord Cortina Lotus John Whitmore/GB[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxFord Cortina Lotus Lucien Bianchi/B[-]
1966-07-10Trento BondoneFord Cortina Lotus Emanuele Daniele/I[-]
1966-07-24Cesana-SestriereFord Cortina Lotus Arthur Blank/CH[-]
1966-07-24Cesana-SestriereFord Cortina Lotus O. Clerici-Bagozzi/I[-]
1966-07-24Cesana-SestriereFord Cortina Lotus G.C. Giordano/[-]
1966-07-24Cesana-SestriereFord Cortina Lotus Rodolfo Mura/[-]
1966-09-04GaisbergFord Cortina Lotus Gerhart Greil/A[-]
1967-06-18Mont VentouxFord Cortina Lotus Maurin/F[-]
1967-07-16Cesana-SestriereFord Cortina Lotus Walter Franz/D[-]
1968-06-02MontsenyFord Cortina Lotus Bernard Palayer/F[-]
1968-08-25Sierre Montana CransFord Cortina Lotus Bernard Cheneviere/CH[-]
1968-09-22Mont VentouxFord Cortina Lotus Bernard Palayer/F[-]
1970-05-09TěrlickoFord Cortina Lotus H. Kramer/CH[-]
1970-07-05Trento BondoneFord Cortina Lotus Gian Carlo Mafezzoli/I[-]
1970-08-23St. UrsanneFord Cortina Lotus Kramer/[-]
1970-08-23St. UrsanneFord Cortina Lotus Aschwanden/[-]
1970-08-23St. UrsanneFord Cortina Lotus Mötteli/[-]
1970-08-23St. UrsanneFord Cortina Lotus Buchs/[-]
1997-09-21Šternberk HAFord Cortina Lotus Rino Muradore/I[-]
1997-09-21Šternberk HAFord Cortina Lotus Pietro Corredig/I[-]
2011-07-03Trento BondoneFord Cortina Lotus Valter Canzian/I[-]
2011-08-06Mont DoreFord Cortina Lotus Daniel Louis/[-]


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