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Fiat 127 Sport

Výsledky hledání

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1979-05-06OrvietoFiat 127 Sport R. De Santi/I[-]
1980-07-06Trento BondoneFiat 127 Sport Luigi Pozzo/I[-]
1980-07-06Trento BondoneFiat 127 Sport Eterle/[-]
1982-07-31VerzegnisFiat 127 Sport -[-]
1982-08-22St. UrsanneFiat 127 Sport Roland Burkhardt/CH[-]
1982-08-22St. UrsanneFiat 127 Sport Rene Hollinger/CH[-]
1983-07-10MacerataFiat 127 Sport Dario Romoli/I[-]
1983-07-10MacerataFiat 127 Sport Giuseppe D´Antuoni/I[-]
1983-07-10MacerataFiat 127 Sport Antonio Agostini/I[-]
1983-08-21St. UrsanneFiat 127 Sport Roland Burkhardt/CH[-]
1983-10-02OberjochFiat 127 Sport Richard Hamann/D[-]
1983-10-02OberjochFiat 127 Sport Gerda Pfau/D[-]
1983-10-02OberjochFiat 127 Sport Oskar Eberle/D[-]
1983-10-02OberjochFiat 127 Sport Dieter Seelisch/D[-]
1984-08-26St. UrsanneFiat 127 Sport Roland Burkhardt/CH[-]
1985-08-18St. UrsanneFiat 127 Sport Daniel Pellaton/CH[-]
1985-08-18St. UrsanneFiat 127 Sport Roland Burkhardt/CH[-]
1985-09-01TurckheimFiat 127 Sport Frédéric Fissier/F[-]
1986-06-15ŠternberkFiat 127 Sport Karl-Heinz Auth/D[-]
1986-07-13PotenzaFiat 127 Sport Antonio Mazza/I[-]
1986-07-13PotenzaFiat 127 Sport Giacomo Petracca/I[-]
1986-07-13PotenzaFiat 127 Sport Battistino Rotella/I[-]
1986-07-13PotenzaFiat 127 Sport Maurino De Simone/I[-]
1986-07-13PotenzaFiat 127 Sport Carmine Iantorno/I[-]
1986-07-13PotenzaFiat 127 Sport Carmine Iantorno/I[-]
1986-07-13PotenzaFiat 127 Sport Antonio Filice/I[-]
1986-07-13PotenzaFiat 127 Sport Giuliano Calovini/I[-]
1986-08-17St. UrsanneFiat 127 Sport Niklaus Kunz/CH[-]
1986-08-17St. UrsanneFiat 127 Sport Jean Galey/CH[-]
1986-09-07TurckheimFiat 127 Sport Pascal Masson/F[-]
1986-09-07TurckheimFiat 127 Sport Aurelio Monteiro/[-]
1986-09-07TurckheimFiat 127 Sport Phillipe Marion/F[-]
1987-06-28ŠternberkFiat 127 Sport Karl-Heinz Auth/D[-]
1987-07-19AscoliFiat 127 Sport Carlo Serafini/I[-]
1987-07-19AscoliFiat 127 Sport Bruno Santuccione/I[-]
1987-07-19AscoliFiat 127 Sport Giovanni Visci/I[-]
1987-07-19AscoliFiat 127 Sport Dario Montecchia/I[-]
1987-07-19AscoliFiat 127 Sport Domenico Di Costanzo/I[-]
1987-07-19AscoliFiat 127 Sport Peppino Cardinali/I[-]
1987-07-19AscoliFiat 127 Sport Dario Romoli/I[-]
1988-08-21St. UrsanneFiat 127 Sport Thomas Fehr/CH[-]
1989-08-20St. UrsanneFiat 127 Sport Thomas Fehr/CH[-]
1989-08-20St. UrsanneFiat 127 Sport Charles Riesen/CH[-]
1989-09-03TurckheimFiat 127 Sport Francois Jenn/F[-]
1990-06-17TrierFiat 127 Sport Oskar Eberle/D[-]
1990-06-17TrierFiat 127 Sport Wolfgang Bultmann/D[-]
1993-05-30Vall´s D´AndorraFiat 127 Sport F. Blanes/[-]
1996-06-23ŠternberkFiat 127 Sport Hans-Gunter Isonni/D[3007992/80]
1996-09-09TurckheimFiat 127 Sport Olaf Katrimski/D[-]
1996-09-09TurckheimFiat 127 Sport Hans-Gunter Isonni/D[-]
1998-08-30Lima AbetoneFiat 127 Sport Domenico Di Domenico/I[-]
1998-08-30Lima AbetoneFiat 127 Sport Grazio Droandi/I[-]
2000-07-23HomburgFiat 127 Sport Jürgen Hessberger/D[-]
2000-07-23HomburgFiat 127 Sport Jörg Eberle/D[-]
2000-07-23HomburgFiat 127 Sport Olaf Katrimski/D[-]
2000-07-23HomburgFiat 127 Sport Paul Pegoretti/D[-]
2000-07-23HomburgFiat 127 Sport Christoph Hörnig/D[-]
2002-06-15TrierFiat 127 Sport Jürgen Hessberger/D[-]
2003-09-21BuzetFiat 127 Sport Kristijan Koraca/HR[-]
2010-07-04Trento BondoneFiat 127 Sport Jürgen Hessberger/D[-]
2016-07-31GlasbachFiat 127 Sport Jürgen Hessberger/D[-]
2019-04-06Brno ZAVFiat 127 Sport Emil Jansa/CZ[-]
2019-04-06Brno ZAVFiat 127 Sport Emil Jansa/CZ[-]
2019-04-20Šternberk IIFiat 127 Sport -[-]
2019-04-21Šternberk IIFiat 127 Sport -[-]
2019-05-04Náměšť nad OslavouFiat 127 Sport Emil Jansa/CZ[-]
2019-05-05Náměšť nad OslavouFiat 127 Sport Emil Jansa/CZ[-]


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