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Archívy Euromontagna

Ferrari 250GT

Výsledky hledání

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1957-06-30Mont VentouxFerrari 250GT Camillo Luglio/I[-]
1957-06-30Mont VentouxFerrari 250GT "Palfar"/CH[-]
1957-09-01Aosta- St. BarnardFerrari 250GT Camillo Luglio/I[-]
1957-09-01Aosta- St. BarnardFerrari 250GT Lubich/[-]
1958-07-13Trento BondoneFerrari 250GT Armando Zampiero/I[-]
1958-07-13Trento BondoneFerrari 250GT Gabardi Edoardo Lualdi/I[-]
1958-07-13Trento BondoneFerrari 250GT Vittorio De Micheli/I[-]
1958-08-15GaisbergFerrari 250GT O. Randaccio/I[-]
1958-08-15GaisbergFerrari 250GT Luigi Villotti/I[-]
1958-08-31Ollon VillarsFerrari 250GT Olivier Gendebien/B[-]
1958-08-31Ollon VillarsFerrari 250GT Jean Aumas/F[-]
1960-07-10Trento BondoneFerrari 250GT Wolfgang Seidel/D[-]
1960-08-07SchauinslandFerrari 250GT Wolfgang Seidel/D[-]
1960-08-28Ollon VillarsFerrari 250GT Wolfgang Seidel/D[-]
1960-09-11GaisbergFerrari 250GT Wolfgang Seidel/D[-]
1961-06-04Col de la FaucilleFerrari 250GT Fernand Tavano/F[-]
1961-06-25Mont VentouxFerrari 250GT Tommy Spychiger/CH[0909GT]
1961-07-09Trento BondoneFerrari 250GT Gabardi Edoardo Lualdi/I[-]
1961-07-30SchauinslandFerrari 250GT Helmut Felder/D[-]
1961-08-27Klosters DavosFerrari 250GT Fernando Wissel/CH[-]
1961-08-27Klosters DavosFerrari 250GT Sergio Bettoja/I[-]
1962-07-08Trento BondoneFerrari 250GT Ferruccio Zanardelli/I[-]
1962-07-08Trento BondoneFerrari 250GT Egidio Nicolosi/I[-]
1962-07-22SchauinslandFerrari 250GT "Robert Frank"/D[-]
1963-06-23Mont VentouxFerrari 250GT Daniel Rouveyran/F[-]
1963-07-14Trento BondoneFerrari 250GT Guido Fossath/I[-]
1963-07-14Trento BondoneFerrari 250GT Egidio Nicolosi/I[-]
1963-07-14Trento BondoneFerrari 250GT Werner Ruefenacht/CH[-]
1965-07-25Cesana-SestriereFerrari 250GT Silvio Morero/I[-]
2003-04-27RechbergFerrari 250GT Jean Sage/F[-]
2011-05-01RechbergFerrari 250GT Reinhard Labner/A[-]
2013-04-28RechbergFerrari 250GT Reinhard Labner/A[-]


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