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ArchŪvy Euromontagna

Citroen Saxo

Vżsledky hledŠnŪ

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1997-07-06RietiCitroŽn Saxo Massimo Tirabassi/I[-]
1997-07-06RietiCitroŽn Saxo Paolo Lelli/I[-]
1998-05-31PecsCitroŽn Saxo Jaroslav Homola/SK[-]
1998-06-28VallecamonicaCitroŽn Saxo Giuseppe Castellano/I[-]
1998-07-05RietiCitroŽn Saxo Massimo Tirabassi/I[-]
1999-05-02RechbergCitroŽn Saxo Jaroslav Homola/SK[-]
1999-05-16Rampa da FalperraCitroŽn Saxo Carlos Lopes/P[-]
1999-05-16Rampa da FalperraCitroŽn Saxo Jaime Correia/P[-]
1999-05-16Rampa da FalperraCitroŽn Saxo Pedro Da Silva/P[-]
1999-05-16Rampa da FalperraCitroŽn Saxo Nuno Batista/P[-]
1999-05-16Rampa da FalperraCitroŽn Saxo Jorge Meira/P[-]
1999-05-16Rampa da FalperraCitroŽn Saxo Joao Batista/P[-]
1999-05-16Rampa da FalperraCitroŽn Saxo Emanuel Camilo/P[-]
1999-05-16Rampa da FalperraCitroŽn Saxo Fihmy Cassamo/P[-]
1999-05-16Rampa da FalperraCitroŽn Saxo Goncalo Manahu/P[-]
1999-05-16Rampa da FalperraCitroŽn Saxo Jose Araujo/P[-]
1999-05-23JaizkibelCitroŽn Saxo Garikoitz Ulacia/E[-]
1999-05-23JaizkibelCitroŽn Saxo IÚaki Echeverria/E[-]
1999-05-30ŕstŪ nad OrlicŪCitroŽn Saxo Jaroslav Homola/SK[-]
1999-08-22St. UrsanneCitroŽn Saxo J.-Michel Affolter/CH[-]
2000-05-14JaizkibelCitroŽn Saxo Jesķs M. Iturburu/E[-]
2000-05-14JaizkibelCitroŽn Saxo Garikoitz Ulacia/E[-]
2000-05-14JaizkibelCitroŽn Saxo Ignacio Barredo/E[-]
2000-05-14JaizkibelCitroŽn Saxo Jon Iparraquirre/E[-]
2000-05-14JaizkibelCitroŽn Saxo Javier Leyun/E[-]
2000-05-14JaizkibelCitroŽn Saxo Ricardo Tricio/E[-]
2000-05-14JaizkibelCitroŽn Saxo Evaristo Sancha/E[-]
2000-06-25VallecamonicaCitroŽn SAXO Gian Antonio Franzoni/I[-]
2000-06-25VallecamonicaCitroŽn SAXO Ermino jr. Bonetti/I[-]
2000-06-25VallecamonicaCitroŽn SAXO Livio Salvino/I[-]
2000-07-23BabaCitroŽn Saxo LukŠö äprinc/SK[-]
2000-08-05VsetŪnCitroŽn Saxo VladimŪr ZŪtek/CZ[-]
2000-08-06VsetŪnCitroŽn Saxo VladimŪr ZŪtek/CZ[-]
2000-10-01Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Manuel Perez Mazoy/E[-]
2000-10-01Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Migeul Alonso Riego/E[-]
2001BrnoCitroen Saxo -[-]
2001-07-22BabaCitroŽn Saxo LukŠö äprinc/SK[-]
2002-06-30VallecamonicaCitroŽn Saxo Gian Antonio Franzoni/I[-]
2002-10-06BrnoCitroen Saxo Michael Zottl/A[-]
2002-10-06BrnoCitroen Saxo Manfred Beck/A[-]
2002-10-06BrnoCitroen Saxo A. Leitner/A[-]
2002-10-06BrnoCitroen Saxo Alexander Strohmer/A[-]
2003-04-26BrnoCitroŽn Saxo Alexander Strohmer/A[-]
2003-04-26BrnoCitroŽn Saxo Erich Hascher/A[-]
2003-05-18Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Carlos Ron Marquez/E[-]
2003-05-18Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Gonzalo Perez Mengual/E[-]
2003-05-18Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Isaac Glez Hernandez/E[-]
2003-05-18Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Alberto Redondo/E[-]
2003-05-25EstrelaCitroŽn Saxo Carlos Menendez/E[-]
2003-09-07TurckheimCitroŽn Saxo Christian Maurice/[-]
2003-09-07PedavenaCitroŽn Saxo Tiziano Turrin/I[-]
2003-09-21LimonestCitroŽn Saxo Nicolas Ramboz/F[-]
2004-05-16Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Ernesto Ignuanzo Gonzales/E[-]
2004-07-04RietiCitroŽn Saxo Graziano Buttoletti/I[-]
2004-07-04RietiCitroŽn Saxo Achile Gigliarelli/I[-]
2004-07-04RietiCitroen Saxo Aldo Zecca/I[-]
2004-07-04RietiCitroen Saxo Nicola Merli/I[-]
2004-07-11VallecamonicaCitroŽn Saxo Marco Maffessoli/I[-]
2004-07-11VallecamonicaCitroŽn Saxo Francesco Ballarini/I[-]
2004-07-11VallecamonicaCitroŽn Saxo Gian Antonio Franzoni/I[-]
2004-08-08Mont DoreCitroŽn Saxo Samuel Durassier/F[-]
2004-08-08Mont DoreCitroŽn Saxo Yves Blanc/F[-]
2004-08-21LaudonCitroŽn Saxo Tibor Bartķnek/CZ[-]
2004-08-22LaudonCitroŽn Saxo Tibor Bartķnek/CZ[-]
2005-05-15Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Marcos Alvarez Pantiga/E[-]
2005-05-15Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Marcos Bustelo Marzoa/E[-]
2005-08-07Mont DoreCitroŽn Saxo Richard Penet/F[-]
2005-08-07Mont DoreCitroŽn Saxo Thomas Vergines/F[-]
2005-08-07Mont DoreCitroŽn Saxo Samuel Durassier/F[-]
2006-05-14Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Ramon Andres/[-]
2006-07-09RietiCitroen Saxo Massimo Di Domizio/I[-]
2006-07-09RietiCitroen Saxo Lucca Scappa/I[-]
2006-07-23BabaCitroŽn Saxo Andreas Rigolet/A[-]
2006-08-13Mont DoreCitroŽn Saxo Thomas Vergines/F[-]
2007-04-15Monte EriceCitroŽn Saxo Pietro Fazio/I[-]
2007-04-15Monte EriceCitroŽn Saxo Giovanni Rea/I[-]
2007-04-15Monte EriceCitroŽn Saxo Vincenzo Ardito/I[-]
2007-04-15Monte EriceCitroŽn Saxo Alessandro Minaudo/I[-]
2007-04-15Monte EriceCitroŽn Saxo Stefano Naso/I[-]
2007-05-13Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Ramon Andres/[-]
2007-07-01Trento BondoneCitroŽn Saxo Tiziano Turrin/I[-]
2007-07-01Trento BondoneCitroŽn Saxo Alfonso Dalsass/I[-]
2007-07-01Trento BondoneCitroŽn Saxo Paolo Gilli/I[-]
2007-08-04VsetŪnCitroŽn Saxo Miroslav éýrek/CZ[-]
2007-08-05VsetŪnCitroŽn Saxo Miroslav éýrek/CZ[-]
2008-04-27RechbergCitroen Saxo Nicola Ganz/I[-]
2008-05-11Al FitoCitroen Saxo Ramon Andres/[-]
2009-04-26RechbergCitroen Saxo† Nicola Ganz/I[-]
2009-04-26RechbergCitroen Saxo† Manuel Michalko/A[-]
2009-08-23GubbioCitroen Saxo Giovanni Loffredo/I[-]
2009-08-23GubbioCitroen Saxo Tiziano Turrin/I[-]
2010-04-25RechbergCitroen Saxo† Manuel Michalko/A[-]
2010-05-16Al FitoCitroen Saxo Jose Ramon Sierra/[-]
2010-07-04Trento BondoneCitroŽn Saxo Paolo Gilli/I[-]
2010-07-04Trento BondoneCitroŽn Saxo Lorenzo Accorsi/I[-]
2010-07-04Trento BondoneCitroŽn Saxo Vittorio Nideriaufner/I[-]
2010-07-04Trento BondoneCitroŽn Saxo Nicola Graziadei/I[-]
2010-07-04Trento BondoneCitroŽn Saxo Tiziano Turrin/I[-]
2010-07-04Trento BondoneCitroŽn Saxo Alfonso Dalsass/I[-]
2010-08-08Mont DoreCitroŽn Saxo Yannick Grezes/[-]
2010-08-08Mont DoreCitroŽn Saxo Didier Durand/F[-]
2010-08-15St. UrsanneCitroen Saxo Igor Dupuis/[-]
2010-08-15St. UrsanneCitroŽn Saxo Timothťe Ray/CH[-]
2010-08-15St. UrsanneCitroen Saxo Marijan Babic/CH[-]
2011-05-01RechbergCitroen Saxo Manuel Michalko/A[-]
2011-05-15Al FitoCitroen Saxo Yonnifer Vigil/[-]
2012-04-29RechbergCitroen Saxo† Manuel Michalko/A[-]
2012-05-13Al FitoCitroen Saxo Jaime Martinez Canteli/[-]
2012-05-20Rampa da FalperraCitroŽn Saxo Jose Carlos Magalhaes/P[-]
2012-05-20Rampa da FalperraCitroŽn Saxo Paulo Nogueira/[-]
2012-08-19St. UrsanneCitroŽn Saxo Roger MŁhlemann/CH[-]
2012-08-19St. UrsanneCitroŽn Saxo Pablo Marchand/CH[-]
2012-08-19St. UrsanneCitroŽn Saxo Jonathan Rerat/CH[-]
2012-08-19St. UrsanneCitroŽn Saxo Francis Meier/CH[-]
2012-08-19St. UrsanneCitroŽn Saxo Christian Fady/CH[-]
2013-05-04NŠmžöĚ nad OslavouCitroŽn Saxo Ladislav Ńzsoth/CZ[-]
2013-05-05NŠmžöĚ nad OslavouCitroŽn Saxo Ladislav Ńzsoth/CZ[-]
2013-05-12Rampa da FalperraCitroŽn Saxo Paulo Nogueira/[-]
2013-05-19Al FitoCitroen Saxo Adrian Garcia/[-]
2013-05-19Al FitoCitroen Saxo Francisco Jose Benitez/[-]
2013-05-19Al FitoCitroen Saxo Jose Pedro Fdez Garcia/[-]
2014-04-13Col St. PierreCitroŽn Saxo Sylvain Tabusse/[-]
2014-04-25RechbergCitroen Saxo Manuel Michalko/A[-]
2015-04-26RechbergCitroen Saxo Manuel Michalko/A[-]
2015-04-26RechbergCitroen Saxo Otto Hroba/SK[-]
2015-05-17Rampa da FalperraCitroŽn Saxo Paulo Nogueira/[-]
2015-05-17Rampa da FalperraCitroen Saxo Sergio Nogueira/[-]
2015-05-17Rampa da FalperraCitroen Saxo Sofia Mouta/[-]
2016-04-17Col St. PierreCitroŽn Saxo Pedro Cristovao/[-]
2016-04-24RechbergCitroen Saxo Manuel Michalko/A[-]
2016-05-07NŠmžöĚ nad OslavouCitroen Saxo Ladislav Ńzsoth/CZ[-]
2016-05-08NŠmžöĚ nad OslavouCitroen Saxo Ladislav Ńzsoth/CZ[-]
2016-05-15Al FitoCitroen Saxo Julio Fernandez/E[-]
2016-05-15Al FitoCitroen Saxo Pablo Cepedal Ordiz/[-]
2016-05-28ŕstŪ nad OrlicŪCitroŽn Saxo Martin ZimŠk/CZ[-]
2016-05-28ŕstŪ nad OrlicŪCitroen Saxo Ladislav Ńzsoth/CZ[-]
2016-05-29ŕstŪ nad OrlicŪCitroŽn Saxo Martin ZimŠk/CZ[-]
2016-08-21St. UrsanneCitroen Saxo Denis Thievent/CH[-]
2016-08-21St. UrsanneCitroŽn Saxo Francesco Viesti/CH[-]
2017-04-01Brno Autodrom ZAVCitroen Saxo Michal Kaöpar/CZ[-]
2017-04-02Brno Autodrom ZAVCitroen Saxo Michal Kaöpar/CZ[-]
2017-04-23RechbergCitroen Saxo Martin Pucher/A[-]
2017-05-06NŠmžöĚ nad OslavouCitroen Saxo Michal Kaöpar/CZ[-]
2017-05-07NŠmžöĚ nad OslavouCitroen Saxo Michal Kaöpar/CZ[-]
2017-05-07Rampa da FalperraCitroen Saxo Sergio Nogueira/[-]
2017-05-07Rampa da FalperraCitroen Saxo Marcio Nogueira/[-]
2017-05-14Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Alfonso Baizan Robezo/[-]
2017-05-14Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Francisco Jose Benitez/[-]
2017-05-14Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Carlos Llano Hevia/[-]
2017-05-14Al FitoCitroŽn Saxo Damian Alvarez Gonzalez/[-]
2017-05-27ŕstŪ nad OrlicŪCitroen Saxo Michal Kaöpar/CZ[-]
2017-05-28ŕstŪ nad OrlicŪCitroen Saxo Michal Kaöpar/CZ[-]
2018-04-22RechbergCitroen Saxo† Matej Demeter/SK[-]
2018-05-20Al FitoCitroen Saxo Carlos Llano Hevia/[-]
2018-06-03äternberkCitroen Saxo VladimŪr Hejl/CZ[-]
2019-06-02äternberkCitroen Saxo Matej Demeter/SK[-]


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