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Archívy Euromontagna

Chevron B36

Výsledky hledání

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1976Bolzano MendolaChevron B36 Domenico Scola/I[-]
1976-05-09DobratschChevron B36 Domenico Scola/I[-]
1976-05-30BressanoneChevron B36 Giuseppe Ranzolin/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneChevron B36 Domenico Scola/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneChevron B36 Giuseppe Ranzolin/I[-]
1976-07-18CosenzaChevron B36 Domenico Scola/I[-]
1976-07-25AscoliChevron B36 Domenico Scola/I[-]
1977-03-27AmpusChevron B36 Michel Pignard/F[36-77-04?]
1977-05-22MontsenyChevron B36 Michel Pignard/F[-]
1977-05-22MontsenyChevron B36 Jean-Louis Bos/F[36-76-04]
1977-07-10Trento BondoneChevron B36 Enrico Gagliotto/I[-]
1977-07-24GubbioChevron B36 Enrico Gagliotto/I[-]
1977-07-31Coll de la BotellaChevron B36 "Dufreisn"/F[-]
1977-07-31Coll de la BotellaChevron B36 Michel Pignard/F[-]
1977-08-07Mont DoreChevron B36 Jean-Louis Bos/F[36-76-04]
1977-08-21St. UrsanneChevron B36 Jacques Henry/F[-]
1977-09-04PotenzaChevron B36 "Bollinger"/I[-]
1978TurckheimChevron B36 Fred Stalder/F[-]
1978-04-09AmpusChevron B36 Jean-Louis Bos/F[36-76-04]
1978-04-09AmpusChevron B36 Lucien Rossiaud/F[-]
1978-06-18CosenzaChevron B36 "Bollinger"/I[-]
1978-07-23AscoliChevron B36 Ettore Bogani/I[-]
1978-07-23AscoliChevron B36 Fred Stalder/F[-]
1978-07-23AscoliChevron B36 Lucien Rossiaud/F[-]
1978-07-30RietiChevron B36 Michel Pignard/F[-]
1978-07-30RietiChevron B36 Lucien Rossiaud/F[-]
1978-08-13Mont DoreChevron B36 Jean-Louis Bos/F[36-76-04]
1978-08-13Mont DoreChevron B36 Bernard Verdier/F[-]
1978-08-13Mont DoreChevron B36 Jean-Christian Duby/F[-]
1978-08-20St. UrsanneChevron B36 Jean-Louis Bos/F[36-76-04]
1978-08-20St. UrsanneChevron B36 Lucien Rossiaud/F[-]
1978-09-17CefaluChevron B36 Michel Pignard/F[-]
1978-09-17CefaluChevron B36 Fred Stalder/F[-]
1978-09-17CefaluChevron B36 Jean-Louis Bos/F[36-76-04]
1978-09-17CefaluChevron B36 Lucien Rossiaud/F[-]
1978-09-17CefaluChevron B36 Bernard Verdier/F[-]
1978-09-24AsiagoChevron B36 Ettore Bogani/I[-]
1979-06-24Bolzano MendolaChevron B36 Fabio Siliprandi/I[-]
1979-06-24Bolzano MendolaChevron B36 "Paolo Lara"/I[-]
1979-07-01Trento BondoneChevron B36 "Paolo Lara"/I[-]
1979-07-01Trento BondoneChevron B36 Adriano Gozzi/I[-]
1979-08-05Mont DoreChevron B36 Bernard Verdier/F[-]
1979-08-19St. UrsanneChevron B36 Florian Vetsch/CH[-]
1980-07-06Trento BondoneChevron B36 Pain/[-]
1981-04-05AmpusChevron B36 Eugene Solomas/[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneChevron B36 Roberto Curatolo/I[-]
1981-08-09Mont DoreChevron B36 R. Fraisse/F[-]
1983-04-17HockenheimChevron B36 Gérard Gurtner/CH[-]
1983-04-24ŠternberkChevron B36 Max Jakob/CH[-]
1983-05-01MonzaChevron B36 Max Jakob/CH[-]
1983-05-15DijonChevron B36 Max Jakob/CH[-]
1983-07-31Ayent-AnzereChevron B36 Max Jakob/CH[-]
1983-08-07Mont DoreChevron B36 Gérard Gurtner/CH[-]
1983-08-21St. UrsanneChevron B36 Gérard Gurtner/CH[-]
1983-08-21St. UrsanneChevron B36 Max Jakob/CH[-]
1983-09-04TurckheimChevron B36 Gérard Gurtner/CH[-]
1983-09-18HembergChevron B36 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[-]
1983-10-02OberjochChevron B36 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[-]
1984PedavenaChevron B36 Roberto Biasioli/I[-]
1984PedavenaChevron B36 Giulio Regosa/I[-]
1984-08-26St. UrsanneChevron B36 Philippe Darbellay/CH[-]
1984-09-09GurnigelChevron B36 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[-]
1985Caprino-SpiazziChevron B36 Roberto Biasioli/I[-]
1985Bolzano MendolaChevron B36 Roberto Biasioli/I[-]
1985PedavenaChevron B36 Roberto Biasioli/I[-]
1985PedavenaChevron B36 Giulio Regosa/I[-]
1985-06-16ŠternberkChevron B36 Rolf Weiss/D[-]
1986PedavenaChevron B36 Roberto Biasioli/I[-]
1986-06-01RechbergChevron B36 Ramon Kofler/A[-]
1987VerzegnisChevron B36 Roberto Biasioli/I[-]
1987LevicoChevron B36 Roberto Biasioli/I[-]
1987VergatoChevron B36 Palmeri/I[-]
1987-05-31RechbergChevron B36 Ramon Kofler/A[-]
1987-06-28Appiano-MendolaChevron B36 Roberto Biasioli/I[-]
1988-05-29RechbergChevron B36 Jakob Oberhauser/A[ROC-001/78]
1988-06-19ŠternberkChevron B36 Jakob Oberhauser/A[ROC-001/78]
1990-05-20AgerolaChevron B36 Gilberto Guarducci/I[-]
1990-05-27Acquaviva PicenaChevron B36 Gilberto Guarducci/I[-]
1990-06-24San GiustinoChevron B36 Gilberto Guarducci/I[-]
1990-09-09CivitavecchiaChevron B36 Gilberto Guarducci/I[-]
1991-05-19Pieve S. StefanoChevron B36 Gilberto Guarducci/I[-]
1991-05-26Ústí nad OrlicíChevron B36 Jakob Oberhauser/A[ROC-001/78]
1991-05-26Acquaviva PicenaChevron B36 Gilberto Guarducci/I[-]
1991-07-14TodiChevron B36 Gilberto Guarducci/I[-]
1992-07-19Pieve S. StefanoChevron B36 Gilberto Guarducci/I[-]
1992-09-06ViterboChevron B36 Gilberto Guarducci/I[-]
1992-10-04Lima AbetoneChevron B36 Gilberto Guarducci/I[-]
1993-05-03ThruxtonChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1994-05-02Mallory ParkChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1994-05-02Mallory ParkChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1994-06-26DoningtonChevron B36 Laurence Jacobsen/[-]
1994-07-24ThruxtonChevron B36 Willie Green/GB[-]
1994-09-04DoningtonChevron B36 Steven Arnold/GB[-]
1996-05-06Brands HatchChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1996-06-02DoningtonChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1996-06-15SilverstoneChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1996-07-13Oulton ParkChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1996-07-21Road AmericaChevron B36 Joe Hish/USA[-]
1996-09-01DoningtonChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1996-10-06SnettertonChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1997-05-05SilverstoneChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1997-06-01DoningtonChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1997-06-15Mallory ParkChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1997-07-06Brands HatchChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1997-08-06Castle CombeChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1997-08-16Phoenix ParkChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1997-08-17Phoenix ParkChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1998-05-03SilverstoneChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1998-05-24SpaChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1998-05-31KnockhillChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1998-06-07Cadwell ParkChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1998-07-05Brands HatchChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1998-08-08Castle CombeChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1998-08-31DoningtonChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1998-10-04SnettertonChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1998-10-11SilverstoneChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
1998-10-18DoningtonChevron B36 Mike Wilds/GB[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaChevron B36 Bill Hart/[-]
2001-02-02DaytonaChevron B36 Stephen Fusillo/[-]
2007-08-19SpaChevron B36 Richard Bryan/USA[-]
2008-04-05CatalunyaChevron B36 Olivier Cazalieres/F[B36-76-04]
2008-04-05CatalunyaChevron B36 Claude Le Jean/F[B36-76-07]
2008-04-05CatalunyaChevron B36 Benoit Bourgoin/[B36-76-07]
2008-04-26MonzaChevron B36 Richard Bryan/USA[-]
2008-04-26MonzaChevron B36 Olivier Cazalieres/F[B36-76-04]
2008-05-10SpaChevron B36 Yves Junne/[B36-76-07]
2008-05-10SpaChevron B36 Claude Le Jean/F[B36-76-07]
2008-05-10SpaChevron B36 Benoit Bourgoin/[B36-76-07]
2008-05-10SpaChevron B36 Olivier Cazalieres/F[B36-76-04]
2008-08-16NürburgringChevron B36 Pierre De Thoisy/F[-]
2008-08-16NürburgringChevron B36 Claude Le Jean/F[B36-76-07]
2008-09-14SilverstoneChevron B36 Olivier Cazalieres/F[B36-76-04]
2009-04-04BarceloneChevron B36 Olivier Cazalieres/F[B36-76-04]
2009-04-04BarceloneChevron B36 Benoit Bourgoin/[-]
2009-04-04BarceloneChevron B36 Claude Le Jean/F[-]
2009-05-09SpaChevron B36 Lucien Rossiaud/F[B36-76-07]
2009-05-09SpaChevron B36 Claude Le Jean/F[B36-76-07]
2009-08-22NürburgringChevron B36 Claude Le Jean/F[-]
2009-08-22NürburgringChevron B36 Marc Devis/B[-]
2010-05-08SpaChevron B36 Yves Junne/[B36-76-07]
2010-05-08SpaChevron B36 Claude Le Jean/F[B36-76-07]
2010-05-08SpaChevron B36 Lucien Rossiaud/F[B36-76-03]
2010-05-08SpaChevron B36 Sandy Watson/GB[B36-76-04]


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