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Archívy Euromontagna

Chevron B21

Výsledky hledání

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1972RietiChevron B21 Mauro Nesti/I[-]
1972CefaluChevron B21 Mauro Nesti/I[-]
1972MacerataChevron B21 Pasquale Anastasio/I[-]
1972MacerataChevron B21 Domenico Scola/I[-]
1972MacerataChevron B21 Carlo Facetti/I[-]
1972-05-28VenetoChevron B21 Domenico Scola/I[-]
1972-06-29Bolzano MendolaChevron B21 Domenico Scola/I[-]
1972-06-29Bolzano MendolaChevron B21 Domenico Scola/I[-]
1972-07-02Trento BondoneChevron B21 Pasquale Anastasio/I[-]
1972-07-02Trento BondoneChevron B21 Eris Tondelli/I[-]
1972-07-09Cesana-SestriereChevron B21 Mauro Nesti/I[-]
1972-07-09Cesana-SestriereChevron B21 Eris Tondelli/I[-]
1972-07-09Cesana-SestriereChevron B21 Pasquale Anastasio/I[-]
1972-08-20St. UrsanneChevron B21 Pete Ettmüller/CH[-]
1972-09-03UrcyChevron B21 Jean Pierre Beltoise/F[-]
1973-04-01AmpusChevron B21 Mauro Nesti/I[-]
1973-04-01AmpusChevron B21 Jacques Alméras/F[-]
1973-05-20HockenheimChevron B21 Arthur Blank/CH[-]
1973-07-01Trento BondoneChevron B21 Giovanni Morelli/I[-]
1973-07-22CacharatChevron B21 Marc Pozet/F[-]
1973-09-30VaduzChevron B21 Arthur Blank/CH[-]
1974-04-07LodrinoChevron B21 Hans Affentranger/CH[-]
1974-04-14ÖsterreichringChevron B21 Gerhard Kobler/CH[-]
1974-05-05HockenheimChevron B21 Hans Affentranger/CH[-]
1974-06-02DijonChevron B21 Gerhard Kobler/CH[-]
1974-06-09RomontChevron B21 -[-]
1974-06-09BressasoneChevron B21 Mauro Baldo/I[-]
1974-06-30Trento BondoneChevron B21 Mauro Baldo/I[-]
1974-06-30CasaleChevron B21 Gerhard Kobler/CH[-]
1974-06-30Trento BondoneChevron B21 "Lucal"/I[-]
1974-06-30Trento BondoneChevron B21 Salvatore Pellegrino/I[-]
1974-06-30Trento BondoneChevron B21 Egidio Nicolosi/I[-]
1974-07-21HockenheimChevron B21 Gerhard Kobler/CH[-]
1974-08-18St. UrsanneChevron B21 Gerhard Kobler/CH[-]
1974-08-18St. UrsanneChevron B21 Hans Affentranger/CH[-]
1974-08-25HockenheimChevron B21 Gerhard Kobler/CH[-]
1974-08-25HockenheimChevron B21 Hans Affentranger/CH[-]
1974-09-08GurnigelChevron B21 Gerhard Kobler/CH[-]
1974-09-08GurnigelChevron B21 Manfred Schurti/CH[-]
1974-09-29HembergChevron B21 Gerhard Kobler/CH[-]
1975-04-20DijonChevron B21 Gerhard Kobler/CH[-]
1975-05-11CasaleChevron B21 Gerhard Kobler/CH[-]
1975-05-18ÖsterreichringChevron B21 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1975-05-25HockenheimChevron B21 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1975-06-15MisanoChevron B21 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1975-06-29CasaleChevron B21 Louis Maulini/[-]
1975-07-06Trento BondoneChevron B21 Egidio Nicolosi/I[-]
1975-07-06Trento BondoneChevron B21 Mauro Baldo/I[-]
1975-07-06Trento BondoneChevron B21 Attilio Mercadante/I[-]
1975-07-13Bolzano MendolaChevron B21 Mauro Baldo/I[-]
1975-07-13Bolzano MendolaChevron B21 Mauro Nesti/I[-]
1975-09-07DijonChevron B21 Rodolfo Cescato/CH[-]
1975-09-14GurnigelChevron B21 Gerhard Kobler/CH[-]
1975-09-14GurnigelChevron B21 Louis Maulini/[-]
1975-09-28HembergChevron B21 Gerhard Kobler/CH[-]
1976RietiChevron B21 Mauro Nesti/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneChevron B21 Egidio Nicolosi/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneChevron B21 Mauro Baldo/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneChevron B21 Pierluigi Azzalini/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneChevron B21 Mauro Baldo/I[-]
1976-07-17CosenzaChevron B21 Attilio Mercadante/I[-]
1978-08-13Mont DoreChevron B21 Bruno Sotty/F[-]
1979-06-17RomothChevron B21 Vallat/[-]
1979-06-24EggbergChevron B21 Oesterle/[-]
1980-06-15Caprino-SpiazziChevron B21 Guido Tribbia/I[-]
1980-07-06Trento BondoneChevron B21 Guido Tribbia/I[-]
1981-08-09Mont DoreChevron B21 F. Solomas/[-]
1982-08-29SchauinslandChevron B21 Dieter Pflüger/D[-]
1983-10-02OberjochChevron B21 Dieter Pflüger/D[-]
1993-05-03ThruxtonChevron B21 Richard Eyre/GB[-]
1994-07-17DoningtonChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
1995-04-16Paul RiccardChevron B21 Hubert Ravier/F[-]
1995-04-16Paul RiccardChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
1995-05-21DoningtonChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
1995-06-11NürburgringChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
1995-10-01BrnoChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
1996-04-28MonzaChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
1996-05-12SpaChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[-]
1996-06-23NürburgringChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[-]
1996-08-11NürburgringChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[-]
1996-09-29BrnoChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
1997-08-03ZandvoortChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
1997-09-14BrnoChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
1997-10-05DaytonaChevron B21 Robert Blain/[-]
1998-05-17MonzaChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
1998-05-24SpaChevron B21 Rolf Lamberty/D[-]
1998-05-24SpaChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
1998-06-21MostChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
1998-09-13Brands HatchChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
1999-03-07SebringChevron B21 Dick Attwood/[-]
2000-03-12MelbourneChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
2000-05-21SpaChevron B21 Peter Beckhauser/D[B21-72-45]
2001?Chevron B21 Pierre Martinet/GB[-]
2001-06-10A1 RingChevron B21 Pierre Martinet/GB[-]
2007-07-01NürburgringChevron B21 Pierre De Thoisy/F[-]
2007-07-01NürburgringChevron B21 -[-]
2007-08-19SpaChevron B21 Jacques Nicolet/F[-]
2007-08-19SpaChevron B21 Olivier Cazalieres/F[B21-72-17]
2007-09-16SilverstoneChevron B21 Jacques Nicolet/F[-]
2007-09-16SilverstoneChevron B21 Olivier Cazalieres/F[-]
2008-09-14SilverstoneChevron B21 Patrice Lafargue/F[-]
2009-05-09SpaChevron B21 Ludovic Caron/F[-]
2009-05-09SpaChevron B21 Frederic Da Rocha/F[-]
2009-08-22NürburgringChevron B21 Ludovic Caron/F[-]
2009-08-22NürburgringChevron B21 Michel Baudoin/F[-]
2010-05-08SpaChevron B21 Frederic Da Rocha/F[-]
2010-05-08SpaChevron B21 Ludovic Caron/F[-]


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