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Archívy Euromontagna

Autobianchi A112

Výsledky hledání

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1971-07-04Trento BondoneAutobianchi A112 Arcadio Pezzali/I[-]
1971-07-04Trento BondoneAutobianchi A112 Chiapparini/I[-]
1972-07-09Cesana-SestriereAutobianchi A112 Dino Grassi/I[-]
1973-04-01AmpusAutobianchi A112 Sergio Barbero/[-]
1976-08-08Mont DoreAutobianchi A112 J.P. Savignac/[-]
1976-08-15St. UrsanneAutobianchi A112 Maurice Stempfle/F[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldAutobianchi A112 Hans Scholl/[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldAutobianchi A112 Richard Frommknecht/[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldAutobianchi A112 Ernst Plannasch/[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldAutobianchi A112 Willi Schaer/[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldAutobianchi A112 Siegfried Streeb/D[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldAutobianchi A112 Volker Wolfstein/D[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldAutobianchi A112 Michael Kain/D[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldAutobianchi A112 Werner Bender/D[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldAutobianchi A112 Rudolf Gross/[-]
1977-07-31Coll de la BotellaAutobianchi A112 Antoni Crespo/[-]
1980-09-07TurckheimAutobianchi A112 C. Hoehe/F[-]
1982-04-04AmpusAutobianchi A112 Perez/[-]
1982-05-30MontsenyAutobianchi A112 H.R. De Lizana/E[-]
1982-05-30MontsenyAutobianchi A112 M.C. Otin/E[-]
1982-05-30MontsenyAutobianchi A112 Alain Juyen/F[-]
1982-08-07Mont DoreAutobianchi A112 A. Juyon/[-]
1982-08-07Mont DoreAutobianchi A112 G. Piau/[-]
1982-08-07Mont DoreAutobianchi A112 P. Chabot/[-]
1982-08-07Mont DoreAutobianchi A112 Pierre Louis Fouillen/F[-]
1982-08-07Mont DoreAutobianchi A112 J. Galicher/[-]
1982-08-07Mont DoreAutobianchi A112 C. Gubert/[-]
1982-08-22St. UrsanneAutobianchi A112 Thomas Fehr/CH[-]
1983-09-04TurckheimAutobianchi A112 Gerard Blatt/F[-]
1983-09-04TurckheimAutobianchi A112 Daniel Sire/F[-]
1983-09-04TurckheimAutobianchi A112 J. Py/F[-]
1984-07-22SchauinslandAutobianchi A112 Gustav Albiez/D[-]
1984-07-22AscoliAutobianchi A112 Piero Speranza/I[-]
1985-08-18St. UrsanneAutobianchi A112 Maurice Stempfle/F[-]
1986-05-11MontsenyAutobianchi A112 Josep M. Junoy/E[-]
1986-05-11MontsenyAutobianchi A112 Jordi Sanchez/E[-]
1990-06-17TrierAutobianchi A112 Norbert Magulski/D[-]
1990-08-12Mont DoreAutobianchi A112 Francois Belorgey/F[-]
1990-08-12Mont DoreAutobianchi A112 Bernard Vedrine/F[-]
1990-08-12Mont DoreAutobianchi A112 René Chasson/F[-]
1998-08-30Lima AbetoneAutobianchi A112 Francesco Bacci/I[-]
1999-07-04VallecamonicaAutobianchi A112 Marco Viggini/I[-]
2000-06-25VallecamonicaAutobianchi A112 Gianni Calosi/I[-]
2001-04-29RechbergAutobianchi A112 Folco Gamberucci/I[-]
2001-06-17TrierAutobianchi A112 Folco Gamberucci/I[-]
2001-07-01VallecamonicaAutobianchi A112 Folco Gamberucci/I[-]
2001-08-12Mont DoreAutobianchi A112 Folco Gamberucci/I[-]
2001-09-22Šternberk HAAutobianchi A112 Folco Gamberucci/I[-]
2001-09-23Šternberk HAAutobianchi A112 Folco Gamberucci/I[-]
2002-06-30VallecamonicaAutobianchi A112 Gino Fanfara/I[-]
2002-06-30VallecamonicaAutobianchi A112 Osvlado Fiorucci/I[-]
2002-06-30VallecamonicaAutobianchi A112 Andrea Giraldi/I[-]
2002-08-11Mont DoreAutobianchi A112 Jean Pierre Gasnot/F[-]
2003-06-01BeaujolaisAutobianchi A112 Jean-Claude Lamure/F[-]
2006-07-02Trento BondoneAutobianchi A112 Daniela Ronconi/I[-]
2012-04-29RechbergAutobianchi A112  Igor Kotlušek/SLO[-]
2012-04-29RechbergAutobianchi A112  Robert Pristavec/[-]
2016-09-18BuzetAutobianchi A112 Aleš Presetnik/SLO[-]


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