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Archívy Euromontagna

Austin Cooper S

Výsledky hledání

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1963-09-08GaisbergAustin Cooper S E. Fend/A[-]
1963-09-08GaisbergAustin Cooper S Fritz Schlögel/[-]
1963-09-08GaisbergAustin Cooper S Hans Krajacic/A[-]
1965-09-19GaisbergAustin Cooper S Werner Delle Karth/A[-]
1966-06-12RossfeldAustin Cooper S Martin Forster/D[-]
1966-06-12RossfeldAustin Cooper S Alfred Wack/[-]
1966-06-12RossfeldAustin Cooper S Hans von Richthofen/D[-]
1966-06-12RossfeldAustin Cooper S Horst Miedaner/A[-]
1966-06-12RossfeldAustin Cooper S Richard Pixner/[-]
1966-06-12RossfeldAustin Cooper S Michel Pont/F[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxAustin Cooper S Julien Vernaeve/B[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyAustin Cooper S Augustin Paulet/E[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyAustin Cooper S Ignacio de Ventos/E[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyAustin Cooper S Jaime de Augustin/E[-]
1967-06-04RossfeldAustin Cooper S Hartmut Hoheisel/D[-]
1967-06-04RossfeldAustin Cooper S Hans von Richthofen/D[-]
1967-06-04RossfeldAustin Cooper S Harold Iffert/D[-]
1967-06-18Mont VentouxAustin Cooper S Hartmut Hoheisel/D[-]
1967-09-03GaisbergAustin Cooper S Wigbert Greindl/A[-]
1967-09-03GaisbergAustin Cooper S Othmar Schimek/A[-]
1967-09-03GaisbergAustin Cooper S Harald Neuschler/A[-]
1967-09-03GaisbergAustin Cooper S Fritz Baumgartner/A[-]
1967-09-03GaisbergAustin Cooper S Lambert Hofer/A[-]
1967-09-03GaisbergAustin Cooper S Jörg Frankhauser/CH[-]
1967-09-03GaisbergAustin Cooper S Martin Forster/D[-]
1968-06-02MontsenyAustin Cooper S Joaquin Viaplana/E[-]
1968-08-25Sierre Montana CransAustin Cooper S 2 Frey/[-]
1968-08-25Sierre Montana CransAustin Cooper S Carlo Dubach/CH[-]
1970-08-23St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Jean-Claude Béring/CH[-]
1970-08-23St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Baumann/[-]
1970-08-23St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S 2 Frey/[-]
1970-08-23St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Hans-Jürgen Dürig/CH[-]
1970-08-23St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Mörri/[-]
1970-08-23St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Haltinner/[-]
1970-08-23St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Fux/[-]
1970-08-23St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Engesser/[-]
1970-08-23St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Giancarlo Comazzi/CH[-]
1971-08-22St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Engesser/[-]
1971-08-22St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Bruno Amstutz/CH[-]
1971-08-22St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Schwyn/[-]
1971-08-22St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Urs Hauenstein/CH[-]
1971-08-22St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Kurt Buess/CH[-]
1971-08-22St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Jean-Francois Renold/CH[-]
1971-08-22St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Haltinger/[-]
1972-04-30DobratschAustin Cooper S Peter Trittenwein/A[-]
1975-09-21ŠternberkAustin Cooper S Laszlo Kotán/H[-]
1998-08-30Lima AbetoneAustin Cooper S Luca Viscardi/I[-]
1998-09-20Šternberk HAAustin Cooper S Gino Ferri/I[-]
1999-05-16Rampa da FalperraAustin Cooper S Fernando Martins/P[-]
1999-09-18Šternberk HAAustin Cooper S Richard Vojík/CZ[-]
1999-09-19Šternberk HAAustin Cooper S Richard Vojík/CZ[-]
2002-05-25EstrelaAustin Cooper S Paulo Oliveira/P[-]
2002-08-18St. UrsanneAustin Cooper S Silvio Beck/CH[-]
2009-06-14TrierAustin Cooper S Paule Kienert/L[-]
2009-06-28RietiAustin Cooper S C. Boido/I[-]
2010-06-13TrierAustin Cooper S Paule Kienert/L[-]
2011-06-05TrierAustin Cooper S Paule Kienert/L[-]


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