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Archívy Euromontagna

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Výsledky hledání

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1958-06-29Mont VentouxAlfa Romeo Giulietta Marcel Stern/CH[-]
1958-06-29Mont VentouxAlfa Romeo Giulietta Renato Maggiorini/CH[-]
1958-06-29Mont VentouxAlfa Romeo Giulietta Valette/F[-]
1959-07-12Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo Giulietta Giovanni Ferrero/I[-]
1959-07-12Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo Giulietta Gianfranco Bonetto/I[-]
1959-07-12Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo Giulietta "Aramis"/I[-]
1959-07-12Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo Giulietta "Behar"/I[-]
1959-07-12Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo Giulietta Mozzi Alberto Mapelli/I[-]
1960-06-12Mont VentouxAlfa Romeo Giulietta Henri Greder/F[-]
1960-06-12Mont VentouxAlfa Romeo Giulietta Schilgler/F[-]
1960-06-12Mont VentouxAlfa Romeo Giulietta Rosinski/F[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsAlfa Romeo Giulietta Franz Schaffhauser/CH[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsAlfa Romeo Giulietta Rico Kurrus/CH[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsAlfa Romeo Giulietta Riquet Colsenet/CH[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsAlfa Romeo Giulietta Philippo Della Balda/CH[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsAlfa Romeo Giulietta Othmar Kehl/CH[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsAlfa Romeo Giulietta Jean Pons/F[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsAlfa Romeo Giulietta André Bungerer/CH[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsAlfa Romeo Giulietta Pierre-Yves Gaggio/CH[-]
1963-08-25Ollon VillarsAlfa Romeo Giulietta Kurt Knörr/CH[-]
1964-08-09SchauinslandAlfa Romeo Giulietta Frank Fess/D[-]
1965-08-08SchauinslandAlfa Romeo Giulietta Herbert Klewin/D[-]
1965-08-08SchauinslandAlfa Romeo Giulietta Georg Moritz/D[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsAlfa Romeo Giulietta Robert Blätter/CH[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsAlfa Romeo Giulietta Gerhard Kobler/CH[-]
1965-08-29Ollon VillarsAlfa Romeo Giulietta Serge Bolomey/CH[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxAlfa Romeo Giulietta "von Fangiman"/I[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxAlfa Romeo Giulietta F. Masoero/F[-]
1985ŠternberkAlfa Romeo Giulietta Jiří Vavřina/CS[-]
1985-09-15CefaluAlfa Romeo Giulietta Giovanni Pioggia/I[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
1993-09-19Šternberk HAAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
1997-09-21Šternberk HAAlfa Romeo Giulietta Renato Ambrosi/I[-]
1998-05-03RechbergAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
1998-06-14TrierAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
1998-08-09Mont DoreAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
1998-09-19Šternberk HAAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
1998-09-20Šternberk HAAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
1999-05-02RechbergAlfa Romeo Giulietta Giovanni Sambo/I[-]
1999-09-18Šternberk HAAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
1999-09-19Šternberk HAAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
2001-04-29RechbergAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
2001-06-17TrierAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
2001-08-12Mont DoreAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
2002-04-28RechbergAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
2002-06-15TrierAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
2002-08-11Mont DoreAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
2002-09-06TurckheimAlfa Romeo Giulietta Ivar Sauter/CH[-]
2009-06-28RietiAlfa Romeo Giulietta R. Carafa/I[-]


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