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Archívy Euromontagna

Alfa Romeo GTV

Výsledky hledání

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1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransAlfa Romeo GTV Palermo Sutero/I[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransAlfa Romeo GTV William Mayer/CH[-]
1967-09-03GaisbergAlfa Romeo GTV Walter Kritzinger/A[-]
1972-08-06SchauinslandAlfa Romeo GTV Ernst Pfunder/D[-]
1973-04-01AmpusAlfa Romeo GTV Adriano Parlamento/I[-]
1973-06-03RossfeldAlfa Romeo GTV Adriano Parlamento/I[-]
1973-07-29ChamrousseAlfa Romeo GTV Adriano Parlamento/I[-]
1973-08-19St. UrsanneAlfa Romeo GTV Adriano Parlamento/I[-]
1973-09-09Mont VentouxAlfa Romeo GTV Adriano Parlamento/I[-]
1973-09-09Mont VentouxAlfa Romeo GTV F. Masoero/F[-]
1974-06-30Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo GTV Zini/[-]
1974-06-30Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo GTV Pera/[-]
1974-07-28SchauinslandAlfa Romeo GTV Rene Hollinger/CH[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo GTV Romano Bellina/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo GTV Mario Tacchini/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo GTV -[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo GTV Enzo Micoli/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo GTV John Grandi/I[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo GTV Mario Sola/I[-]
1976-07-25AscoliAlfa Romeo GTV R. Di Cicco/[-]
1977-07-31Coll de la BotellaAlfa Romeo GTV Marie-Helene Souque/[-]
1977-07-31Coll de la BotellaAlfa Romeo GTV Jean-Luc Boubila/[-]
1978-07-23AscoliAlfa Romeo GTV Maurizio Iacoangeli/I[-]
1978-08-13Mont DoreAlfa Romeo GTV J.G. Diez/[-]
1978-08-13Mont DoreAlfa Romeo GTV A. Paillet/[-]
1978-08-13Mont DoreAlfa Romeo GTV A. Dutilleul/[-]
1978-09-24FoggiaAlfa Romeo GTV Luigi Alfano/I[-]
1981-07-26MacerataAlfa Romeo GTV Ausano Biancolin/I[-]
1981-07-26MacerataAlfa Romeo GTV Alfredo Maddaloni/I[-]
1981-07-26MacerataAlfa Romeo GTV Rinaldetti/[-]
1982-09-19CefaluAlfa Romeo GTV Barba/[-]
1982-09-19CefaluAlfa Romeo GTV Marco Spinelli/I[-]
1982-09-19CefaluAlfa Romeo GTV Giuseppe Lombardo/I[-]
1983-08-21St. UrsanneAlfa Romeo GTV Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1984-06-10RechbergAlfa Romeo GTV -[-]
1984-06-10RechbergAlfa Romeo GTV Hans Fink/A[-]
1984-06-10RechbergAlfa Romeo GTV Klaus Gruber/A[-]
1984-06-10RechbergAlfa Romeo GTV Georg Pacher/A[-]
1984-06-10RechbergAlfa Romeo GTV Mercedes Stermitz/A[-]
1984-06-10RechbergAlfa Romeo GTV Helmut König/A[-]
1984-06-10RechbergAlfa Romeo GTV Gerhard Schmid/A[-]
1984-07-29PopoliAlfa Romeo GTV Spacco/[-]
1984-07-29PopoliAlfa Romeo GTV Joel Mariani/F[-]
1984-07-29PopoliAlfa Romeo Gtv Giovanni Festuccia/I[-]
1984-07-29PopoliAlfa Romeo Gtv Rocco Aragona/I[-]
1984-07-29PopoliAlfa Romeo Gtv Cardinale/[-]
1984-07-29PopoliAlfa Romeo Gtv Sergio Lazzari/I[-]
1985-06-09RechbergAlfa Romeo GTV Gerhard Schmid/A[-]
1985-08-18St. UrsanneAlfa Romeo GTV Romano Bellina/I[-]
1985-09-01TurckheimAlfa Romeo GTV Romano Bellina/I[-]
1985-09-15CefaluAlfa Romeo GTV Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1985-09-15CefaluAlfa Romeo GTV Pietro Conte/I[-]
1986-07-20Cesana-SestriereAlfa Romeo GTV Franco Albrile/I[-]
1986-07-20Cesana-SestriereAlfa Romeo GTV Zanatta/[-]
1988-07-03RietiAlfa Romeo GTV Iacovella/I[-]
1988-07-03RietiAlfa Romeo GTV Luigi Foschi/I[-]
1989-04-30RechbergAlfa Romeo GTV Josef Liebmann/A[-]
1989-07-02PecsAlfa Romeo GTV Josef Liebmann/A[-]
1989-07-02PecsAlfa Romeo GTV Kurt Poch/A[-]
1989-07-23AscoliAlfa Romeo GTV Luigi Foschi/I[-]
1989-09-17CefaluAlfa Romeo GTV Ottavio Castro/I[-]
1989-09-17CefaluAlfa Romeo GTV "Orsa Due"/I[-]
1990-04-29RechbergAlfa Romeo GTV Kurt Posch/A[-]
2000-06-25VallecamonicaAlfa Romeo Gtv Giovanni Vitale/I[-]
2004-04-25RechbergAlfa Romeo GTV Walter Martinelli/A[-]
2005-04-24RechbergAlfa Romeo GTV Walter Martinelli/A[-]
2010-07-04Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo Gtv Giorgio Tessore/I[-]


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