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Archívy Euromontagna

Abarth 1000

Výsledky hledání

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1962-09-16GaisbergAbarth 1000 Herbert Demetz/A[-]
1962-09-16GaisbergAbarth 1000 Manfred Hönig/D[-]
1964-06-14Mont VentouxAbarth 1000 Kurt Knorr/CH[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergAbarth 1000 "Driver"/A[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergAbarth 1000 -[-]
1964-06-28GaisbergAbarth 1000 Karl senior Wendlinger/A[-]
1965-06-13RossfeldAbarth 1000 Helmut Krause/D[-]
1965-06-13RossfeldAbarth 1000 Hans Affentranger/CH[-]
1966-09-04GaisbergAbarth 1000 Karl senior Wendlinger/A[-]
1967-05-21MontsenyAbarth 1000 Juan Francisco Cerveto/E[-]
1967-06-04RossfeldAbarth 1000 Johann Abt/D[-]
1968-07-14Trento BondoneAbarth 1000 Paolo Lado/I[-]
1969Bolzano MendolaAbarth 1000 Walter Dona/I[-]
1969Bolzano MendolaAbarth 1000 Pierugo Prati/I[-]
1969Bolzano MendolaAbarth 1000 Mino Codeluppi/I[-]
1969Bolzano MendolaAbarth 1000 Mauro Baldo/I[-]
1969Bolzano MendolaAbarth 1000 Mario Nardari/I[-]
1969Bolzano MendolaAbarth 1000 G.B. Marcon/[-]
1970Bolzano MendolaAbarth 1000 Mauro Nesti/I[-]
1970-08-09Mont DoreAbarth 1000 Aldo Bersano/I[-]
1971-05-02Monts Du JuraAbarth 1000 Alfred Benzinger/CH[-]
1972-05-21MonzaAbarth 1000 Silvio Vaglio/I[-]
1973-04-01AmpusAbarth 1000 Guido Kappeli/[-]
1973-07-08Cesana-SestriereAbarth 1000 Achille Soria/I[-]
1974-03-31AmpusAbarth 1000 André Pastor/[-]
1974-07-06CosenzaAbarth 1000 Gaetano Coccia/I[-]
1974-09-08GurnigelAbarth 1000 Bernard Helfer/CH[-]
1976-07-18CosenzaAbarth 1000 Giuseppe Ippolito D´Ippolito/I[-]
1976-07-25AscoliAbarth 1000 Armando Turano/I[-]
1976-07-25AscoliAbarth 1000 G. Paolo Vianucci/I[-]
1978-07-23AscoliAbarth 1000 G. Biancucci/I[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneAbarth 1000 Romano Degan/I[-]
1992-05-10OrvietoAbarth 1000 Ad Andorlini/I[-]
2001-07-01VallecamonicaAbarth 1000 Marino Fochesato/I[-]
2001-07-01VallecamonicaAbarth 1000 Angelo Risini/I[-]
2001-07-01VallecamonicaAbarth 1000 Girolamo Saccardo/I[-]
2001-07-01VallecamonicaAbarth 1000 Roberto Rebasti/I[-]
2009-08-23GubbioAbarth 1000 Andrea Bonucci/I[-]


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