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1971?Martin BM7 -[_BM7-1]
1976-04-24SaanenMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[_BM9-1]
1977-08-21St. UrsanneMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[_BM9-1]
1977-09-25HembergMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[_BM9-1]
1978-05-28SaanenMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[_BM9-1]
1978-08-20St. UrsanneMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[-]
1978-09-24HembergMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[_BM9-1]
1979-09-23HembergMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[_BM9-1]
1979-09-30ZwischenwasserMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[_BM9-1]
1980-07-06Trento BondoneMartin Sergio Vaccario/I[-]
1980-07-13HockenheimMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[_BM9-1]
1980-07-20SchauinslandMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[-]
1980-08-17OberhallauMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[_BM9-1]
1980-08-24St. UrsanneMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[_BM9-1]
1980-09-21WangenMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[-]
1980-09-27HembergMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[_BM9-1]
1981-09-13GurnigelMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[_BM9-1]
1982-05-09DijonMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[_BM9-1]
1982-07-11HockenheimMartin BM9 Peter-Paul Dürig/CH[_BM9-1]
1989-09-27NürburgringMartin BM7 R. Jacobi/D[_BM7-1]
1991-08-11Mont DoreMartin DL02 Daniel Leseur/F[-]
1992DoningtonMartin BM7 Karl R. Vogeler/[_BM7-1]
1992-05-17SpaMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1992-06-28NürburgringMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1992-06-28NürburgringMartin BM7 Karl R. Vogeler/[_BM7-1]
1992-07-26SilverstoneMartin BM7 Karl R. Vogeler/[_BM7-1]
1992-07-26SilverstoneMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1993-04-11Paul RiccardMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1993-05-16SpaMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1993-06-06AnderstorpMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1993-06-27NürburgringMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1993-06-27NürburgringMartin BM7 Bernd Seidler/D[_BM7-1]
1993-07-25SilverstoneMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1993-07-25SilverstoneMartin BM7 Bernd Seidler/D[_BM7-1]
1993-08-08NürburgringMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1993-08-08NürburgringMartin BM7 Bernd Seidler/D[_BM7-1]
1993-08-29ZandvoortMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1993-08-29ZandvoortMartin BM7 Bernd Seidler/D[_BM7-1]
1993-09-12DoningtonMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1993-09-12DoningtonMartin BM7 Bernd Seidler/D[_BM7-1]
1994-10-09SnettertonMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1995-04-16Paul RiccardMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1995-05-21DoningtonMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1995-06-11NürburgringMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1995-06-11NürburgringMartin BM7 Bernd Seidler/D[_BM7-1]
1995-08-13NürburgringMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1995-08-13NürburgringMartin BM7 Bernd Seidler/D[_BM7-1]
1995-08-20ZandvoortMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1995-10-01BrnoMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1995-10-01BrnoMartin BM7 Bernd Seidler/D[_BM7-1]
1996-04-28MonzaMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1996-04-28MonzaMartin BM7 Bernd Seidler/D[_BM7-1]
1996-05-12SpaMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1996-05-12SpaMartin BM7 Bernd Seidler/D[_BM7-1]
1996-08-11NürburgringMartin BM7 Bernd Seidler/D[_BM7-1]
1996-09-01DoningtonMartin BM7 Bernd Seidler/D[_BM7-1]
1996-09-29BrnoMartin BM8 Ian Barrowman/GB[_BM8-1]
1996-09-29BrnoMartin BM7 Bernd Seidler/D[_BM7-1]
1997-05-05SilverstoneMartin BM8 Mike Campbell-Cole/GB[-]
1997-06-01DoningtonMartin BM8 Mike Campbell-Cole/GB[-]
1997-06-15Mallory ParkMartin BM8 Mike Campbell-Cole/GB[-]
1997-08-06Castle CombeMartin BM8 Mike Campbell-Cole/GB[-]
1997-09-14BrnoMartin BM7 Bernd Seidler/D[_BM7-1]
1998-06-28NürburgringMartin BM8 -[_BM8-1]
1998-09-13Brands HatchMartin BM8 Howard Matloff/USA[_BM8-1]
2000-03-12MelbourneMartin BM8 Howard Matloff/USA[_BM8-1]


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