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Lola T292

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1973GubbioLola T292 Pietro Laureati/I[T292/HU41]
1973-04-25NogaroLola T292 Herve Bayard/F[-]
1973-05-20La ChatreLola T292 Busby/[-]
1973-06-24SoissonsLola T292 Herve Bayard/F[-]
1973-07-01Trento BondoneLola T292 Rej Fallo/F[-]
1973-07-08BeaujolaisLola T292 Herve Bayard/F[-]
1973-07-15FlaineLola T292 Herve Bayard/F[-]
1973-07-22Les AndelysLola T292 Herve Bayard/F[-]
1973-07-29ChamrousseLola T292 Herve Bayard/F[-]
1973-08-18PoissonsLola T292 Herve Bayard/F[-]
1973-08-19St. UrsanneLola T292 Jacques Henry/F[-]
1973-09-02UrcyLola T292 Lafosse/[-]
1973-09-30VaduzLola T292 Silvio Moser/CH[-]
1974RietiLola T292 Pietro Laureati/I[T292/HU41]
1974-03-31AmpusLola T292 Jean G Bellin/F[T292-HU54]
1974-04-28DijonLola T292 Henri Bürgisser/CH[-]
1974-05-12CasaleLola T292 Henri Bürgisser/CH[-]
1974-06-02DijonLola T292 Henri Bürgisser/CH[-]
1974-06-02DijonLola T292 Degoumois/CH[-]
1974-06-09RomontLola T292 Degoumois/CH[-]
1974-06-30CasaleLola T292 Henri Bürgisser/CH[-]
1974-06-30CasaleLola T292 Degoumois/CH[-]
1974-06-30Trento BondoneLola T292 Pietro Laureati/I[T292/HU41]
1974-07-06CosenzaLola T292 Pietro Laureati/I[T292/HU41]
1974-08-25GubbioLola T292 Pietro Laureati/I[T292/HU41]
1975VuillafansLola T292 Jean G Bellin/F[-]
1975-03-23HockenheimLola T292 Landini/[-]
1976-03-21MühllackenLola T292 Herbert Jerich/A[-]
1976-04-04AmpusLola T292 Heinz Wengert/D[-]
1976-05-24MontsenyLola T292 Antonio Puigdelivol/AND[-]
1976-07-18CosenzaLola T292 Pietro Laureati/I[T292/HU41]
1977-07-03ŠternberkLola T292 Hans-Ruedi Wittwer/CH[-]
1977-08-07Mont DoreLola T292 Dominique Lacaud/F[T290ROC73copy1]
1977-08-28MacerataLola T292 Pietro Laureati/I[T292/HU41]
1977-09-04PotenzaLola T292 Pietro Laureati/I[T292/HU41]
1977-09-04PotenzaLola T292 Salvatore Borrelli/I[-]
1978-07-23AscoliLola T292 Pietro Laureati/I[T292/HU41]
1978-08-13Mont DoreLola T292 Delbelo/[-]
1979-08-05Mont DoreLola T292 Philippe Vizet/F[T292-HU64]
1979-09-23Puig MajorLola T292 Pietro Raddi/E[T292/HU41]
1980-05-18MontsenyLola T292 Pietro Raddi/E[T292/HU41]
1980-06-15Caprino-SpiazziLola T292 Franco Breschi/I[-]
1980-07-06Trento BondoneLola T292 Franco Breschi/I[-]
1980-09-14CefaluLola T292 Aldo Fina/I[-]
1981-05-24MontsenyLola T292 Pietro Raddi/E[T292/HU41]
1981-07-05Trento BondoneLola T292 Franco Breschi/I[-]
1981-07-12AscoliLola T292 Pietro Laureati/I[-]
1982-05-30MontsenyLola T292 Pietro Raddi/E[T292/HU41]
1982-08-07Mont DoreLola T292 Dominique Lacaud/F[T294/HU71]
1982-10-03PradesLola T292 Pietro Raddi/E[T292/HU41]
1983-05-29MontsenyLola T292 Pietro Raddi/E[T292/HU41]
1983-09-18PradesLola T292 Pietro Raddi/E[T292/HU41]
1987VergatoLola T292 Franco Breschi/I[-]
1987-05-17MontsenyLola T292 Leif Buttenhoff/E[T292/HU41]
1987-06-28TeuladaLola T292 Maccio/[-]
1988-05-08MontsenyLola T292 Leif Buttenhoff/E[T292/HU41]
1989Santo EmilianoLola T292 Leif Buttenhoff/E[T292/HU41]
1989-05-30MontsenyLola T292 Leif Buttenhoff/E[T292/HU41]
1990Santo EmilianoLola T292 Leif Buttenhoff/E[T292/HU41]
1990-05-20Caprino-SpiazziLola T292 Franco Breschi/I[-]
1990-06-24San GiustinoLola T292 Franco Breschi/I[-]
1990-09-23Al FitoLola T292 Leif Buttenhoff/E[T292/HU41]
1991Santo EmilianoLola T292 Leif Buttenhoff/E[T292/HU41]
1991Al FitoLola T292 Leif Buttenhoff/E[T292/HU41]
1991-04-07DesiertoLola T292 Leif Buttenhoff/E[T292/HU41]
1991-05-12JaizkibelLola T292 Leif Buttenhoff/E[T292/HU41]
1991-05-19Pieve S. StefanoLola T292 Franco Breschi/I[-]
1991-05-19Rampa da FalperraLola T292 Leif Buttenhoff/E[T292/HU41]
1992MallorcaLola T292 Leif Buttenhoff/E[T292/HU41]
1992-05-17Rampa da FalperraLola T292 Leif Buttenhoff/E[T292/HU41]
1992-07-19Pieve S. StefanoLola T292 Franco Breschi/I[-]
1993-05-16SpaLola T292 Jan F. Proyart/F[-]
1993-06-27NürburgringLola T292 Jan F. Proyart/F[-]
1993-07-25SilverstoneLola T292 Jan F. Proyart/F[-]
1993-08-29ZandvoortLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
1993-08-29ZandvoortLola T292 Jan F. Proyart/F[-]
1993-09-12DoningtonLola T292 Jan F. Proyart/F[-]
1995-04-16Paul RiccardLola T292 Christian Bultiauw/B[-]
1995-05-21DoningtonLola T292 Christian Bultiauw/B[-]
1995-08-13NürburgringLola T292 Christian Bultiauw/B[-]
1995-08-20ZandvoortLola T292 Christian Bultiauw/B[-]
1995-08-27Lima AbetoneLola T292 Franco Breschi/I[-]
1995-10-01BrnoLola T292 Christian Bultiauw/B[-]
1995-10-01BrnoLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
1996-04-28MonzaLola T292 Christian Bultiauw/B[-]
1996-04-28MonzaLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
1996-05-12SpaLola T292 Christian Bultiauw/B[-]
1996-05-12SpaLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
1996-06-23NürburgringLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
1996-08-11NürburgringLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
1996-08-25GubbioLola T292 Franco Breschi/I[-]
1996-08-31Lima AbetoneLola T292 Franco Breschi/I[-]
1996-09-01DoningtonLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
1996-09-29BrnoLola T292 Christian Bultiauw/B[-]
1996-09-29BrnoLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
1997-08-03ZandvoortLola T292 Christian Bultiauw/B[-]
1997-08-03ZandvoortLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
1997-08-31Lima AbetoneLola T292 Franco Breschi/I[-]
1997-09-14BrnoLola T292 Christian Bultiauw/B[-]
1997-09-14BrnoLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
1998-05-24SpaLola T292 Christian Bultiauw/B[-]
1998-05-24SpaLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
1998-06-21MostLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
1998-08-30Lima AbetoneLola T292 Franco Breschi/I[-]
1999-08-08ZandvoortLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
2000-03-12MelbourneLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
2000-05-21SpaLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
2000-06-11A1 RingLola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
2001?Lola T292 Jan van Straaten/NL[-]
2001?Lola T292 Christian Bultiauw/B[-]
2004-05-09MonzaLola T292 Patrick Guillot/F[-]
2004-09-12SpaLola T292 Patrick Guillot/F[-]
2005-04-17SpaLola T292 Patrick Guillot/F[-]
2005-11-13IstanbulLola T292 Patrick Guillot/F[-]
2006-09-24JaramaLola T292 Patrick Guillot/F[-]
2008-08-16NürburgringLola T292 Michel Baudoin/F[T290/HU23]
2008-09-14SilverstoneLola T292 Patrick Guillot/F[-]


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