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Lola T212

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1971MarchairuzLola T212 Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1971-06-20Mont VentouxLola T212 Finkel/F[-]
1971-07-04Trento BondoneLola T212 Antonio Zadra/I[-]
1971-07-11SoissonsLola T212 Finkel/F[-]
1971-07-14La ChaudiereLola T212 Daniel Rouveyran/F[-]
1971-07-14TancarvilleLola T212 Finkel/F[-]
1971-07-18EymoutiersLola T212 Finkel/F[-]
1971-07-25RoquefortLola T212 Daniel Rouveyran/F[-]
1971-08-15AretteLola T212 Daniel Rouveyran/F[-]
1971-08-15AretteLola T212 Finkel/F[-]
1971-08-22St. UrsanneLola T212 Schlup/[-]
1971-08-29Ollon VillarsLola T212 Georges Dumoing/F[-]
1971-08-29Ollon VillarsLola T212 "Impact"/[-]
1971-09-11GurnigelLola T212 Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1971-10-03HembergLola T212 Karl Foitek/CH[-]
1971-10-24CasablancaLola T212 Georges Dumoing/F[-]
1972-04-30SembachLola T212 Peter Maron/CH[-]
1972-05-21MonzaLola T212 Peter Maron/CH[-]
1972-05-28BergeracoisLola T212 Larrieu/F[-]
1972-06-11CoursacLola T212 Larrieu/F[-]
1972-06-18La BachellerieLola T212 Larrieu/F[-]
1972-06-18HockenheimLola T212 Peter Maron/CH[-]
1972-06-25NiederstettenLola T212 Peter Maron/CH[-]
1972-07-09Cesana-SestriereLola T212 Giorgio Pianta/I[SL210/6]
1972-07-16CorsavyLola T212 Larrieu/F[-]
1972-08-06Haut CantalLola T212 Larrieu/F[-]
1972-08-13OberhallauLola T212 Peter Maron/CH[-]
1972-08-27Bagneres De BigorreLola T212 Larrieu/F[-]
1972-09-03Neuvy Le RoiLola T212 Larrieu/F[-]
1972-09-10GurnigelLola T212 Benjamin Studer/CH[-]
1972-10-08Paul RiccardLola T212 Heinz Schulthess/CH[T212-17]
1972-10-08Paul RiccardLola T212 Peter Maron/CH[-]
1973-07-01Trento BondoneLola T212 Alfredo Faraoni/I[-]
1973-09-30VaduzLola T212 Gaspar Kunz/CH[-]
1973-10-07HembergLola T212 Gaspar Kunz/CH[-]
1974-05-26MontsenyLola T212 Tony Rüegg/CH[-]
1974-06-09RomontLola T212 Robert Blätter/CH[T212-17]
1974-08-18St. UrsanneLola T212 Robert Blätter/CH[T212-17]
1974-08-25HockenheimLola T212 Robert Blätter/CH[T212-17]
1974-09-15MengenLola T212 Robert Blätter/CH[T212-17]
1974-09-29HembergLola T212 Robert Blätter/CH[T212-17]
1975-03-16AmpusLola T212 J. André Bertet/[-]
1975-07-06Trento BondoneLola T212 Sergio Burgassi/I[-]
1976-04-04AmpusLola T212 J. André Bertet/[-]
1977-07-24GambaireLola T212 Antonio Bono/I[-]
1979-05-01AlplLola T212 Kurt Hämmerle/A[T212-17]
1979-06-03MisanoLola T212 Neukomm/[-]
1979-06-10DobratschLola T212 Kurt Hämmerle/A[T212-17]
1979-06-24EggbergLola T212 Kurt Hämmerle/A[T212-17]
1979-08-12OberhallauLola T212 Neukomm/[-]
1979-09-23HembergLola T212 Kurt Hämmerle/A[T212-17]
1980-05-04AlplLola T212 Kurt Hämmerle/A[T212-17]
1980-08-17OberhallauLola T212 Kurt Hämmerle/A[T212-17]
1980-09-07GurnigelLola T212 Kurt Hämmerle/A[T212-17]
1981-06-07VsetínLola T212 Eberhard Ernst/D[-]
1982-06-20ŠternberkLola T212 Eberhard Ernst/D[T212-21]
1982-08-22St. UrsanneLola T212 Karl Heinz Maurer/D[T212-17]
1982-08-29SchauinslandLola T212 Karl Heinz Maurer/D[T212-17]
1990-09-02DoningtonLola T212 Greg Hart/GB[-]
1992DoningtonLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1992-05-17SpaLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1992-06-28NürburgringLola T212 G. Schulz/[-]
1993-04-11Paul RiccardLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1993-05-03ThruxtonLola T212 Doug Hart/GB[-]
1993-05-16SpaLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1993-06-05Brands HatchLola T212 Doug Hart/GB[-]
1993-06-06AnderstorpLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1993-06-27NürburgringLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1993-06-27NürburgringLola T212 G. Schulz/[-]
1993-07-03Oulton ParkLola T212 Doug Hart/GB[-]
1993-08-08NürburgringLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1993-08-08NürburgringLola T212 G. Schulz/[-]
1993-08-29ZandvoortLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1993-09-05DoningtonLola T212 Doug Hart/GB[-]
1993-10-17SnettertonLola T212 Doug Hart/GB[-]
1995DaytonaLola T212 Julian Busby/[-]
1995-04-16Paul RiccardLola T212 Victor Myette/USA[T212-18]
1995-05-21DoningtonLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1995-05-21DoningtonLola T212 Victor Myette/USA[T212-18]
1995-06-11NürburgringLola T212 Victor Myette/USA[T212-18]
1995-08-13NürburgringLola T212 Victor Myette/USA[T212-18]
1995-08-13NürburgringLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1995-08-20ZandvoortLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1995-08-20ZandvoortLola T212 Victor Myette/USA[T212-18]
1995-10-01BrnoLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1995-10-01BrnoLola T212 Victor Myette/USA[T212-18]
1996-04-28MonzaLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1996-05-12SpaLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1996-06-23NürburgringLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1996-08-11NürburgringLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1996-09-29BrnoLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1996-09-29BrnoLola T212 Stephen Pontin-Warltier/GB[T212-29]
1997-06-22NürburgringLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1997-08-03ZandvoortLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1997-09-14BrnoLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1997-10-05DaytonaLola T212 S. Pontin/[-]
1997-10-05DaytonaLola T212 Rick Mears/[-]
1997-10-05DaytonaLola T212 Stephen Pontin-Warltier/GB[T212-29]
1997-10-05DaytonaLola T212 A. Quattlebaun/[-]
1998-05-03SilverstoneLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
1998-05-17MonzaLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1998-05-24SpaLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
1998-05-24SpaLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
1998-05-24SpaLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1998-06-07Cadwell ParkLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
1998-06-21MostLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
1998-06-21MostLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1998-07-05Brands HatchLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
1998-07-19DoningtonLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
1998-08-09NürburgringLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
1998-09-13Brands HatchLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
1998-09-13Brands HatchLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1999-01-31DaytonaLola T212 Alex Quartlebaum/[-]
1999-07-04Brands HatchLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
1999-07-18Mondello ParkLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
1999-08-08ZandvoortLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
1999-08-08ZandvoortLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
1999-08-22SilverstoneLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
1999-09-12SpaLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
1999-09-12SpaLola T212 Philip Walker/GB[-]
2000-03-12MelbourneLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
2000-05-21SpaLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
2000-05-21SpaLola T212 Bernt Andersson/S[T212-32]
2000-06-11A1 RingLola T212 Andy Wolfe/GB[-]
2004-05-09MonzaLola T212 Patrick Escande/F[-]
2004-05-09MonzaLola T212 Martin Birrane/GB[-]
2004-05-09MonzaLola T212 Kevin Mc Garitty/IRL[-]
2004-09-12SpaLola T212 Martin Birrane/GB[-]
2004-09-12SpaLola T212 Kevin Mc Garitty/IRL[-]
2004-09-12SpaLola T212 Patrick Escande/F[-]
2005-04-17SpaLola T212 Martin Birrane/GB[-]
2005-04-17SpaLola T212 Kevin Mc Garitty/IRL[-]
2005-08-13SilverstoneLola T212 Martin Birrane/GB[-]
2005-08-13SilverstoneLola T212 Kevin Mc Garitty/IRL[-]
2005-09-04NürburgringLola T212 Martin Birrane/GB[-]
2005-09-04NürburgringLola T212 Kevin Mc Garitty/IRL[-]
2005-11-13IstanbulLola T212 Martin Birrane/GB[-]
2005-11-13IstanbulLola T212 Kevin Mc Garitty/IRL[-]
2006-08-25DoningtonLola T212 Martin Birrane/GB[-]
2006-08-25DoningtonLola T212 Kevin Mc Garitty/IRL[-]
2006-09-24JaramaLola T212 Patrick Escande/F[-]
2006-09-24JaramaLola T212 Martin Birrane/GB[-]
2006-09-24JaramaLola T212 Kevin Mc Garitty/IRL[-]
2007-08-19SpaLola T212 Martin Birrane/GB[T212-29]
2007-08-19SpaLola T212 William Binnie/USA[T212-29]
2007-09-16SilverstoneLola T212 Anthony Hancock/GB[-]
2007-09-16SilverstoneLola T212 Murray Smith/USA[-]
2007-09-16SilverstoneLola T212 William Binnie/USA[-]
2007-09-16SilverstoneLola T212 Ian Giles/GB[-]
2008-04-26MonzaLola T212 Anthony Hancock/GB[-]
2008-05-10SpaLola T212 Richard Mille/F[T212-29]
2009-05-09SpaLola T212 Neil Primrose/GB[T212-22]
2010-05-08SpaLola T212 Neil Primrose/GB[-]


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