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Ford Capri

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1970-05-24MontsenyFord Capri Jochen Mass/D[-]
1970-07-26SchauinslandFord Capri Günter Willig/D[-]
1970-07-26SchauinslandFord Capri Karl Heinz Wesseling/D[-]
1970-08-09Mont DoreFord Capri Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1970-08-09Mont DoreFord Capri F. Mazet/[-]
1971-06-06RossfeldFord Capri Klaus Fritzinger/D[-]
1971-06-06RossfeldFord Capri Rainer Baisch/D[-]
1971-06-20Mont VentouxFord Capri Walter Lambert/F[-]
1972-07-09BeaujolaisFord Capri Ph. Dubois/F[-]
1972-07-09BeaujolaisFord Capri Jean-Christian Duby/F[-]
1972-07-23Les AndelysFord Capri Guerandel/[-]
1972-07-23Les AndelysFord Capri Monteiro/[-]
1972-08-06SchauinslandFord Capri Klaus Fritzinger/D[-]
1972-08-06SchauinslandFord Capri Alex Soler-Roig/E[-]
1972-08-06SchauinslandFord Capri Hans Joachim Stuck/D[-]
1973-04-01AmpusFord Capri J. Claude Briavone/[-]
1973-04-01AmpusFord Capri Marie Laurent/F[-]
1973-06-03RossfeldFord Capri Hans Joachim Vorholz/D[-]
1973-07-22Les AndelysFord Capri Rouget/[-]
1973-09-08ŠternberkFord Capri Arndt Schmidt/L[-]
1973-10-21HronovFord Capri Zdeněk Chlup/CZ[-]
1973-10-28GourdonFord Capri Bivoine/[-]
1974-07-28SchauinslandFord Capri Manfred Sturm/D[-]
1974-08-31HladnovFord Capri Otto Ciencala/CS[-]
1976-05-09DobratschFord Capri Herbert Stenger/D[-]
1976-07-10Trento BondoneFord Capri Herbert Stenger/D[-]
1977-05-29EstrelaFord Capri Serafim Fernandes Martins/P[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldFord Capri Ralf Walter/D[-]
1977-07-03Bolzano MendolaFord Capri "Il Ragno"/I[-]
1977-07-10Trento BondoneFord Capri "Il Ragno"/I[-]
1978-06-11SchauinslandFord Capri Klaus Sutter/D[-]
1979-08-19St. UrsanneFord Capri Peter Ulmann/CH[-]
1980LorentzweillerFord Capri Werner Bares/[-]
1980-08-24St. UrsanneFord Capri Peter Ulmann/CH[-]
1982Val MartelloFord Capri -[-]
1982-08-07Mont DoreFord Capri M. Brue/[-]
1982-08-29SchauinslandFord Capri Norbert Brenner/D[-]
1982-08-29SchauinslandFord Capri Helmut Sauter/D[-]
1982-08-29SchauinslandFord Capri Norbert Mergel/[-]
1982-08-29SchauinslandFord Capri Lothar Goertz/[-]
1982-08-29SchauinslandFord Capri Helmut Schroeder/[-]
1982-09-05TurckheimFord Capri Herbert Hürter/D[-]
1983-10-02OberjochFord Capri Hans Baier/D[-]
1984-07-22SchauinslandFord Capri Helmut Sauter/D[-]
1984-07-22SchauinslandFord Capri Hans Baier/D[-]
1984-07-22SchauinslandFord Capri Uli Stoll/[-]
1986-06-22OstrovFord Capri Jaroslav Cvrček/CZ[-]
1986-07-27LibeřFord Capri Jaroslav Cvrček/CZ[-]
1990-08-12MostFord Capri Karl-Heinz Brinkmann/D[-]
1991-08-11MostFord Capri Karl-Heinz Brinkmann/D[-]
1991-09-15ZolderFord Capri Erhard Günter/D[-]
1998-06-14TrierFord Capri Klaus Hesse/D[-]
2000-05-01EschdorfFord Capri Klaus Hesse/D[-]
2001-06-17TrierFord Capri Klaus Hesse/D[-]
2002-06-15TrierFord Capri Richard Rein/D[-]
2003-06-15TrierFord Capri Richard Rein/D[-]
2005-06-12TrierFord Capri Richard Rein/D[-]
2007-06-10TrierFord Capri Richard Rein/D[-]
2008-06-08TrierFord Capri  Richard Rein/D[-]
2009-06-14TrierFord Capri Richard Rein/D[-]


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