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1980-05-04AlplFF Florian Mauhart/A[-]
1980-05-04AlplFF F. Schabreiter/A[-]
1980-05-04AlplFF Franz Theuermann/A[-]
1980-05-04AlplFf J. Maier/A[-]
1981-05-03AlplFF 1600 Friedrich Winkler/D[-]
1981-05-03AlplFF Gerhard Frasch/A[-]
1984-06-10RechbergFF Franz Hennebichler/A[-]
1984-06-10RechbergFF Martin Seitsberger/A[-]
1985PecsFF Peter Schmidt/A[-]
1985-06-09RechbergFF Franz Hennebichler/A[-]
1985-06-09RechbergFF Othmar Bodenienz/A[-]
1985-06-09RechbergFF Joachim Stock/D[-]
1985-06-09RechbergFF Leo Bubenicek/A[-]
1985-06-09RechbergFF Norbert Binder/A[-]
1986-06-01RechbergFF Othmar Bodenlenz/A[-]
1987-10-11OberjochFF Uwe Fiedler/[-]
1987-10-11OberjochFF Paul Marschal/D[-]
1987-10-11OberjochFF Eberhard Wahl/D[-]
1987-10-11OberjochFF Ian Philip Gibson/CH[-]
1989-07-02PecsFF 2000 Anton Roth/A[-]
1999-04-17Brno Autodrom ZAVFF Jana Fialková/CZ[-]
1999-04-17Brno Autodrom ZAVFF Jana Fialková/CZ[-]
2003-06-21KohoutoviceFF 1600 Lubomír Plaček/CZ[-]
2003-06-22KohoutoviceFF 1600 Lubomír Plaček/CZ[-]
2003-07-12VsetínFF Martin Lazar/CZ[-]
2003-07-13VsetínFF Martin Lazar/CZ[-]


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