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2002-05-19Al FitoBRC Jesus Perez Bango/E[-]
2002-05-19Al FitoBRC Daniel Lopez Lejarraga/E[-]
2003-05-18Al FitoBRC Jesus Perez Bango/E[-]
2003-05-18Al FitoBRC José Antonio Natal/E[-]
2003-05-18Al FitoBRC Francisco López Suarez/E[-]
2003-05-18Al FitoBRC Oscar Arias Palacio/E[-]
2003-05-18Al FitoBRC Daniel Lopez Lejarraga/E[-]
2004-05-16Al FitoBRC Angela Facal Vilariňo/E[-]
2004-05-16Al FitoBRC Jose Maria Castro Iglesias/E[-]
2004-05-16Al FitoBRC Francisco López Suarez/E[-]
2004-05-16Al FitoBRC Juan Carlos Pena Sanmartin/E[-]
2004-05-16Al FitoBRC Victor M. Fdez Pardeiro/E[-]
2004-05-16Al FitoBRC Fran Cobo Mozo/E[-]
2004-05-16Al FitoBRC Roberto Vega Solis/E[-]
2004-05-16Al FitoBRC Jesus Perez Bango/E[-]
2005-05-15Al FitoBRC Josep Maria Guitart/E[-]
2005-05-15Al FitoBRC José Ramon Fernandez/E[-]
2005-05-15Al FitoBRC Roberto Fueyo Casal/E[-]
2005-05-15Al FitoBRC Xuan Sanmartin Pena/E[-]
2005-05-15Al FitoBRC Jose Maria Iglesias Castro/E[-]
2005-05-15Al FitoBRC Angela Facal Vilariňo/E[-]
2005-05-15Al FitoBRC Juan Carlos Vegas Fernandez/E[-]
2005-05-15Al FitoBRC Fernando Altamira/[-]
2005-05-15Al FitoBRC Francisco López Suarez/E[-]
2005-05-15Al FitoBRC Gorka Urkola Apalantza/E[-]
2005-05-15Al FitoBRC Victor M. Fdez Pardeiro/E[-]
2005-08-07Mont DoreBRC Angela Facal Vilariňo/E[-]
2005-08-07Mont DoreBRC CM02 Josep Maria Guitart/E[-]
2005-08-07Mont DoreBRC CM02 Francisco López Suarez/E[-]
2006-05-14Al FitoBRC Lauren Garcia/E[-]
2006-05-14Al FitoBRC Victor M. Fdez Pardeiro/E[-]
2006-05-14Al FitoBRC Josep Maria Guitart/E[-]
2006-05-14Al FitoBRC Xuan Sanmartin/[-]
2006-05-14Al FitoBRC Antonio Ruiz/[-]
2006-05-14Al FitoBRC Jesus Fernandez/[-]
2006-05-14Al FitoBRC Javier Alday/[-]
2006-05-14Al FitoBRC -[-]
2006-05-14Al FitoBRC CM02 Borja Villar/[-]
2007-05-13Al FitoBRC CM02 Antonio Ruiz/[-]
2007-05-13Al FitoBRC CM05 Victor M. Fdez Pardeiro/E[-]
2007-05-13Al FitoBRC CM05 Juan Carlos Pena Sanmartin/E[-]
2007-05-13Al FitoBRC Fernando Altimira/E[-]
2007-05-13Al FitoBRC CM05 Lauren Garcia/E[-]
2008-05-11Al FitoBRC CM05 EVO Jose Antonio Roman/E[-]
2008-05-11Al FitoBRC CM05 EVO Juan Carlos Pena San Martin/E[-]
2008-05-11Al FitoBRC CM05 Victor Manuel Molina/E[-]
2008-05-11Al FitoBRC CM05 EVO Jose Fermin Escandon Busta/E[-]
2008-05-11Al FitoBRC CM02 Juan Samperio Carlos/[-]
2008-05-11Al FitoBRC CM05 EVO Edgar Vigo/[-]
2008-05-11Al FitoBRC CM02 Luis Iglesias Angel/[-]
2008-05-11Al FitoBRC CM05 EVO Jesus Fernandez/[-]
2008-05-11Al FitoBRC CM02 David Ceballos/[-]
2008-05-18EstrelaBRC CM05 EVO Jose Antonio Roman Fernandez/[-]
2008-05-18EstrelaBRC CM02 Antonio Barros/P[-]
2008-05-18EstrelaBRC CM02 Joao Fonseca/P[-]
2008-05-18EstrelaBRC CM05 Joaquim Rino/P[-]
2008-05-18EstrelaBRC CM02 Luis Novoa/P[-]
2008-05-18EstrelaBRC CM05 EVO Enrique Ramos Cruz/E[-]
2009-05-10EstrelaBRC CM05 EVO Antonio Barros/P[-]
2009-05-10EstrelaBRC CM02 Joao Fonseca/P[-]
2009-05-10EstrelaBRC CM05 Joaquim Rino/P[-]
2009-05-10EstrelaBRC CM02 Luis Novoa/P[-]
2009-05-10EstrelaBRC CM02 David Saraiva/P[-]
2009-05-17Al FitoBRC CM05 EVO Luis Jesus Fernandez/[-]
2009-05-17Al FitoBRC CM05 EVO Ricardo Silva/[-]
2009-05-17Al FitoBRC CM05 EVO Jose Fermin Escandon Busta/E[-]
2009-05-17Al FitoBRC CM02 Juan Carlos Samperio/[-]
2009-05-17Al FitoBRC CM05 EVO Oscar Arias Palacio/E[-]
2009-05-17Al FitoBRC CM05 EVO Juan Carlos Pena Sanmartin/E[-]
2009-05-30Ústí nad OrlicíBRC CM05 EVO Oscar Arias Palacio/E[-]
2009-05-31Ústí nad OrlicíBRC CM05 EVO Oscar Arias Palacio/E[-]
2009-05-31Ústí nad OrlicíBRC CM05 EVO Jose Fermin Escandon Busta/E[-]
2010-05-02Rampa da FalperraBRC CM02 Joaquim Teixeira/P[-]
2010-05-02Rampa da FalperraBRC CM02 Nuno Guimaraes/P[-]
2010-05-02Rampa da FalperraBRC 05 Evo Iňigo Agarraberes Martinez/E[-]
2010-05-02Rampa da FalperraBRC CM05 Oscar Arias Palacio/E[-]
2010-05-02Rampa da FalperraBRC CM05 Antonio Barros/P[-]
2010-05-09EstrelaBRC CN02 Nuno Guimaraes/P[-]
2010-05-09EstrelaBRC CN02 Joaquim Teixeira/P[-]
2010-05-09EstrelaBRC CMO5 Antonio Barros/P[-]
2010-05-16Al FitoBRC 05 Evo Iňigo Agarraberes Martinez/E[-]
2010-05-16Al FitoBRC 05 Evo Oscar Arias Palacio/E[-]
2010-05-16Al FitoBRC 02 Juan Carlos Samperio/[-]
2010-05-16Al FitoBRC 05 Evo Jose Fermin Escandon Busta/E[-]
2010-05-16Al FitoBRC 05 Evo Jose Ivan Suarez/E[-]
2010-08-08Mont DoreBRC CM05 Dominique Carifi/F[-]
2010-08-08Mont DoreBRC CM05 Jean-Pierre Peyreplane/[-]
2010-08-08Mont DoreBRC CM05 Jean-Marie Recordier/[-]
2011-04-16Col St. PierreBRC CM05 Jean-Marie Recordier/[-]
2011-04-16Col St. PierreBRC CM05 Jean-Pierre Peyreplane/[-]
2011-05-15Al FitoBRC CM Pedro Bueno/[-]
2011-05-15Al FitoBRC 05 Evo Jose Fermin Escandon Busta/E[-]
2011-05-15Al FitoBRC CM05 Evo Joaquin Nachon/E[-]
2011-05-22Rampa da FalperraBRC Cnos Evo Antonio Barros/P[-]
2011-05-22Rampa da FalperraBRC 05 Evo Martin Villar/[-]
2011-05-22Rampa da FalperraBRC CM 002 Tiago Reis/[-]
2011-08-06Mont DoreBRC 05 Evo Jacky Pontille/F[-]
2011-08-06Mont DoreBRC CM05 Evo Christopher Lecarpentier/F[-]
2012-04-15Col St. PierreBRC CM05 Dominique Carifi/F[-]
2012-04-15Col St. PierreBRC CM05 EVO Emmanuel Arbant/[-]
2012-04-15Col St. PierreBRC CM05 Jean-Marie Recordier/[-]
2012-04-15Col St. PierreBRC Evo 05 Michel Gontier/[-]
2012-04-15Col St. PierreBRC Bernard Dupuy/[-]
2012-05-13Al FitoBRC 05 EVO Javier Villa Garcia/[-]
2012-05-13Al FitoBRC 05 EVO Jose Fermin Escandon Busta/E[-]
2012-05-13Al FitoBRC 05 EVO Fernando Navarrete/E[-]
2012-05-20Rampa da FalperraBrc 05 Evo Fernando Navarrete/E[-]
2012-06-03ŠternberkBRC CN 02 Martin Šimánek/CZ[-]
2013-04-14Col St. PierreBRC 05 Evo Michel Gontier/[-]
2013-04-14Col St. PierreBRC 05 Evo Emmanuel Arbant/[-]
2013-04-14Col St. PierreBRC 05 Evo Fabien Pelat/F[-]
2013-04-14Col St. PierreBRC 05 Ev Jean-Pierre Peyreplane/[-]
2013-04-14Col St. PierreBRC 05 Evo Jean-Marie Recordier/[-]
2013-05-04Nám욝 nad OslavouBRC CM05 Milan Svoboda/CZ[CM-05EVO-11031]
2013-05-05Nám욝 nad OslavouBRC CM05 Milan Svoboda/CZ[CM-05EVO-11031]
2013-05-12Rampa da FalperraBRC 05 Evo Jonathan Alvarez/E[-]
2013-05-12Rampa da FalperraBRC B-49 Jairo Pesquera/[-]
2013-05-19Al FitoBRC B49 Javier Villa/E[-]
2013-05-19Al FitoBRC B49 Jairo Pesquera/[-]
2013-05-19Al FitoBRC CM05 Evo Jonathan Alvarez/E[-]
2014-04-13Col St. PierreBRC CM02 Cédric Monziols/F[-]
2014-04-13Col St. PierreBRC CM02 Vivien Boucher/[-]
2014-04-13Col St. PierreBRC Pascal Felgerolles/[-]
2014-04-13Col St. PierreBRC B49 Javier Villa/E[-]
2014-04-13Col St. PierreBRC CM02 Dimitri Pereira/[-]
2014-04-13Col St. PierreBRC CM02 Benoit Navarro/[-]
2014-04-13Col St. PierreBRC CM05 EVO Michel Gontier/[-]
2015-05-17Rampa da FalperraBRC Evo 05 Jonathan Alvarez/E[-]
2015-05-17Rampa da FalperraBRC B49 Javier Villa/E[-]
2015-05-17Rampa da FalperraBRC B-49 Cesar Alonso Rodriguez/[-]
2015-05-17Rampa da FalperraBRC 05 Evo Joaquim Rino/P[-]
2015-05-17Rampa da FalperraBRC Cm02 Antonio Barros/P[-]
2016-04-17Col St. PierreBRC Evo 05 Cédric Monziols/F[-]
2016-04-17Col St. PierreBRC B49 Michel Gontier/[-]
2016-04-17Col St. PierreBRC Evo 05 Pascal Felgerolles/[-]
2016-04-17Col St. PierreBRC Evo 05 Jerome Collias/[-]
2016-05-15Al FitoBRC B49 Javier Villa/E[-]
2016-05-15Al FitoBRC B49 Cesar Alonso Rodriguez/[-]
2016-05-15Al FitoBRC Cm05 Evo Jonathan Alvarez/E[-]
2016-05-15Al FitoBRC B49 Garikoitz Aristorena Florez/[-]
2016-05-15Al FitoBRC B49 Manuel Laguna Aviles/[-]
2016-05-15Al FitoBRC B49 Toni Perez Ariete/[-]
2016-05-15Al FitoBRC Cm05 Evo Juan Jesus Vina Alvarez/[-]
2016-06-05ŠternberkBRC CM05 Milan Svoboda/CZ[CM-05EVO-11031]
2016-07-31GlasbachBRC B49 Javier Villa/E[-]
2017-04-01Brno Autodrom ZAVBRC CM05 Milan Svoboda/CZ[CM-05EVO-11031]
2017-04-02Brno Autodrom ZAVBrc CM05 Milan Svoboda/CZ[CM-05EVO-11031]
2017-05-07Rampa da FalperraBRC B49 Jonathan Alvarez/[-]
2017-05-07Rampa da FalperraBRC B49 Arkaitz Gamez Ordoki/[-]
2017-05-07Rampa da FalperraBRC CM05 Evo Joao Fonseca/P[-]
2017-05-07Rampa da FalperraBRC B52 Javier Villa Garcia/[-]
2017-05-07Rampa da FalperraBRC B49 Manuel Laguna Aviles/[-]
2017-05-07Rampa da FalperraBRC B49 Prom Garikoitz Flores/[-]
2017-05-14Al FitoBRC B52 Javier Villa/E[-]
2017-05-14Al FitoBRC B-49 Manuel Laguna Aviles/[-]
2017-05-14Al FitoBRC B-49 Toni Perez Ariete/[-]
2017-05-14Al FitoBrc B-49 Promoción Garikoitz Flores/[-]
2017-05-14Al FitoBrc B-49 Arkaitz Gamez Ordoki/[-]
2017-05-14Al FitoBRC B49 Jairo Pesquera/[-]
2017-05-14Al FitoBRC CM05 Evo Juan Jesus Vina Alvarez/[-]
2017-05-27Ústí nad OrlicíBrc CM05 Milan Svoboda/CZ[CM-05EVO-11031]
2017-05-28Ústí nad OrlicíBrc CM05 Milan Svoboda/CZ[CM-05EVO-11031]
2017-06-04ŠternberkBRC CM05 Milan Svoboda/CZ[CM-05EVO-11031]
2018-04-15Col St. PierreBRC BR53 Javier Villa Garcia/[-]
2018-05-13FalperraBRC BR53 Javier Villa Garcia/[-]
2018-05-20Al FitoBRC BR53 Javier Villa Garcia/[-]
2018-06-03ŠternberkBRC BR53 Javier Villa/E[-]


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