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Alfa Romeo 147

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2003-06-08MostAlfa Romeo 147 R. Lučák/CZ[-]
2003-06-08MostAlfa Romeo 147 Zdeněk Duda/CZ[-]
2003-08-10PopoliAlfa Romeo 147 Vitaliano Caldarelli/I[-]
2003-08-10PopoliAlfa Romeo 147 Giovanni Grante/I[-]
2003-08-10PopoliAlfa Romeo 147 Aldo Brusa/I[-]
2006-06-24KohoutoviceAlfa Romeo 147 -[-]
2006-06-25KohoutoviceAlfa Romeo 147 -[-]
2006-07-09RietiAlfa Romeo 147 Attilio Salvatore/I[-]
2006-07-15VsetínAlfa Romeo 147 Martin Jerman/CZ[-]
2006-07-16VsetínAlfa Romeo 147 Martin Jerman/CZ[-]
2006-08-13Mont DoreAlfa Romeo 147 Piergiorgio Bedini/MC[-]
2006-10-21BrnoAlfa Romeo 147 Franc/CZ[-]
2006-10-21BrnoAlfa Romeo 147 Zdeněk Duda/CZ[-]
2006-10-21BrnoAlfa Romeo 147 Flemr/CZ[-]
2007-10-27BrnoAlfa Romeo 147 Petr Fiala/CZ[-]
2007-10-27BrnoAlfa Romeo 147 P. Fulín/SK[-]
2007-10-27BrnoAlfa Romeo 147 Pilný/SK[-]
2007-10-27BrnoAlfa Romeo 147 Franc/CZ[-]
2008-10-25BrnoAlfa Romeo 147 F. Ghizzi/I[-]
2008-10-25BrnoAlfa Romeo 147 M. Cressoni/I[-]
2008-10-25BrnoAlfa Romeo 147 Scarapaccio/I[-]
2009-05-30Ústí nad OrlicíAlfa Romeo 147 Gabriela Jermanová-Sajlerová/CZ[-]
2009-05-31Ústí nad OrlicíAlfa Romeo 147 Gabriela Jermanová-Sajlerová/CZ[-]
2009-08-23GubbioAlfa Romeo 147 Ferdinando Cimarelli/I[-]
2010-04-25RechbergAlfa Romeo 147  Lukáš Vojáček/CZ[-]
2010-06-06ŠternberkAlfa Romeo 147 Petr Žižkovský/CZ[-]
2010-10-23BrnoAlfa Romeo 147 M. Petrův/CZ[-]
2010-10-23BrnoAlfa Romeo 147 Š. Kubišta/CZ[-]
2010-10-23BrnoAlfa Romeo 147 J. Forman/CZ[-]
2010-10-23BrnoAlfa Romeo 147 Miroslav Forman/CZ[-]
2011-05-01S. StefanoAlfa Romeo 147 Ferdinando Cimarelli/I[-]
2011-08-06Mont DoreAlfa Romeo 147 Dan Blaho/CZ[-]
2011-08-13DobšináAlfa Romeo 147 Dominika Benešová/CZ[-]
2011-08-14DobšináAlfa Romeo 147 Dominika Benešová/CZ[-]
2011-08-28Ilirska BistricaAlfa Romeo 147 Dominika Benešová/CZ[-]
2011-08-28Ilirska BistricaAlfa Romeo 147 Dan Blaho/CZ[-]
2011-09-03LaudonAlfa Romeo 147 Dominika Benešová/CZ[-]
2011-09-04LaudonAlfa Romeo 147 Dominika Benešová/CZ[-]
2016-08-21St. UrsanneAlfa Romeo 147 Sandra Becker/L[-]
2016-10-09Šternberk IIAlfa Romeo 147 Sandra Becker/L[-]
2018-04-15Col St. PierreAlfa Romeo 147 David Dědek/CZ[-]
2018-04-22RechbergAlfa Romeo 147  David Dědek/CZ[-]
2018-05-13FalperraAlfa Romeo 147 David Dědek/CZ[-]


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