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Ecce Homo Šternberk


4. place1Jaroslav Bobek/CZŠkoda 733 Spider II[166863]B53. place
22. place3Bořivoj Kořínek/CZŠkoda 2000MI[598218TK151974]B56. place
0. place4Ján Hašák/SKŠkoda 1300 JHS[-]B50. place
0. place6Herbert Jerich/ALola T290[T290/HU02]B50. place
0. place11Jiří Mácha/CZŠkoda Maraku[-]B50. place
121. place11Josef Dřevo/CZTrabant T601[-]Gr.257. place
2. place13Peter Ernst/DAbarth Osella SE021[SE021-Ernst_]B51. place
0. place14Peter Städler/DDRMelkus [-]B50. place
17. place14Jaroslav Surówka/CSMTX 1-02[-]C97. place
55. place15Klaus Ludwig/DDRMelkus Spyder[DDR-Ludwig]B511. place
46. place16Paul Riss/DAbarth Corsa[-]B510. place
74. place19Peter Benovic/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud[-]Gr.224. place
11. place22Miroslav Adámek/CZNSU TT[-]Gr.24. place
3. place23Willi Rabl/APorsche Carrera RSR[-]B52. place
0. place25Jiří Hák/CZFord Escort 1300GT[-]A2?0. place
122. place26Wilfried Danielowski/DDRMelkus RS1000[-]B518. place
83. place27Arpád Horváth/CSŠkoda 120S[-]Gr.229. place
21. place29Miran Velkoborský/CSMTX 1-02[-]C99. place
18. place31Jaroslav Mlček/CZMTX 1-02[-]C98. place
19. place31Marián Rajnoha/SKAlfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA-J[AR77538469/]Gr.26. place
40. place33Helga Heinrich/DDRMelkus Spider PT73[DDR-HeinrichSpdyder]B59. place
10. place33Oldřich Brunclík/CZŠkoda 130RS[-]Gr.23. place
5. place35Dieter A. Anton/AKaimann Bosch[-]C92. place
28. place36Manfred Falusy/AKaimann FV[-]C914. place
73. place36Laszlo Kotán/HAustin Cooper S[-]Gr.223. place
1. place40Hans-Ruedi Wittwer/CHBrabham BT40B[-]C91. place
0. place41Gottfried Granat/ALotus [-]C90. place
0. place42Erwin Derichs/DDerichs D35[D35/F3-75-01]C90. place
72. place42Jaroslav Mahr/CZŠkoda 120S[-]Gr.222. place
6. place43Johann Abt/DLola T290[T290/HU12]B54. place
98. place43Aldo Pariseti Frisiani/ILancia HF 1300[-]B516. place
20. place44Michael Endress/DNSU TT1200[-]Gr.27. place
9. place45Václav ml. Bobek/CZŠkoda Spider I[-]B55. place
26. place46Otto Will/DAlpine Renault 1300[-]B57. place
63. place47Anton Fischhaber/DAlfa Romeo Montreal[-]B514. place
113. place54 Přikryl/CZŠkoda 1000[-]Gr.251. place
111. place59Robert Pecina/CZFiat 127[-]Gr.249. place
84. place63Imré Furmen/HNSU 1000TTS[-]Gr.230. place
70. place65Rudolf Jančovič/CSFiat 127[-]Gr.220. place
60. place89Jozsef Cserkuti/HNSU 1000TTS[-]Gr.217. place
0. place99-NSU [-]0. place
0. place103Leopold Fischer/AFiat [-]Gr.20. place
82. place104Jan Diblík/CZŠkoda 110[-]Gr.228. place
7. place105Helmut Mander/DOpel Kadett[-]Gr.21. place
96. place108Ondrás Tar/HFiat 125P[-]Gr.238. place
71. place126Erwin Göschel/AFord Mexico[-]Gr.221. place
8. place133Horst Lassnig/ABMW 2002[-]Gr.22. place
76. place143Karl Oppitzhauser/AFerrari Dino[-]Gr.16. place
0. place146-March 713S[-]C90. place

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