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7. Int Dobratsch Bergrennen Prix de la Montange D´Autriche


0. place9Georg Weber/DNSU TT Abt[-]Gr.20. place
0. place15Helmut Mander/DOpel Kadett[-]Gr.21. place
1. place68Xavier Perrot/CHMarch 722[722-16A]Gr.91. place
2. place72Jimmy Robert Mieusset/FMarch 722[722-09]Gr.92. place
3. place65Franco Pilone/IAbarth Osella SE021/71[-]Gr.5+71. place
4. place70Erich Breinsberg/ABrabham BT18[F2-15-66]Gr.93. place
5. place61Otto Stuppacher/APorsche 908/02[908/02-008]Gr.5+72. place
6. place67Cyr Febbraio/EChevron B19[B19-70-10]Gr.5+73. place
7. place69Hanno Maurer-Stroh/ABrabham BT35[BT35/40]Gr.94. place
8. place66Roberto Filannino/IAbarth 1300[-]Gr.5+74. place
9. place33Sepp Greger/DPorsche 911S[-]Gr.4+Gr.31. place
10. place57Hans Royer/AHawke DL2B[-]Gr.95. place
- 22Farra Dac/IBMW Ti[-]Gr.20. place
- 10Arthur Josl/ANSU 1200 TT[-]Gr.20. place
- 8Walter Kritzinger/AAlfa Romeo GTA[-]Gr.20. place
- 7Walter Rudolph/ANSU 1200 TT[-]Gr.20. place
- 6Egon Wieltschnig/AAlfa Romeo GTA J[-]Gr.20. place
- 5Karl Wendlinger/AAlfa Romeo GTA J[-]Gr.20. place
- 24Hans Furian/AFord Mustang 428[-]Gr.20. place
- 11Peter Trittenwein/AAustin Cooper S[-]Gr.20. place
- 18Walter Germann/CHBMW Heidegger[-]Gr.20. place
- 12Hansjörg Brunner/IAlfa Romeo GTA J[-]Gr.20. place
- 38Peter Paradeiser/APorsche 911S[-]Gr.4+Gr.30. place
- 39Willi Rabl/APorsche 911S[-]Gr.4+Gr.30. place
- 50Alfred Pauscher/AKaimann Mk IV[-]Gr.90. place
- 53Peter Scharmann/ABraun [-]Gr.90. place
- 52Walter Lammer/AHick Vee[-]Gr.90. place
- 56Ewald Boisitz/ALotus Hammerschmid[-]Gr.90. place
- 58Norbert Blecha/AHawke [-]Gr.90. place
- 48Freddy Eschenmoser/AFuchs Formel[-]Gr.90. place
- 47Heinz Huyer/AAustro Kaimann[-]Gr.90. place
- 46Herbert Steck/AAustro Kaimann[-]Gr.90. place
- 45Gerhard Vogel/AAustro Kaimann[-]Gr.90. place

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