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0. place94Johann Abt/DFiat Abarth 1000[-]Gr.1+20. place
0. place88Gert K÷nig/AFiat Abarth 1000[-]Gr.1+20. place
0. place104Hans Fink/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.1+20. place
0. place106Franz Eichhammer/DSteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.1+20. place
0. place48Burghardt Moser/AMercedes-Benz 250 SE[-]Gr.1+20. place
0. place49Artur Gerster/AChevrolet Camaro de Luxe V8[-]Gr.1+20. place
0. place78Martin Forster/DAustin Cooper S[-]Gr.1+20. place
0. place54Peter Franz Doppler/APorsche 911[-]Gr.1+20. place
0. place111Karl Ritter/AFormel V[-]Gr.92. place
0. place116Horst Lohner/AAustro Vau[-]Gr.93. place
1. place2Rolf Stommelen/DPorsche 910-8 Bergspyder[910-032]B6/71. place
2. place1Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche 910-8 Bergspyder[910-031]B6/72. place
3. place3Dieter Quester/ALola T120[T120_M]B6/73. place
4. place4Peter Schetty/CHAbarth Turbolare[-]B6/74. place
5. place17Ruedi Lins/APorsche Carrera 6[-]Gr.41. place
6. place16Sepp Greger/DPorsche 906 Carrera 6[906-127]Gr.42. place
7. place18Alex Soler-Roig/EPorsche Carrera 6[-]Gr.43. place
8. place19Helmuth Leuze/DPorsche Carrera 6[-]Gr.44. place
9. place26Antoine Hezemans/NLFiat Abarth 1300 OT[-]Gr.45. place
10. place20Antonio Zadala/IPorsche Carrera 6[-]Gr.46. place
11. place6Franz Albert/AAlbert RS[-]B6/75. place
12. place53Hans-Peter Nyffeler/CHPorsche 911[-]Gr.1+21. place
13. place61Ignazio Giunti/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]Gr.1+22. place
14. place37Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche 911S[-]Gr.31. place
15. place62Michel Weber/DAlfa Romeo GTA[-]Gr.1+23. place
16. place28Bruno Hofmann/DAbarth [-]Gr.47. place
17. place45Werner Ruefenacht/CHLotus Mk.26R Elan[-]Gr.32. place
18. place38Malte Huth/DPorsche 911S[-]Gr.33. place
19. place110Werner Riedl/AAustro Vau[-]Gr.91. place
20. place43Adolf Kern/ALotus S2[-]Gr.34. place
21. place40Klaus Reisch/AMGB [-]Gr.35. place
22. place32Willi Forkel/DFord Shelby 350GT[-]Gr.36. place
- 91Manfred Walch/DNSU 1000 TTS[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 96Richard Fischer/DFiat Abarth 850 TC[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 97Ewald Pauli/DNSU TTS[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 98Michael Endress/DNSU TTS[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 89Arthur Josl/ANSU 1000 TTS[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 99Sepp Liebl/DSteyr Puch 650 T[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 100Josef Schossleitner/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 101Karl Wendlinger/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 102Heinz Lammer/DSteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 103Herbert Schenzel/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 105Giancarlo De Martis/ISteyr Puch 650 TR[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 75Adolf P÷ltinger/CHRenault R8[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 76Leopold von Bayern/DBMC Cooper S[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 80Wigbert Greindl/AAustin Cooper S[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 81Othmar Schimek/AAustin Cooper S[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 72Lambert Hofer/AAustin Cooper S[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 55Horst Schrankl/APorsche 911[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 57Ed. Krackowizer/ABMW 1800 TISA[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 63Walter Kritzinger/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 64Werner Hofmann/AAlfa Romeo Ti[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 82Harald Neuschler/AAustin Cooper S[-]Gr.1+20. place
- 31Siegfried Zwimpfer/CHFerrari GTB[-]Gr.30. place
- 33Joachim Laermann/DMercedes-Benz 230 SL[-]Gr.30. place
- 44Fritz Scherz/AAlfa Romeo Giulia[-]Gr.30. place
- 39Franz Pl÷ckinger/APorsche 911S[-]Gr.30. place
- 10Robert Eberhardt/DChevrolet Corvette Sting Ray[-]Gr.40. place
- 11Karl Schafranek/AFerrari 250 GTB Berlinetta[-]Gr.40. place
- 27Karl Federhofer/DAbarth [-]Gr.40. place
- 24Colin Starley/GBAustin Healey Sprite[-]Gr.40. place
- 114Erich Breinsberg/AKaiman [-]Gr.90. place
- 120Gerhard Pichler/AWilleit Spezial[-]Gr.90. place
- 117Heinrich Z÷chling/AFormel Vee Zoka[-]Gr.90. place
- 118Horst Miedaner/AFV [-]Gr.90. place
- 119Herbert Steck/ABeach Car[-]Gr.90. place
- 121Walter Bussek/AAustro Vau[-]Gr.90. place

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