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Course de cote Saint Jean Du Gard Col Saint Pierre

Col St. Pierre/F

0. place138Eric Michon/Seat Lean SC[-]A0. place
0. place149Alain Chabanas/Renault Clio 3 Cup[-]A0. place
0. place153Clement Fernandez/Citroën C2 R2 Max[-]A0. place
0. place150Pascal Derre/FRenault Clio 3 Cup[-]A0. place
0. place128Rémi Bernard/Seat Leon SC[-]A0. place
0. place119Eric Peyrard/Renault Clio 3 Cup[-]A0. place
0. place155Nicolas Caumon/Seat Leon SC[-]A0. place
10. place137Christian Schweiger/AMitsubishi Lancer Evo 8[-]A0. place
27. place140Zdenek Kminek/Renault Clio[-]A0. place
0. place67Thibault Cheyrezy/Speed Car GTR evo[-]CM0. place
0. place40Olivier Desraynaud/Tracking RC01[-]CM0. place
0. place73Michel Gontier/BRC B49[-]CM0. place
0. place72Cédric Monziols/FBRC Evo 05[-]CM0. place
0. place71Arnaud Ouallet/Silver Car S2F[-]CM0. place
0. place37Arnaud Huguel/Tracking RC01[-]CM0. place
0. place35Francois Xavier Thievant/Silver Car S2F Suzuki[-]CM0. place
0. place61Jerome Lauret/Norma M20B[-]CN0. place
0. place16Damien Chamberod/FNorma M20F[-]CN0. place
0. place64Jean-Philippe Martin/CHNorma M20[-]CN0. place
0. place33Jean-Jacques Louvet/Norma M20F[-]CN0. place
0. place2Sébastien Petit/FNorma M20FC[M20FC-019/2016]CN0. place
0. place66Olivier Cambon/Funyo B4[-]CN0. place
0. place17Jean Jacques Maitre/CHTatuus PY 012[-]CN0. place
0. place57Dimitri Pereira/Norma M20F[-]CN0. place
0. place59Jean-Christophe Bosco/Tatuus PY012[-]CN0. place
0. place54Anthony Oya/Norma M20F[-]CN0. place
0. place1Nicolas Schatz/FNorma M20FC[-]CN0. place
6. place50Andrea Bormolini/IOsella PA21[PA21P-21/06]CN0. place
13. place51Marco Capucci/IOsella PA21[PA21-56/06-S-FIA]CN0. place
18. place11Martine Hubert/FNorma M20FC[-]CN0. place
23. place52Christian Bouvier/FWolf GB08[GB08-11/11]CN0. place
0. place62Frederic Tosetto/Norma M20B[-]CNF0. place
0. place65Eric Buffin/Norma M20[-]CNF0. place
0. place49Marie Cammares/Tatuus Monza[-]DE0. place
0. place34Daniel Huguel/GBC 01[-]DE0. place
0. place27Sarah Louvet/Tatuus FR 2000[-]DE0. place
0. place39Ludovic Cholley/FDallara F306[-]DE0. place
0. place48Jonathan Armand/Tatuus Monza[-]DE0. place
0. place3Geoffrey Schatz/FReynard 95D[-]DE0. place
0. place43Didier Brun/Dallara F302[-]DE0. place
0. place99Guillaume Veyrat/Tatuus FR 2000[-]DE0. place
0. place69Thierry Bertin/Tatuus FR 2000[-]DE0. place
0. place42Patrick Cholley/FDallara F305[-]DE0. place
0. place10Patrick Watin/FLola B99/50[-]DE0. place
0. place29Rémi Bechadergue/Tatuus FR 2000[-]DE0. place
0. place15Raynald Thomas/FLola B06/30[B06/30-HU02]DE0. place
0. place14Marcel Sapin/FDallara F305[-]DE0. place
0. place23Romain Patacconi/Lola B99/50[-]DE0. place
5. place7Billy Ritchen/FDallara F311[-]DE2. place
7. place5Alban Thomas/FReynard 01L[-]DE3. place
1. place24Simone Faggioli/INorma M20FC[M20FC-07/14]E2SC1. place
9. place25Fabien Bouduban/CHNorma M20FC[-]E2SC2. place
26. place78Yann Heche/CHMazda 3 MPS Rotary[-]E2SH0. place
11. place77Fulvio Giuliani/ILancia Delta Evo[-]E2SH1. place
15. place80Vladimír Vitver/CZAudi WTTR-DTM[TT03-16]E2SH2. place
16. place76Jiří ml. Los/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9[-]E2SH3. place
2. place12Christian Merli/IOsella FA30[30-04/09-FA30]E2SS1. place
3. place21Paride Macario/IOsella FA30[30-01/09-FA30]E2SS2. place
8. place28Christophe Weber/CHDallara F302[F302-004?]E2SS3. place
0. place195Jean-Pierre Metivier/FSimca Rallye 3[-]F20. place
0. place189 "Sama"/Peugeot 205 GTI[-]F20. place
0. place184Guillaume Peloux/Peugeot 206 Maxi[-]F20. place
0. place110Jean Turnel/FPeugeot 306 S16[-]F20. place
0. place191Fabien Giardina/Peugeot 206[-]F20. place
0. place121Vivien Tonon/Renault Clio 2 Cup[-]FA0. place
0. place148Noël Chabanas/Renault Clio 2 Cup[-]FA0. place
0. place174Toussaint Filippi/Jidé J 40[-]FC0. place
0. place180Jean-Loius Fernando/Simca JLF[-]FC0. place
0. place176Robert Cannata/Jidé Maxi[-]FC0. place
0. place160Louis Granjon/FBMW M3 E36[-]FN0. place
0. place161Vincent Savary/BMW M3 E36[-]FN0. place
0. place165Bruno Verdier/FRenault Clio Williams[-]FN0. place
0. place164Alex Pieyre/BMW M3 E36[-]FN0. place
0. place163Rene Dumas/BMW M3 E36[-]FN0. place
0. place171Camille Palmer/Peugeot 106 XSI[-]FN0. place
0. place107Pascal Cat/FBMW M3 E36[-]FN0. place
0. place122Remi Courtois/Porsche 997 GT3[-]GT0. place
0. place132Leo Rossel/Caterham R300[-]GT0. place
0. place103Pierre Courroye/FPorsche 991 Cup[-]GTTS0. place
0. place105Christian Schmitter/Porsche 997 GT2[-]GTTS0. place
0. place104Ronald Garces/BMW 1M Vortex[-]GTTS0. place
0. place102Francis Dosieres/FRenault Mégane Trophy[-]GTTS0. place
0. place131Elies Benbetka/Mitjet [-]GTTS0. place
21. place101Nicolas Werver/FPorsche 997 Cup S[-]GTTS0. place
22. place113Philippe Schmitter Frey/FLamborghini Gallardo[15-7-1001]GTTS0. place
28. place81Martin Jerman/CZLamborghini Gallardo GT3[ZHWGC12N57LA04889]GTTS0. place
17. place136Nikola Miljkovic/SRBMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9[-]N0. place
19. place157Antonio Migliuolo/IMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9[-]N0. place
25. place158Tomáš Vavřinec/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9[-]N0. place
- 36Jerome Collias/BRC Evo 05[-]CM0. place
- 4Cyrille Frantz/FNorma M20FC[-]CN0. place
- 9David Meillon/Norma M20F[-]CN0. place
- 55Franck Bellieres/FOsella PA27[PA27-01/09]CNF0. place
- 147Martin Proust/Renault Clio 2 Cup[-]FA0. place
- 182Antoine Theoharis/FSimca Rallye 3[-]FC0. place

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