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Course de Côte Saint Jean du Gard Col Saint Pierre

Col St. Pierre/F

57. place110David Dieulangard/Seat Leon Supercopa[-]A0. place
64. place122Ronald Garces/Seat Leon Supercopa[-]A0. place
67. place112Philippe Polge/Peugeot 306 Maxi[-]A0. place
72. place121Rémi Bernard/Seat Leon Supercopa[-]A0. place
76. place126Boris Bazalgette/Seat Leon Supercopa[-]A0. place
91. place113Nicolas Caumon/Seat Leon Supercopa[-]A0. place
96. place138Michaël Gley/FAlfa Romeo 147 GTA Cup[-]A0. place
100. place136Lois Brunel/Renault Clio Cup[-]A0. place
105. place133Daniel Nicolas/Renault Clio R3[-]A0. place
113. place119Jean-Claude Kamber/CHRenault Clio Cup[-]A0. place
115. place134Thierry Ressouche/FRenault Clio Cup[-]A0. place
116. place129Yves Dubrana/FBMW M3 E36[-]A0. place
120. place132Gauthier Perier/Citroën C2R2 Max[-]A0. place
126. place116Charlotte Ressouche/Renault Clio Cup III[-]A0. place
129. place117Sebastien Dupont/FRenault Clio II Cup[-]A0. place
131. place124Phillipe Marion/FSeat Leon Supercopa[-]A0. place
141. place127Laurent Leo/Seat Ibiza SC Trophy[-]A0. place
146. place141Bernard Cavalier/Renault Clio Cup II[-]A0. place
58. place89Jaromír Malý/CZMitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII[-]A1. place
63. place88Christian Schweiger/AMitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII[-]A2. place
66. place87Lukáš Vojáček/CZMitsubishi Lancer EVO X[-]A3. place
24. place21Fabien Bourgeon/FTracKing RC01[-]CM0. place
34. place70Dimitri Pereira/BRC CM02[-]CM0. place
52. place68Cédric Monziols/FBRC CM02[-]CM0. place
89. place74Pascal Felgerolles/BRC [-]CM0. place
106. place78Alain Nogret/Jema 630 GT[-]CM0. place
5. place3Sébastien Petit/FNorma M20FC[-]CN0. place
9. place7Cyrille Frantz/FOsella PA27[PA27-01/09]CN0. place
20. place59Pascal Campi/FOsella PA20S[PA20S-22/95]CN0. place
25. place55Anthony Oya/Norma M20F[-]CN0. place
26. place58Franck Bellieres/FOsella PA20S[PA20S-90/02]CN0. place
27. place56Jean Alexandre Riso/Norma M20-2B[-]CN0. place
45. place61Frederic Tosetto/Norma M20B[-]CN0. place
60. place18Thierry Ferretti/Merlin MP2000[-]CN0. place
69. place13Fabien Bouduban/CHNorma M20FC[-]CN0. place
29. place11Martine Hubert/FNorma M20FC[-]CN1. place
32. place16Xavier Vermeille/FNorma M20FC[-]CN2. place
8. place2Alban Thomas/FReynard 01L[-]D/E0. place
38. place15Bryan Germain/Tatuus FR2000[-]D/E0. place
1. place31Simone Faggioli/INorma M20FC[M20FC-07/14]E2-SC1. place
3. place35Christian Merli/IOsella PA2000[PA2000-PA30*08/09]E2-SC2. place
36. place33Marco Capucci/IOsella PA21S[PA21-48/06-S-FIA]E2-SC3. place
42. place80Dan Michl/CZLotus Evora[W0L0EAR971N000335]E2-SH1. place
18. place51Robert Steć/PLLola T96/50[T96/50-HU12]E2-SS5. place
80. place109Sébastien Lemaire/FBMW 318TI Compact[-]F20000. place
86. place169Jean Turnel/FPeugeot 306 S16[-]F20000. place
97. place165Guillaume Peloux/Peugeot 206 S1600[-]F20000. place
98. place166Jean-Luc Fritsch/FPeugeot 206 S16[-]F20000. place
112. place163Claude Vezolles/FBMW Compact[-]F20000. place
123. place176Jean-Pierre Metivier/FSimca Rallye III[-]F20000. place
135. place171Sylvain Tabusse/Citroën Saxo[-]F20000. place
136. place167Arnaud Choquet/Renault Clio RS[-]F20000. place
149. place170Vincent Roquier/Peugeot 205 GTI[-]F20000. place
62. place178Joël Cazalens/FScora Type-II[-]FC0. place
79. place185Jean Marc Bouillot/Simca Rallye III[-]FC0. place
88. place184Joël Ribot/FTalbot Rallye III[-]FC0. place
110. place187Benjamin Vielmi/Simca CG[-]FC0. place
117. place179Toussaint Filippi/Jide J40[-]FC0. place
144. place181Patrick Larguier/Simca Rallye III[-]FC0. place
75. place125Cyril Mallemanche/Caterham R300[-]GT0. place
99. place114Jonathan Armand/Caterham Super7[-]GT0. place
107. place164Michel Lamiscarre/FPorsche Cayman Cup[-]GT0. place
140. place120Thibault Ceschi/Hommell RS2[-]GT0. place
51. place106Francis Dosieres/FRenault Megane Trophy[-]GTTS0. place
70. place115Philippe Schmitter Frey/FRenault Megane Trophy[-]GTTS0. place
74. place101Jean Louis Janioud/FBMW M3 E46 GTR[-]GTTS0. place
147. place105Grichka Poncet/Mit-Jet Light[-]GTTS0. place
54. place86Yannick Bodson/BPorsche 997 Cup[-]GTTS2. place
0. place300Edmond Guistarini/FChevron B48[-]HA1. place
0. place303Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche 935 3.5L[-]HA2. place
0. place317Thierry Parriaux/FMarch 80V[-]HA3. place
0. place387Gilles Cursoux/FMarcadier Proto[-]HA5. place
0. place402Eric Rouquette/Porsche 911 SC[-]HA6. place
0. place393Jack Bouzige/Renault 5 Turbo[-]HA7. place
0. place433Jacques Daumet/Ford Escort RS 2000[-]HA8. place
0. place417Jean-Luc Baudin/FPorsche 911 S[-]HA9. place
0. place311Jean-Marc Debeaune/Royale MP 24[-]HA10. place
0. place381Michel Gue/Martini MK30[-]HA13. place
0. place310Roger-Serge Toupence/Martini MK32[-]HA16. place
0. place432Norbert Rieu/Porsche 911 SC[-]HA18. place
0. place318Bernard Cayrier/Le Gallen LL G8[-]HA19. place
0. place315Michel Pratlong/FTiga SC80[-]HA21. place
0. place409 "Gomme"/Opel Commodore GSE[-]HA25. place
82. place104Pascal Cat/FBMW M3 E36[-]N0. place
111. place158Giller Fehr/BMW M3 E36[-]N0. place
118. place153Kenny Rocher/Renault Clio Ragnotti[-]N0. place
122. place151Rene Dumas/BMW M3 E36[-]N0. place
124. place152Christophe Fargier/FHonda Integra Type-R[-]N0. place
134. place150Christian Sepchat/BMW M3 E36[-]N0. place
61. place93Igor Stefanovski/MKMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX[-]N1. place
71. place95Jiří ml. Los/CZMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX[-]N2. place
83. place92Oskar Beneš/CZMitsubishi Lancer EVO X[-]N3. place
102. place97Dan Blaho/CZMitsubishi Lancer EVO X[-]N4. place
104. place94Martin Jerman/CZMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX[-]N5. place
130. place99Tonino Cossu/IHonda Civic Type-R[-]N6. place
- 9Otakar Krámský/CZReynard 99L[99L-012]E2-SS0. place
- 173Alain Thierry/Peugeot 205[-]F20000. place
- 190Jean Pierre Campisano/Renault 8[-]FC0. place
- 191Daniel Sangouard/FAlpine A 110[-]FC0. place
- 98Tomislav Muhvic/CRMitsubishi Lancer[-]N0. place
- 162Francis Berniere/FPeugeot 306[-]N0. place

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