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34e Rampa Int. da Falperra

Rampa da Falperra/P

9. place52Tiago Reis/Norma M20F[-]0. place
10. place170Jose Antonio Lopez Fombona/EAudi Quattro DTM[-]0. place
11. place51Pedro Salvador/PSilverCar S2[-]0. place
12. place180Antonio Alarcon/ESilverCar S2[-]0. place
14. place179Jonathan Alvarez/EBRC 05 Evo[-]0. place
15. place178Oscar Arias Palacio/EDemon Car[-]0. place
16. place29Paulo Gomes Ramalho/PJuno CN09[-]0. place
17. place181Angela Facal Vilariňo/ESilverCar S2[-]0. place
18. place171Raul Calero Borreguero/EMosler Mt900R[-]0. place
19. place55Rui Ramalho/PJuno SSE[-]0. place
20. place24Antonio Monteiro Nogueira/PPorsche 911[-]0. place
21. place54Joao Fonseca/PJuno CN09[-]0. place
22. place172Eduardo Noriego/Audi A4 St[-]0. place
23. place173Mercelino Hevia/EMitsubishi Lancer Evo X[-]0. place
24. place17Lukáš Vojáček/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo Viii[-]0. place
25. place20Tomislav Muhvic/CRMitsubishi Lancer Evo Ix[-]0. place
26. place19Jiří ml. Los/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo Ix[-]0. place
27. place16Dominika Benešová/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo X[-]0. place
28. place149Rui Costa/PFord Escort Rs 1600[-]0. place
29. place63Joaquim Teixeira/PSeat Leon Supercopa[-]0. place
30. place174Fernando Navarrete/EPorsche 968 Cs Cup[-]0. place
32. place26Pedro Marreiros/PPorsche 997 Gt3[-]0. place
33. place25Martine Pereira/PAlfa Romeo 156 S[-]0. place
35. place23Masic Damir/Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Ix[-]0. place
36. place106Luis Silva/BMW 320 Is[-]0. place
37. place60Rui Filipe/Aston Martin Vantage Gt4[-]0. place
38. place64Luis Nunes/PRenault Clio[-]0. place
39. place65Bernardo Sa Nogueira/PRenault Clio Rs 2000[-]0. place
40. place143Helder Silva/BMW E21[-]0. place
41. place70Manuel Ferreira/Mitsubishi Evo Ix[-]0. place
42. place176Cesar Fernandez Gutierrez/EMitsubishi Lancer Evo Ix[-]0. place
43. place182Jairo Pesquera/BRC B-49[-]0. place
44. place66Edgar Reis/Renault Clio Rs 2000[-]0. place
47. place69Herlander Trindade/PSubaru Impreza[-]0. place
49. place144Pedro Gomes/PFord Escort Mkii[-]0. place
51. place81Paulo Silva/BMW 325 I[-]0. place
52. place145Aníbal Rolo/PRenault 5 Turbo[-]0. place
53. place130Jose Artur Teixeira/PAustin Mini Cooper[-]0. place
58. place72Joao Paulo Silva/Subaru Impreza[-]0. place
59. place76Joao Oliveira/Seat Leon Cupra R[-]0. place
60. place101Valter Sousa/Ford Escort[-]0. place
62. place93Jorge Meira/PCitroën Saxo Cup[-]0. place
63. place61Ricardo Lima/PPorsche 997 Gt4[-]0. place
64. place82Amaro Sousa/BMW 325 I[-]0. place
70. place160Jorge Loures/PFord Cortina[-]0. place
71. place131Vitor Ramos/Ford Escort Mk1[-]0. place
76. place177Ruban Blanco/Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V[-]0. place
78. place92Jorge Sousa/Alfa Romeo 1750 Gtam[-]0. place
86. place115Adriana Barbosa/Abarth 500 Assetto Corse[-]0. place
87. place116Joana Barbosa/Abarth 500 Assetto Corse[-]0. place
99. place31Michel Pratlong/FFormula Ford Huron Fp1[-]0. place
102. place90Sofia Mouta/BMW 320 I[-]0. place
4. place4Andres Vilariňo/ENorma M20F[-]E2-SC0. place
6. place7Fausto Bormolini/IOsella PA30[30-03/09-PA30]E2-SC0. place
13. place8Maurizio Pitorri/IWolf GB08[GB08-04/10]E2-SC0. place
1. place1Simone Faggioli/IOsella FA30[30-01/09-FA30]E2-SS0. place
2. place3Miloš Beneš/CZOsella FA30[30-08/09-FA30]E2-SS0. place
3. place6Otakar Krámský/CZReynard 99L[99L-012]E2-SS0. place
5. place9Guy Demuth/LOsella FA30[30-07/09-FA30]E2-SS0. place
7. place11Federico Liber/IFormula Gloria C8F[-]E2-SS0. place
8. place10Tommy Rollinger/LUXLola B02/50[B02/50-Demuth]E2-SS0. place
- 18Oskar Beneš/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo X[-]0. place
- 104Firmino Peixoto/Toyota Corolla Ae86[-]0. place
- 73Ferreira Da Silva/PMitsubishi Evo V[-]0. place
- 134Jose Manuel Castro/Vw 1302 S[-]0. place

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