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39^ Pieve Santo Stefano Passo dello Spino

S. Stefano/I

7. place42Omar Magliona/IOsella PA21S[-]CN2. place
25. place94Roberto Di Giuseppe/IAlfa Romeo 155 GTA[-]E12. place
26. place105Fabrizio Pandolfi/IAlfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti[-]E13. place
51. place96Alessandro Gabrielli/ILamborghini Gallardo[-]E110. place
1. place22Christian Merli/IPicchio P4[-]E2B1. place
9. place23Vincenzo Conticelli/IOsella PA30[30-08?/09-PA30]E2B2. place
48. place34Giuseppe Rubino/IELIA Avrio ST 09[-]E2B7. place
2. place4Piero Nappi/IOsella FA30[30-02/09-FA30]E2M1. place
3. place1Franco Cinelli/ILola B99/50[B99/50-HU43]E2M2. place
14. place8Adolfo Bottura/IFormula Master Tatuus H.[-]E2M6. place
18. place72Leonardo Isolani/IFerrari 575 GTC[-]GT1. place
23. place79Antonio Forato/ILamborghini Gallardo[-]GT2. place
33. place81Roberto Chiavaroli/IFerrari F430[-]GT3. place
36. place77 "Ragastas"/IFerrari F430[-]GT5. place
41. place82Sergio Santuccione/IPorsche 996[-]GT6. place
- 44Ettore Bassi/IOsella PA21S[PA21-56/06-S-FIA]CN0. place

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