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RAMPA Internacional da FALPERRA

Rampa da Falperra/P

24. place89Martin Villar/BRC 05 Evo[-]0. place
36. place50Rui Costa/PFord Escort RS1600[-]0. place
42. place51Martine Pereira/PLola T70[-]0. place
45. place46Pedro Fins/Lotus Elan 26R[-]0. place
63. place48Jose Silvino Pires/Ford Escort RS1600[-]0. place
85. place45Jose Castro/VW 1302S[-]0. place
28. place101Abia De la Torre/Peugeot 206 WRC[-]A1. place
31. place21Lukáš Vojáček/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII[182057000005]A2. place
43. place20Gabriella Pedroni/IMitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII[-]A3. place
59. place19Joaquim Teixeira/PBMW 120D[-]A4. place
61. place22Joeo Guimaraes/PPeugeot 206 RC[-]A5. place
22. place96Jose Antonio Lopez Fombona/EAudi A4 Quattro[-]A20. place
52. place99Miguel Iglesias/Seat Leon[-]A20. place
53. place98Diego Gomes/Renault Megane V6[-]A20. place
46. place100Manuel Maldonaldo Joya/Seat Cordoba WRC Evo2[-]AE0. place
48. place102Jaime Castro/Renault Maxi Megane[-]AE0. place
40. place34Carlos Inacio/PSeat Leon Supercopa[-]AP0. place
50. place32José Pires/PBMW M3[-]AP0. place
55. place33Carlos Pires/PRenault Clio R3 Cup[-]AP0. place
64. place35Fernando Vilela/PCitroën Saxo 1600[-]AP0. place
35. place30Filipe Matias/Radical SR3[-]C30. place
13. place91Oscar Arias Palacio/ESilverCar S2[-]CM0. place
14. place90Aritz Egozkue/ESilverCar S2[-]CM0. place
18. place43Antonio Barros/PBRC Cnos Evo[-]CM0. place
19. place31Joao Fonseca/PSilverCar CM 08[-]CM0. place
2. place11Adriano Zerla/IOsella PA30[30-03/09-PA30]E2-SC1. place
7. place10Andres Vilariňo/ENorma M20F[-]E2-SC2. place
10. place12Maurizio Roasio/IOsella PA30[30-04/09-FA30]E2-SC3. place
11. place14Petr Vítek/CZOsella PA20S[PA20S-79/00]E2-SC4. place
17. place15Paulo Gomes Ramalho/PJuno SSE[-]E2-SC5. place
9. place9Georg Plasa/DBMW 134 Judd V8[-]E2-SH1. place
1. place3Fausto Bormolini/IReynard 2KL[2KL-002]E2-SS1. place
3. place2Otakar Krámský/CZReynard 99L[99L-012]E2-SS2. place
4. place5Miloš Beneš/CZRalt RT23[RT23-943]E2-SS3. place
5. place7Guy Demuth/LOsella FA30[30-07/09-FA30]E2-SS4. place
6. place1Václav Janík/CZLola B02/50[B02/50-HU18]E2-SS5. place
8. place4Renzo Napione/IReynard 01L[01L-005]E2-SS6. place
15. place8Silvio Malvar Fernandez/EMartini MK42[-]E2-SS7. place
12. place16Patrick Cunha/PLamborghini Gallardo LP600[-]GT1. place
16. place17Antonio Noguera/Porsche 911 Turbo GT2[-]GT2. place
25. place92Raul Calero Borreguero/EMosler MT900 R[-]GT3. place
26. place94Angel Castro/ESeat Cupra GT[-]GT4. place
76. place95Gregorio Castro/EBMW 630 CS[-]GT5. place
37. place29Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche 935 3,5 L[-]HA0. place
33. place42Vitor Souto/Seat Leon Supercopa[-]I0. place
44. place41Bruno Silva/Honda S2000[-]I0. place
20. place24Ales Prek/SLOMitsubishi Lancer[-]N1. place
21. place25Dusan Borkovic/RSMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]N2. place
23. place27Pawel Dytko/PLMitsubishi Lancer Evo X[-]N3. place
30. place28Jiří ml. Los/CZSubaru WRX STi[-]N4. place
34. place26Martin Jerman/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo X[-]N5. place
41. place36Manuel Ferreira/Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI[-]NP0. place
47. place39Nuno Guimaraes/PMazda Mx5[-]P0. place
54. place38Jorge Meira/PCitroën Saxo Cup[-]P0. place
39. place59Antonio Areal/BMW M3 E36[-]VSH0. place
51. place84Antonio Rodrigues/PVolvo 240 Turbo[-]VSH0. place
56. place62Joel Ferreira/BMW M3 GT[-]VSH0. place
58. place63Paulo Silva/BMW 325I[-]VSH0. place
65. place71Rui Ramalho/PMorris Mini Cooper[-]VSH0. place
66. place61Isac Pedroso/BMW E30[-]VSH0. place
67. place69Jorge Loures/PFord Lotus Cortina Mk1[-]VSH0. place
69. place60Carlos Toscano/BMW 2002[-]VSH0. place
74. place70Sofia Mouta/Ford Sierra Xr4 Turbo[-]VSH0. place
75. place85Rui Amorin/Citroën Ax Sport[-]VSH0. place
78. place64Pedro Goncalves/BMW 2002 TII[-]VSH0. place
80. place54Albertino Sousa/Alfa Romeo 1750 GTAm[-]VSH0. place
81. place82Firmino Peixoto/Toyota Corolla AE86[-]VSH0. place
83. place57Sergio Freitas/Alfa Romeo 145[-]VSH0. place
86. place68Francisco Marre/Ford Escort RS1600[-]VSH0. place
87. place72Miguel Pinheiro/Datsun 1200[-]VSH0. place
88. place77Vitor Sousa/Peugeot 306 S16[-]VSH0. place
- 6Tommy Rollinger/LUXLola B02/50[B02/50-Demuth]E2-SS0. place

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