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Euromontagna Archives

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1. place1Jean-Marc Luco/CHPorsche 936[-]0. place
2. place78Jacques Nicolet/FMarch 74S[74S-06]0. place
3. place30Olivier Cazalieres/FLola T298[T298/HU93_]0. place
4. place8Kevin Wilkins/GBLola T296[-]0. place
4. place8Mike Catlow/GBLola T296[-]0. place
5. place76Patrice Lafargue/FLola T298[T298/HU97]0. place
6. place54Siegfried Brunn/DSauber C5[C05.004]0. place
6. place54Philip Brunn/DSauber C5[C05.004]0. place
7. place27John Sheldon/GBChevron B16[B16-DBE-36]0. place
8. place99Sandy Watson/GBChevron B19[B19-71-17]0. place
9. place80Michel Quiniou/FLola T280[T280/HU4]0. place
10. place64David Ferrer/FLola T70 Spyder[-]0. place
11. place22David Freeman/GBChevron B31[-]0. place
11. place22Russel Busst/GBChevron B31[-]0. place
12. place36Ludovic Caron/FChevron B21[-]0. place
13. place10Neil Primrose/GBLola T212[T212-22]0. place
14. place38Michael McInerney/GBBMW M1[-]0. place
14. place38Sean McInerney/GBBMW M1[-]0. place
15. place6Yvan Mahe/FPorsche 935 Moby Dick[JR-01]0. place
16. place60Christian Traber/CHFerrari BBLM[-]0. place
17. place69 "Mr John of B"/FFerrari 512 BBLM[-]0. place
18. place3Stephane Gutzwiller/CHChevron B16[-]0. place
19. place19Stephan Schrauwen/BChevron B8[-]0. place
20. place15Dominique Guenat/FMatra 660 01[-]0. place
21. place98Herve Regout/BPorsche 908[908-005]0. place
22. place25Gianpaolo Benedini/IChevron B16[-]0. place
22. place25Roberto Farnetti/IChevron B16[-]0. place
23. place14Eberhard Baunach/DPorsche 935 K3[-]0. place
24. place2Stefan Roitmayer/APorsche 935[-]0. place
24. place2Michael Foveny/APorsche 935[-]0. place
25. place81Stanislas De Sadeleer/CHBMW M1[4301099]0. place
26. place48Claude Nahum/CHFord GT40[-]0. place
27. place40Bernard Moreau/FPorsche 911 RSR 2,8L[-]0. place
28. place65Pascal Gaudard/CHChevrolet Corvette[-]0. place
28. place65Erich De Doncker/BChevrolet Corvette[-]0. place
29. place82Gerard Larrousse/FPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]0. place
29. place82Claude Ollivier/FPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]0. place
30. place26Claude Le Jean/FChevron B36[B36-76-07]0. place
30. place26Lucien Rossiaud/FChevron B36[B36-76-07]0. place
31. place23Sylvain Regnier/FPorsche 911 RS 3L[-]0. place
31. place23Charles Rupp/FPorsche 911 RS 3L[-]0. place
32. place63Didier Denat/CHPorsche 911 RSR 2.8L[-]0. place
33. place17Anthony Schrauwen/BLotus Elan[-]0. place
34. place59Jean Louis Bonnet/FPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]0. place
34. place59Francois-Luc Brossel/FPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]0. place
35. place91Stephane Sabates/FChevrolet Corvette[-]0. place
36. place90Roland De Bargigli/BPorsche 911 RS 2.7L[-]0. place
37. place20Peter Voegele/CHPorsche 910[-]0. place
38. place51Heiko Ostmann/DDe Tomaso Mangusta[-]0. place
39. place88Ian Gijzen/NLFerrari 275 GTB4[-]0. place
40. place32Jim Pace/DPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]0. place
40. place32George Tuma/USAPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]0. place
41. place24Dominique Lacaud/FLola T294[-]0. place
- 33Richard Mille/FLola T70 Mk.IIIB[-]0. place
- 55Peter Garrod/GBPorsche 935[-]0. place
- 18Bernard Thurner/CHLola T70 Mk.III[SL73-110]0. place
- 74Jean Francois Favre/FDatsun 240Z[-]0. place
- 52Chris Bauer/DPorsche 911 RSR[-]0. place
- 31Jean Guikas/FLola T70 Mk.III[-]0. place
- 46Paul Knapfield/NLFerrari 712[-]0. place
- 52Paul Bauer/DPorsche 911 RSR[-]0. place
- 66Stephan Meyers/BPorsche 911 RSR[-]0. place
- 61Didier Miquee/FChevrolet Corvette[-]0. place
- 84Jean Paul Bertrand/BOsella PA6[PA5-054]0. place
- 75Frederic Da Rocha/FChevron B21[-]0. place
- 56Marc Devis/BLola T70 Mk.III[-]0. place

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