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Ecce Homo Šternberk


1. place20Dieter Kern/DAlpine A364[-]B81. place
2. place27Helmut Achatz/ATOJ [-]B82. place
7. place26Václav Lím/CZAvia AE2[TK9055-78/Avia-AE2/]B83. place
16. place37Jaroslav Mlček/CZMTX 1-03[-]B87. place
19. place87Wolfgang Günther/DDR Lada[-]B89. place
21. place93Bernd Kasper/DDRMelkus MT77-1[-]B811. place
23. place151Petr Samohýl/CZMTX 1-03[-]B812. place
26. place42Pavel Eisenhammer/CZMTX 1-03[-]B814. place
29. place90Wolfgang Krug/DDRMelkus [-]B815. place
30. place36František Stovička/CZMTX 1-03[-]B816. place
36. place170Pavel Kopeček/CZMTX 1-02[-]B818. place
79. place257Vladimír Lednár/CZPale 02 Špeciál[-]B823. place
82. place95Josef Krč/CZMTX 1-01[-]C911. place
84. place127Jan Osladil/CZMTX 1-01[1-01/012]C912. place
87. place283Josef Drozd/CZMTX 1-01[-]C913. place
10. place38Theo Frick/DBMW 320i[-]Gr.21. place
24. place55Norbert Prinz/DAlfa Romeo Alfasud[-]Gr.24. place
28. place62Hans Walter Lammer/ABMW Alpina[-]Gr.25. place
35. place57Wolfgang Wengler/DFiat 128 Coupé[-]Gr.27. place
42. place213Jan Bican/CZFiat 128 Coupé[-]Gr.29. place
47. place52Olof Manthey/DSimca Rallye[-]Gr.212. place
52. place35Marcel Pipek/CSŠkoda 130RS[-]Gr.215. place
53. place132Kuno Meeh/DAudi 50 SL[-]Gr.216. place
59. place58Andras Nagy/HŠkoda 130RS[5043514/77]Gr.219. place
74. place101Martin Karasz/CZŠkoda 110L[-]Gr.226. place
81. place69Dietmar Inensee/DDRLada 21011[-]Gr.229. place
88. place133Herbert Hoffmann/DFiat 127 HP[-]Gr.232. place
99. place110Ivan Brada/CZŠkoda 130RS[-]Gr.239. place
5. place7Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche 934 Carrera[-]Gr.51. place
6. place29Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW 320 Schnitzer[Interag78-01]Gr.52. place
54. place24Dieter Bergermann/DAlpine Renault BGN[-]Gr.56. place
58. place32Tibor Kövesi/HBMW 316[-]Gr.57. place
73. place16Oscar Müller/CHAlpine A310[-]Gr.58. place
3. place70Kurt Buess/CHOsella PA6[PA6-Buess]Gr.61. place
4. place66Helmut Kalenborn/DKMW [-]Gr.62. place
8. place158Jiří Hák/CZDangel 180[05]Gr.63. place
9. place1Miroslav Adámek/CZBrixner BS1300[BS-0177-1977]Gr.64. place
14. place73Gebhard Zeller/DDulon LD10[LD10-02]Gr.65. place
18. place4Jaroslav Surówka/CSMTX 2-03[2-03.210]Gr.66. place
33. place15Marcel Pipek/CSSpider Baghira[TK6051/76-Baghira_]Gr.67. place
34. place8Petr Bold/CSMTX 2-03[2-03.208]Gr.68. place
51. place71August Stawicki/DGepard Spider[-]Gr.610. place
66. place9Jan Janků/CSSpider PC B6/79[Spider-Pacl_]Gr.611. place
85. place11Helga Heinrich/DDRSpyder Scharfe 02[DDR-Krug-73-01]Gr.612. place
- 61Josef Silbrník/CZL 1[-]B80. place
- 122Rudi Kainrath/AKaimann SV[-]B80. place
- 25Peter Dienemann/DBrabham BT40[BT40-20]B80. place
- 10Ruedi Jauslin/CHTyrrell 007[007/6-4]B80. place
- 41Gerhard Obiltschnik/ABMW Alpina[-]Gr.20. place
- 5Erwin Warislowich/ABMW 2002[2002_warislowich]Gr.50. place
- 31Peter Szabolesfi/HBMW 2002[-]Gr.50. place
- 18Wolfgang Schrauf/AMcLaren [-]Gr.50. place
- 64Janos Toth/HTOJ SC206[79-02-206-S]Gr.60. place
- 75Paul Riss/DLola T290[T290/HU02]Gr.60. place
- 97Eberhard Grüner/DDRSpyder Krug 74[DDR-Krug-74-03]Gr.60. place

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