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Ecce Homo Šternberk


2. place1Hans-Ruedi Wittwer/CHMarch 742[-]B81. place
3. place3Herbert Jerich/AMarch 752[-]B82. place
4. place4Josef Binder/CHHorag [-]B83. place
7. place8Lucien Lampach/LMarch 742[-]B84. place
8. place6Helmut Achatz/AMarch [-]B85. place
11. place23Václav Lím/CZAvia AE1[Avia-AE1]B86. place
13. place22Karel Jílek/CSMTX 1-03[-]B88. place
16. place44Karel Dolejší/CZMTX 1-03[1-03/112/TK9016/75/]B812. place
21. place29Jaroslav Surówka/CSMTX 1-03[1-03/129/1976]B815. place
22. place13Dieter Kern/DMaco 376[376/M012]B816. place
30. place39Jiří Trávníček/CSMTX [-]B820. place
37. place51Václav Král/CZMTX 1-03[-]B824. place
38. place87Wolfgang Günther/DDRMelkus [-]B825. place
50. place67Jiří Patera/CSMTX 1-01[-]B834. place
58. place79František Šauer/CZMTX 1-01[-]B839. place
25. place163Josef Michl/CZŠkoda 110R[-]Gr.21. place
26. place25Marián Rajnoha/SKAlfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA-J[AR77538469/]Gr.22. place
31. place65Jiří Zezulka/CZŠkoda 110R[-]Gr.24. place
34. place154Marcel Pipek/CSŠkoda 130RS[-]Gr.25. place
60. place54Walter Niessner/AFiat 128 Coupé[-]Gr.213. place
66. place96Siegfried Sonntag/DDRWartburg 353[-]Gr.217. place
69. place51Paul Hüttenmüller/DOpel Kadett[-]Gr.220. place
79. place278Aleš Trubecký/CZFiat 127[-]Gr.226. place
10. place32Paul Lassnig/ABMW 2002[-]Gr.51. place
17. place101Janos Toth/HBMW 2002[-]Gr.52. place
24. place3Zdeněk Halada/CSBMW 2002 Ti Alpina[-]Gr.54. place
63. place71Aldo Pariseti Frisiani/ILancia HF[-]Gr.55. place
74. place50Otto Will/DRenault Alpine[-]Gr.56. place
1. place6Peter Ernst/DAbarth Osella SE021[SE021-Ernst_]Gr.61. place
5. place21Reinhold Gruber/DBehnke Condor[C011]Gr.62. place
6. place7Franz Engstler/DOsella PA1[PA1-Engstler_]Gr.63. place
9. place38Paul Riss/DLola T290[T290/HU02]Gr.64. place
80. place14Peter Städler/DDRMelkus RS1000[DDR-RS-Städler]Gr.66. place
- 12Dieter Kern/DMaco [-]0. place
- 86-SEG [-]B80. place
- 117Jiří Hák/CZRenault R12 Gordini[R12-Ponec]Gr.20. place
- 104František Dostál/CZŠkoda 110L[-]Gr.20. place
- 361Imré Furmen/HNSU TTS[-]Gr.50. place
- 40August Stawicki/DGepard Spider[-]Gr.60. place
- 11Helga Heinrich/DDRSpyder Tschernoster[DDR-Tschernoster]Gr.60. place
- 18Miran Velkoborský/CSMTX 2-01[2-01/0203]Gr.60. place

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