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Ecce Homo Šternberk


1. place93Jaroslav Bobek/CZŠkoda Spider I[-]B51. place
5. place86Zdeněk Halada/CSBMW 2002 Ti Alpina[-]B52. place
6. place91Karel Jílek/CSMTX 2-01[2-01/0201]B53. place
8. place89Zdeněk Mašita/CZSaab 97V4 Sonett II[SaabCZ-ZM2]B54. place
28. place96Helga Heinrich/DDRMelkus RS1000[DDR-Heinrich2]B57. place
43. place87Jiří Gajdoš/CZLotus Europa GTX[EuropaGTX-JG]B59. place
2. place101Karl Böhringer/AMcNamara [-]C91. place
7. place100Bohumír Plaček/CZMTX 1-02[-]C93. place
19. place102Gerd Fischer/ALotus [-]C97. place
4. place69Walter Niessner/AFiat Trivellato[-]Gr.21. place
13. place75Willy Scheppel/AVauxhall Viva GT[-]Gr.24. place
29. place37Gerhard Hinterberger/AFiat Abarth[-]Gr.28. place
15. place80Adam Smorawinski/PLPorsche Carrera[-]Gr.41. place
- 100Bohumír Plaček/CZMTX 2-01[2-01/0203]B50. place

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