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Trierer ADAC/RTT Bergrennen


21. place97Václav Janík/CZMitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII[182057000005]A1. place
25. place99Alfred Hilger/DBMW E36 M3 [-]A2. place
32. place98Achim Kreim/DMitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII[-]A3. place
41. place94Mike Souvigné/Citroen Saxo Kit Car [-]A4. place
40. place32Yannick Bodson/BVW Golf [-]ACL1. place
42. place35Ralf Kleinsorg/DBMW 316i [-]ACL2. place
45. place36Manfred Bläsius/DBMW 320i [-]ACL3. place
49. place37Georges Keipes/Ford Escort Cosworth [-]ACL4. place
57. place25Siegfried Rost/DAudi 50 [-]ACL5. place
62. place30Thomas Stelberg/DOpel Corsa 16V [-]ACL6. place
63. place27Rui Gonzalves/Honda Civic [-]ACL7. place
47. place637René Rypka/DOpel Kadett C GTE [-]CBC1. place
50. place636Rüdiger Bernhard/DVW Golf III[-]CBC2. place
52. place633Karl Heinz Eck/DFord Escort I [-]CBC3. place
55. place631Andreas Herl/DFord Escort RS 2000 [-]CBC4. place
61. place643Christian Kolb/BMW E21 [-]CBC5. place
68. place646Heinz Neurohr/Renault Alpine A310S [-]CBC6. place
69. place619Michael Burghard/DVW Polo 86 [-]CBC7. place
72. place516Jörg Höber/DNSU Einfalt TT [-]CBC8. place
73. place617Rainer Bühler/DPeugeot 205 Rallye [-]CBC9. place
74. place503Johannes Niedermann/NSU 1000c [-]CBC10. place
77. place508Gerhard Hofmann/DNSU Davidovic TT [-]CBC11. place
78. place504Roman Szott/DNSU TT [-]CBC12. place
80. place506Pit Schabacker/DNSU TT [-]CBC13. place
82. place632Andreas Gmeinder/DVW Passat [-]CBC14. place
83. place512Bernhard Neuner/DNSU TT  [-]CBC15. place
20. place61Lionel Champelovier/FNorma M20[M20-10]CN1. place
33. place72Evans Lanfranco/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-88/02]CN2. place
1. place2Lionel Regal/FReynard 01L[01L-009]D1. place
2. place8Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA27[PA27/E201/08]D2. place
3. place5Denny Zardo/ILola B99/50[B99/50-HU02]D3. place
4. place4Renzo Napione/IReynard 01L[01L-005]D4. place
5. place7Fabien Frantz/FReynard 92D [92D-017]D5. place
6. place1László Szász/HReynard 01L[01L-006]D6. place
9. place6Otakar Krámský/CZReynard 99L[99L-012]D7. place
10. place11Milan Svoboda/CZDallara F302[F302-087]D8. place
12. place10Franck Maas/LReynard 93D[-]D9. place
13. place12Florian Lachat/CHTatuus Formula Master [-]D10. place
19. place16Rolf Köppel/DMartini MK42 [-]D11. place
43. place17Leon Linden/LMartini MK59[-]D12. place
15. place498Norbert Brenner/DOpel Astra DTM [-]E11. place
26. place494Christian Reuter/DBMW M3 V8 [-]E12. place
48. place491Richard Rein/DFord Capri [-]E13. place
7. place69Jörg Weidinger/DOsella PA20S[PA20S-86/02]E2-TS1. place
8. place70Uwe Lang/DOsella PA20S[PA20S-02/94]E2-TS2. place
11. place73Cyrille Frantz/FNorma M20-3A[M20-19/06]E2-TS3. place
14. place68Bernd Simon/DOsella PA20S[PA20S-78/00]E2-TS4. place
16. place39Peter Behnke/DTiga SC93[SC93-SCC_]E2-TS5. place
17. place66Michael Behnke/DOsella PA20S[PA20S-93/02]E2-TS6. place
18. place59Martin Bobinger/DOsella PA21[-]E2-TS7. place
22. place67Urs Müller/CHArgo JM21[JM21-139-C3]E2-TS8. place
27. place38Michael Kerber/DURD C394[C03-7-497]E2-TS9. place
30. place58Uwe Wolpert/DUWR WFK07[-]E2-TS10. place
38. place40Uwe Kaufel/DPRC M92[M88-CN93]E2-TS11. place
70. place60Arno Bereiter/APRC S2006[S2005/44]E2-TS12. place
56. place24Robert Meiers/DMitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII[-]G1. place
64. place23Ludger Dreyfürst/DMitsubishi CTO Lancer [-]G2. place
67. place21Valentin Hummel/ABMW 120d Coupe [-]G3. place
76. place22Raymund Gehring/DFord Sierra [-]G4. place
79. place20Frank Gärnter/VW Polo 86C [-]G5. place
23. place400Holger Hovemann/DOpel Risse Kadett [-]H1. place
31. place377Olaf Rost/DVW Golf I [-]H2. place
34. place398Andreas Kokor/DFord Escort RS 2000 [-]H3. place
36. place327Helmut Maier/DVW Spiess Golf [-]H4. place
37. place399Björn Wiebe/DRenault Clio Williams BWR [-]H5. place
39. place390Thomas Flik/DRenault Clio Williams [-]H6. place
60. place228Franz Koob/Fiat 128 [-]H7. place
65. place319Jürgen Seitz/Ford Escort MK III [-]H8. place
66. place438Thomas Ostermann/DVW New Beetle [-]H9. place
24. place91Miroslav Jakeš/CZMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX[-]N1. place
28. place89Roland Wanek/DMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]N2. place
29. place88Jiøí Voves/CZSubaru Impreza [-]N3. place
35. place90Rainer Krug/DBMW M3 [-]N4. place
46. place83Lars Bröker/DHonda Civic [-]N5. place
54. place82Jochen Stoll/DPeugeot 306 S16 [-]N6. place
58. place78Lothar Schmitt/Honda Civic [-]N7. place
59. place84Heinz Kilp/DOpel Calibra [-]N8. place
71. place86Marc Tordy/LSubaru GT [-]N9. place
75. place85Annick Steichen/BMW 325i [-]N10. place
81. place76Thomas Bodtländer/DPeugeot 205 Rallye [-]N11. place
44. place106Petr Vojáèek/CZAlfa Romeo 147SP[572212N09/2001]SP1. place
51. place105Martin Jerman/CZOpel Astra OPC [-]SP2. place
53. place102LukᚠVojáèek/CZPeugeot 306 S16 [-]SP3. place
- 34Jean-Paul Uhres/LOpel Corsa A [-]ACL0. place
- 29Christian Uhres/Opel Corsa GSI [-]ACL0. place
- 513Walter Fassbender/DNSU Grewe[-]CBC0. place
- 518Nicola Höllerich/DNSU TT [-]CBC0. place
- 9Guy Demuth/LLola B02/50[B02/50-Demuth]D0. place
- 14Franck Debruyne/DDallara F393[-]D0. place
- 496Werner Jetzt/DOpel Astra V8 DTM[-]E10. place
- 497Reto Meisel/CHMercedes Benz 190 RM1 V8 [-]E10. place
- 71Marcel Steiner/CHMartini MK77[MK77-01]E2-TS0. place
- 369Werner Fröhlich/DBMW 320iS[-]H0. place
- 367Hans-Peter Wiebe/DRenault Megane Cup APWR [-]H0. place
- 375Friedhelm Gürtzgen/DBMW 2002 tii [-]H0. place
- 87Yves Kremer/LSubrau Impreza GT[-]N0. place
- 103Roman Holoch/CZAlfa Romeo 147SP[5722124]SP0. place
- 104Gabriela Jermanová-Sajlerová/CZFord Escort RS2000[-]SP0. place

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