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Rampa Int. Serra da Estrela


23. place39Niko Pulič/CRBMW M3[62646616/96]A1. place
34. place42Antoine Da Cunha/FBMW M3[-]A4. place
9. place115Enrique Ramos Cruz/EBRC CM05 EVO[-]CM2. place
22. place104Joaquim Rino/PBRC CM05[-]CM9. place
7. place11Evans Lanfranco/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-88/02]CN1. place
10. place16Paulo Gomes Ramalho/PJuno SSE[-]CN2. place
29. place12Pedro Salvador/PJuno SSS[-]CN6. place
1. place3Lionel Regal/FReynard 01L[01L-009]E21. place
2. place6Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA27[PA27/E201/08]E22. place
3. place1László Szász/HReynard 01L[01L-006]E23. place
4. place2Fausto Bormolini/IReynard 95D[95D-005]E24. place
5. place4Otakar Krámský/CZReynard 99L[99L-012]E25. place
6. place5Renzo Napione/IReynard 01L[01L-005]E26. place
33. place9Joffrey Didier/FTatuus FR[-]E27. place
17. place24Antonio Monteiro Nogueira/PPorsche 911 Turbo GT 2[-]GT1. place
30. place23Leonardo Isolani/IFerrari 575 GTC[F131MGT2202]GT3. place
48. place25Giacomo Fiertler/IFerrari 360 Challenge[-]GT5. place
27. place48Miroslav Jakeš/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX.[0414]N1. place
31. place51Jiří Voves/CZSubaru Impreza WRX[043420/04]N2. place
53. place53Jesus Garcia Martinez/EMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX.[-]N5. place
- 204Antonio Coimbra/PFord Escort[-]HA0. place

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