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Ústí nad Orlicí

Ústí nad Orlicí/CZ

10. place105Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW M3[49501605/91]A0. place
16. place67Václav Donát/CZVW Golf[-]A0. place
18. place16Stanislav Matějovský/CZBMW M3[-]A0. place
29. place35Josef Venc/CZFord Fiesta[-]A0. place
23. place81Jiří Švec/CZSpider JSK[JSK804-1976]C31. place
40. place103Vojtěch Chaura/CZŠkoda 200RS[5016874]C32. place
41. place7Dušan Homoliak/CZSpider [Spider-Stary-J02_]C33. place
73. place94František Svoboda/CZSpider [Spider-Votoupal_]C34. place
1. place9Jiří Mičánek/CZTark Aleko 893[893/173-02]E0. place
2. place79Paul Steindl/APRC M88 F2[M88/F2_]E0. place
8. place5Jan Urbánek/CZUR /1[-]E0. place
9. place14Adolf Fešárek/CZAvia AF87[TK9055-78/Avia-AE2/]E0. place
14. place34Josef Krečmer/CZRalt RT32[TK2487/RaltRT32/]E0. place
3. place106Georg Plasa/DBMW 2002 16V[-]H0. place
4. place158Helmut Maier/DVW Golf Spiess[-]H0. place
5. place104Michael Endress/DAudi 80 Coupe[-]H0. place
6. place Alfred Hilger/DBMW 2002 16V[-]H0. place
12. place102Herbert Stolz/APorsche 935[-]H0. place
11. place19Günther Gabat/AFord Sierra[-]N0. place
13. place18Josef Michl/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[62091]N0. place
48. place10Václav Švarc/CZOpel Kadet[-]N0. place
54. place66Oldřich Novotný/CZHonda Civic[-]N0. place
- 74-Lada VFTS[-]0. place
- 20Rostislav Nedbálek/CZLada VFTS[-]0. place
- 2-Lada VFTS[-]0. place
- 17-Škoda Favorit[-]0. place
- 23-Škoda 120[-]0. place
- 99-MTX 1-01[-]0. place
- 120-MTX [-]0. place
- 80Rolf Köppel/DPRC M87[M787_]C30. place
- 96Jan Vonka/CZMTX 2-03[2-03.209]C30. place
- 239-Delfín II/Š[1841-4]HA0. place

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