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Euromontagna Archives

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23. place99Niko Pulič/CRBMW M3[62646616/96]A1. place
24. place101Robert Šenkýř/CZBMW M3[170020/94]A2. place
26. place106Vladimír Liška/CZBMW M3[JC31980/93]A3. place
27. place111Jaromír Malý/CZFord Escort RS2000 Kit-Car Evo II.[AVK019]A4. place
30. place98Gottfried Kogler/AMitsubishi Lancer Evo VI.[-]A5. place
35. place115Eduard Patera/CZFord Escort RS2000 Kit-Car Evo I.[VK009]A6. place
36. place100Martin Koiš/SKFord Escort RS Cosworth[1022/1996]A7. place
39. place116Christian Schweiger/ARenault Megane Coupe[-]A8. place
40. place104Istvan Kavecz/HBMW M3 E36[-]A9. place
43. place113Rene Martinek/ARenault Clio RS[-]A10. place
44. place105Elmer Kiss/HBMW M3 E36[-]A11. place
54. place114Dieter Holzer/AVW Golf III 16 V[-]A12. place
55. place110Kurt Ritzberger/APeugeot 306 GTI[-]A13. place
60. place119Alfred Fischer/APeugeot 106 Kit Car[-]A14. place
72. place109Lui Manfred Liebig/ARenault Megane Coupe[-]A15. place
81. place118Andreas Rigolet/APeugeot 106 S 16[-]A16. place
82. place122Milan Kašpárek/CZŠkoda Felicia Kit-Car[22583/95]A17. place
83. place107Thorsten Löber/DBMW 325 i[-]A18. place
85. place108Karl Knaus/AFord Puma[-]A19. place
86. place121Miroslav Jakeš/CZŠkoda Felicia Kit-Car[-]A20. place
3. place19Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-86/02]CN1. place
4. place18Fausto Bormolini/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-75/00]CN2. place
5. place17Omar Magliona/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-85/02]CN3. place
6. place23Andrea De Biasi/IOsella PA21S[PA21-23/03-S]CN4. place
7. place15Otakar Krámský/CZOsella PA20S[PA20S-50/98]CN5. place
13. place21Vladimír ml. Doubek/CZOsella PA20S[PA20S-22/95]CN6. place
18. place24Piergiorgio Bedini/MCOsella PA21S[PA21-18/03-S]CN7. place
10. place16Fausto D´Alpaos/IOsella PA20S[-]CN+C31. place
22. place31Nicolas Brebsom/LOsella PA9[PA9-143/86]CN+C32. place
25. place33Peter Perhofer/ATiga TS85[1985/0025]CN+C33. place
34. place14Gianni Cestaro/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-64/99]CN+C34. place
1. place1Hermann Waldy/AReynard 94D[94D-025]D+E21. place
2. place7Jaroslav Krajčí/SKLola T96/50[T96/50-HU12]D+E22. place
8. place12Milan Svoboda/CZReynard 85SF[85F-032]D+E23. place
11. place9Vladimír Stankovič/SLODallara F398[-]D+E24. place
12. place3Walter Forster/DRalt RT24[RT24-Krecmer_]D+E25. place
16. place6Ivano De Pellegrini/ILola B99/50[B99/50-HU33]D+E26. place
41. place10Josef Darmann/ADallara [-]D+E27. place
9. place34Georg Plasa/DBMW 320 V 8[-]E11. place
14. place39Hans Peter Laber/AFord Gabat Cosworth[-]H+E11. place
15. place36Felix Pailer/ALancia Delta Integrale[-]H+E12. place
17. place50Erich Edlinger/ABMW 318 iS[-]H+E13. place
19. place42Dieter Höller/AFord Gabat Escort C.RS[-]H+E14. place
20. place37Franz Nowak/ALancia Delta Integrale[-]H+E15. place
21. place40Ernst Zink/AFord Gabat WRC[-]H+E16. place
28. place75Egidio Pisano/DVW Spiess Golf 16 V[-]H+E17. place
38. place55Hermann Blasl/AOpel Kadett C[-]H+E18. place
45. place60Werner Hofer/AFord Escort Cosworth[-]H+E19. place
46. place47Werner Karl/AVW Golf 17[-]H+E110. place
50. place43Reinhard Schlegl/AFord Sierra Cosworth[-]H+E111. place
51. place82Peter Prehsl/ASuzuki Swift[-]H+E112. place
52. place69Helmut Maier/DVW Spiess Golf[-]H+E113. place
56. place71Hubert Strasser/AToyota Corolla GT[-]H+E114. place
57. place77Georg Pacher/ASteyr Puch Power Tech[-]H+E115. place
58. place45Christian Küberl/ABMW M3[-]H+E116. place
61. place51Michael Endress/DAudi Coupe 80 C[103/75/1981]H+E117. place
64. place85Michael Faserl/AVW Polo[-]H+E118. place
68. place53Vincenz Kroisleitner/AFord Gabat Cosworth[-]H+E119. place
69. place65Heiko Fiausch/AOpel Kadett GSi[-]H+E120. place
77. place63Adolf Hochecker/AOpel Kadett C[-]H+E121. place
80. place78Gerald Pucher/ASuzuki Swift GTI 16 V[-]H+E122. place
84. place61August Gratzer/ALancia Beta Coupe[-]H+E123. place
88. place44Stefan Skrabal/AFord Escort Cosworth[-]H+E124. place
91. place58Franz Haider/AVW Golf 17[-]H+E125. place
92. place56Werner Jud/AVW Golf[-]H+E126. place
93. place74Manfred Pangheri/AVW Golf GTI 17[-]H+E127. place
111. place80Gerhard Schützl/AOpel Corsa[-]H+E128. place
76. place181Walter Pauli/CHRenault Alpine A 110-1300 S[-]HA1. place
108. place184Dieter Pögl/AOpel Kadett C[-]HA2. place
109. place188Friedrich Bock/AFord Escort 1300 GT[-]HA3. place
110. place186Erich Enzberger/AFord Escort 1300 GT[-]HA4. place
112. place191Stefano De Santi/IAlpine A110[-]HA5. place
113. place187Gerd Fischer/AFord Escort 1300 GT[-]HA6. place
114. place198Jürgen Pachteu/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]HA7. place
115. place190Folco Gamberucci/ILancia Fulvia Rallye S[-]HA8. place
116. place194Rudolf Enzberger/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]HA9. place
117. place196Max Theiler/CHSunbeam Tiger V 8[-]HA10. place
119. place199Günther Kremel/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]HA11. place
0. place172Lino Pertozzi/AFord Escort TC[-]HA-ÖM0. place
31. place165Friedrich Huber/ALola T328[T328/HU90]HA-ÖM1. place
53. place168Alfred Stoitzner/ALotus Mk.41[Mk.41-F3-7]HA-ÖM2. place
67. place174Michael Mitterer/AMazda RX3[_RX3Mitu-Mit]HA-ÖM3. place
71. place171Roman Ortauf/AFord Escort RS[-]HA-ÖM4. place
78. place177Hannes Doblhofer/APorsche 911 Carrera RS[-]HA-ÖM5. place
79. place167Gottfried Kult/AMerlin [-]HA-ÖM6. place
89. place170Helmut Neuhauser/AVW Golf GTI Classic[-]HA-ÖM7. place
94. place164Kurt Lintscher/APRS RH02[-]HA-ÖM8. place
100. place169Franz Renner/AVan Diemen RF77[-]HA-ÖM9. place
102. place175Gerald Kures/AFord Escort RS2000[-]HA-ÖM10. place
107. place178Karli Zellbeck/DFerrari 308 GT Race[-]HA-ÖM11. place
29. place129Roland Wanek/DBMW M3 Coupe[-]N1. place
32. place126Rainer Krug/DBMW M3[-]N2. place
33. place128Peter Jureňa/SKMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII.[-]N3. place
37. place131Oskar Beneš/CZFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]N4. place
42. place130Jörg Weidinger/DBMW M3[EW38674]N5. place
48. place125David Losman/CZSubaru Impreza WRX[091036/00]N6. place
62. place143Walter Struckmann/DHonda Civic Type R[-]N7. place
65. place127Jiří Voves/CZSubaru Impreza WRX[043420/04]N8. place
73. place142Umberto De Florian/IRenault Clio Williams[-]N9. place
75. place138Bernhard Gassler/APeugeot 306 S16 Base[-]N10. place
87. place134Hans Brei/AOpel Astra GSi[-]N11. place
90. place139Georg Hinterberger/AHonda Integra[-]N12. place
95. place151Rupert Schachinger/ASuzuki Ignis[-]N13. place
96. place144Marko Klein/ASuzuki Ignis[-]N14. place
97. place145Thomas Heuer/ASuzuki Ignis[-]N15. place
98. place146Thomas Huber/DSuzuki Ignis[-]N16. place
99. place137Franz Kary/AOpel Astra OPC[-]N17. place
101. place147Mario Klammer/ASuzuki Ignis[-]N18. place
103. place149Gerald Nutz/ASuzuki Ignis[-]N19. place
104. place150Anton Salfelner/ASuzuki Ignis[-]N20. place
106. place148Michael Kogler/ASuzuki Ignis[-]N21. place
118. place160Friedrich Mühlbacher/ASuzuki Swift[-]N22. place
120. place153Johann Hierhacker/ASuzuki Ignis[-]N23. place
47. place94Robert Bradarič/HRBMW 320[_320SPKE46]SP1. place
49. place117Dan Michl/CZPeugeot 306[RSV137/1999]SP2. place
59. place93Claudio Giobbi/IBMW 320 E 46[-]SP3. place
63. place88Petr Vojáček/CZOpel Astra OPC[5274395/2001]SP4. place
66. place95Jean-Marc Charvin/FPeugeot 306SP[52526/98]SP5. place
70. place91Tomáš Kusý/CZPeugeot 306[RSV108/1999]SP6. place
74. place89Martin Jerman/CZOpel Astra OPC[81752/2001]SP7. place
105. place87Gabriela Jermanová-Sajlerová/CZOpel Astra GSi[_astraGSINam]SP8. place
- 102Lázsló Hernádi/HBMW M3[-]A0. place
- 20Renzo Napione/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-87/02]CN0. place
- 26Erich Öppinger/DOsella PA16[PA16-10/92]CN+C30. place
- 32Stefan Silberberger/APRC S98[S98-012-SC99-001]CN+C30. place
- 5Gerard Viarino/FLola T96/50[-]D+E20. place
- 4Dušan Nevěřil/CZLola T96/50[T96/50-HU41]D+E20. place
- 72Thomas Holzmann/AAlfa Romeo 145 16 V[-]H+E10. place
- 73Franz Raider/AFord Fiesta[-]H+E10. place
- 83Walter Kurz/ASimca 1000 Rallye II[-]H+E10. place
- 68Andreas Marko/AVW Golf GTI 16 V[-]H+E10. place
- 38Helmut Hähnel/ALancia Delta Integrale[-]H+E10. place
- 41Günther Gabat/AFord Gabat Turbo[-]H+E10. place
- 54Franz Probst/AVW Golf GTI 16 V[-]H+E10. place
- 64Jürgen Grossauer/ASuzuki Baleno[-]H+E10. place
- 62Erich Eder/AVW Golf GTI 16 V[-]H+E10. place
- 192Stephan Collisi/DBehnke Condor[Wagner]HA0. place
- 183Leo Theuretsbacher/ABMW 2002 TI[-]HA0. place
- 180Max Lamplmaier/AFord Escort I BDA[-]HA0. place
- 163Bernhard Pongratz/AMaco F3[-]HA-ÖM0. place
- 176Walter Martinelli/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]HA-ÖM0. place
- 136Michael Auer/ARenault Clio Williams[-]N0. place
- 86Martin Rybníček/CZFord Escort RS2000[_pv/dgreen/]SP0. place

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