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Ecce homo Šternberk


23. place73Ludvík Otto/CZToyota Celica GT Four[-]A1. place
25. place74Lázsló Hernádi/HBMW M3[-]A2. place
26. place75Martin Koiš/SKFord Escort RS Cosworth[1022/1996]A3. place
28. place72Vladimír Liška/CZBMW M3[JC31980/93]A4. place
34. place80Radek Nešpor/CZFord Escort RS2000 Kit-Car Evo II.[_VK010or011]A5. place
39. place89Martin Fischer/AOpel Astra GSi[-]A6. place
45. place76Václav Janík/CZBMW M3[65786512/97]A7. place
49. place82Moreno Lukšetič/HRRenault Megane Coupe[-]A8. place
57. place85Maciej Ptak/PLHonda Integra[-]A9. place
59. place91Kurt Ritzberger/APeugeot 306 Gti[-]A10. place
66. place98Petr Farník/CZŠkoda Felicia[-]A11. place
68. place97Michal Bažant/CZŠkoda Fabia[-]A12. place
79. place95Josef Stočes/CZŠkoda Felicia[-]A13. place
81. place99Jan Trnka/CZŠkoda Felicia[-]A14. place
88. place90Jiří Theimer/CZPeugeot 306S16[-]A15. place
91. place88Libor Vinkler/CZCitroën Xsara[02889/1997]A16. place
94. place103Miroslav Jakeš/CZŠkoda Felicia[-]A17. place
97. place102Radim Ježek/CZŠkoda Felicia[-]A18. place
2. place24Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-95/03]CN1. place
3. place26Omar Magliona/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-64/99]CN2. place
4. place20Otakar Krámský/CZOsella PA20S[PA20S-50/98]CN3. place
6. place30Miloš Beneš/CZLucchini P3-96M[124-P3-96M]CN4. place
7. place22Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-86/02]CN5. place
8. place25Denny Zardo/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-85/02]CN6. place
9. place33Andrea De Biasi/IOsella PA21S[PA21-18/03-S]CN7. place
11. place27Vladimír ml. Doubek/CZOsella PA20S[PA20S-22/95]CN8. place
12. place29Fausto D´Alpaos/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-83/01]CN9. place
19. place32Johann Zauner/AOsella PA21P[PA21P-04/03]CN10. place
1. place1László Szász/HReynard 93D[93D-014]ED1. place
5. place2Jaroslav Krajčí/SKLola T96/50[T96/50-HU12]ED2. place
10. place5Hermann Waldy/AReynard 94D[94D-025]ED3. place
13. place6Dušan Nevěřil/CZRalt RT23[RT23-943]ED4. place
14. place7Patrik Semlbauer/CZOpel-Lotus Lotus[OVL260/1993]ED5. place
15. place9Tomáš Jung/SKReynard 913[913-015]ED6. place
18. place8Miloš Zmeškal/CZRalt RT32[TK2487/RaltRT32/]ED7. place
37. place16Roman Hora/CZMTX 1-10[-]ED8. place
42. place11Žarko Šimkovič/SKOpel-Lotus Lotus[-]ED9. place
21. place150Jaroslav Prášek/CZChevron B42[B42-78-04]HA1. place
31. place135Friedrich Huber/ALola T328[T328/HU90]HA2. place
44. place153Petr Rokyta/CZMTX 2-03[2-03.208]HA3. place
70. place190Gregor Frötscher/AMorris Mini Cooper S[-]HA4. place
71. place168Walter Pauli/CHAlpine A110[-]HA5. place
74. place157Sepp Gruber/AFord Escort RS[-]HA6. place
75. place160Helmut Neuhauser/AVW Golf 17 Gti[-]HA7. place
76. place169Jaroslav Straka/CZBMW 2002Ti[-]HA8. place
77. place140Jan Kelar/CZMTX 1-02[-]HA9. place
78. place173Zdeněk Konečný/CZBMW 2002Ti[-]HA10. place
85. place156Hannes Doblhofer/APorsche 911 Carrera[-]HA11. place
87. place141Marek Hamrle/CZMTX 1-03[1-03/114/TK9022/75/]HA12. place
89. place138Zdeněk Hnilička/CZMTX 1-03[-]HA13. place
90. place161Lubomír Valko/SKŠkoda 130RS[5046565/78]HA14. place
95. place145Jan Osladil/CZMTX 1-01[1-01/012]HA15. place
96. place172Vladimír Konicar/CZBMW 2002Ti[-]HA16. place
98. place165Hans Anton König/DAudi 50 Gl[-]HA17. place
99. place158Zdeněk Sekyrka/CZŠkoda 130RS[5051214]HA18. place
100. place195Ivar Sauter/CHAlfa Romeo Giul.S V[-]HA19. place
101. place192Gabriela Andrišeková/SKŠkoda 1000MB[-]HA20. place
102. place136Aleš Mlejnek/CZMTX 1-04[1-04/Jílek]HA21. place
103. place159Stanislav Raška/CZVW Golf Gti[-]HA22. place
104. place170Jiří Kunc/CZBMW 2002Ti[-]HA23. place
105. place148Marek Pihrt/CZMTX 1-05[1-05/306/1980]HA24. place
106. place178Erich Enzberger/AFord Escort[-]HA25. place
107. place179Gerd Fischer/AFord Escort Gt[-]HA26. place
108. place181Folco Gamberucci/ILancia Fulvia Rally Coupe[-]HA27. place
109. place193Heinz Wohlkönig/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]HA28. place
110. place185"Obelix" Livio Uderzo/INSU NSU TTS[-]HA29. place
111. place189Arnošt Neubauer/CZPorsche 911[300277-1965]HA30. place
112. place194Günther Kremel/ASteyr Puch 650 TR[-]HA31. place
114. place199Jean Sage/FDelahaye 135 S[-]HA32. place
115. place198František Čečil/CZHakar [-]HA33. place
116. place167Václav Štěrba/CZFiat 127[-]HA34. place
16. place40David Komárek/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo V.[_KomEV550a]M1. place
17. place35Herbert Pregartner/APorsche GT2[-]M2. place
20. place51Dan Michl/CZŠkoda Fabia[-]M3. place
22. place38Tomáš Vavřinec/CZLancia Integrale Evo III.[-]M4. place
24. place44Josef Komárek/CZMitsubishi Lancer Evo V.[0317/03]M5. place
33. place41Július st. Konček/SKBMW M3 Sport Evo DTM[49501622/92]M6. place
35. place56Martin Novotný/CZVW Golf IV.[-]M7. place
38. place57Helmut Maier/DVW Spiess Golf[-]M8. place
43. place50Erich Eder/AVW Golf GTi 16V[-]M9. place
53. place47Aleš Neterda/CZLancia Delta Integrale[-]M10. place
56. place45Jiří Sedláček/CZBMW M3[-]M11. place
60. place61Erich Nömayr/AOpel Kadett C[-]M12. place
64. place52Jan Vávra/CZHonda Civic[-]M13. place
65. place49Anton Kunze/ARenault Clio V6[-]M14. place
69. place53Marián Rajnoha/SKNissan Sunny Gti[-]M15. place
73. place62Georgi Popov/CZŠkoda Felicia Pick-Up[-]M16. place
84. place54Miroslav Záhlava/SKPeugeot 205GTi[-]M17. place
92. place65Štefan Szöke/CZŠkoda Felicia Pick-Up[-]M18. place
113. place64Marek Udržal/CZFord Fiesta[-]M19. place
27. place116Roland Wanek/DBMW M3[-]N1. place
29. place122Rainer Krug/DBMW M3[-]N2. place
30. place120Jiří Voves/CZSubaru Impreza WRX[091036/00]N3. place
32. place118Peter Jureňa/SKMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII.[-]N4. place
36. place119Jean-Marc Charvin/FMitsubishi Lancer Evo V.[_EV5Ch]N5. place
48. place124Pavel Kestler/CZProton Pert[-]N6. place
54. place123Oskar Beneš/CZFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]N7. place
55. place126Walter Struckmann/DOpel Astra GSi[2588406/92]N8. place
58. place151Vladimír Rolík/SKHonda Civic Type-R[-]N9. place
63. place127Bernhard Gassler/APeugeot 206[-]N10. place
67. place128Agnieszka Czapka/PLAlfa Romeo 156TS[-]N11. place
72. place117Marek Vejražka/CZFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]N12. place
80. place130František Kmeť/SKVW Golf GTi 16V[-]N13. place
82. place125Anton Strnad/SKOpel Astra GSi[-]N14. place
83. place132Milan Boháč/CZRenault Clio Sport[-]N15. place
86. place152Zdenko Pastva/SKPeugeot 306S16[-]N16. place
93. place131Jaroslav Baránek/SKSeat Ibiza[-]N17. place
40. place105Petr Vojáček/CZOpel Astra OPC[5274395/2001]SP1. place
41. place108Tomáš Kusý/CZPeugeot 306RS[RSV108/1999]SP2. place
46. place107Martin Rybníček/CZFord Escort RS2000[_pv/dgreen/]SP3. place
47. place106Karel Patočka/CZBMW 320[_320SPKE46]SP4. place
50. place114Marek Rybníček/CZFord Escort RS2000[_pv/white/]SP5. place
51. place112Zdeněk Kuba/CZFord Focus Kit-Car[_Focus-Kuba]SP6. place
52. place115Petr Benedikt/CZOpel Astra GSi[_astra_sunPB]SP7. place
61. place109David Losman/CZOpel Astra GSi[_astraGSICar]SP8. place
62. place113Martin Jerman/CZFord Escort RS2000[_pv/blue/]SP9. place
- 83Jaroslav Homola/SKCitroën Xsara 2[-]A0. place
- 84Rene Martinek/ARenault Megane Coupe 16V[-]A0. place
- 77Eduard Patera/CZSubaru Impreza 555[057906/97]A0. place
- 94Jiří Skoupil/CZNissan Almera Gti[-]A0. place
- 71Robert Šenkýř/CZBMW M3[170020/94]A0. place
- 23Renzo Napione/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-87/02]CN0. place
- 21Fausto Bormolini/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-75/00]CN0. place
- 10Vladimír Friedl/SKDallara F393[-]ED0. place
- 174Milan Galáš/CZBMW 2002Ti[-]HA0. place
- 164Alfred Mosler/DFiat 128SC[-]HA0. place
- 147Edita Prášková/CZDelfín II/Š[1841-4]HA0. place
- 184Werner Forstinger/AHillman Sunbeam Imp[-]HA0. place
- 171Jaroslav Mikulenka/CZBMW 2002Ti[-]HA0. place
- 68Tibor Rosenmayer/AMazda RX7[SA22000567632/1980]M0. place
- 66Martina Straková/CZŠkoda Felicia Pick-Up[_Straka]M0. place
- 121Marek Durovkin/SKFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]N0. place

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