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Beaujolais Villages


16. place73Henri Neel/FLola T298[T298/HU97]C31. place
23. place22Henri Ughetto/FNorma M11[M11-12]C32. place
32. place74Jean Simon/FLucchini SP90[-]C33. place
164. place77Laurent Raga/FARC MF9[-]C38. place
25. place66Patrick Gasquet/FLucchini P3-93[094-P3-93]CN4. place
2. place2Lionel Regal/FReynard 96D[96D-005]DE2. place
3. place15Jacky Bouvier/FReynard 91D[-]DE3. place
5. place23Roland Bossy/CHReynard 93D[93D-003]DE5. place
6. place6Stéphane Baudin/FReynard 92D[-]DE6. place
9. place4Gérard Petit/FReynard 94D[-]DE9. place
13. place33Jean Louis Neveu/FMartini MK69[-]DE10. place
18. place20Jacques Guilhem/FMartini MK69[-]DE14. place
20. place40Raynald Thomas/FMartini MK79[-]DE16. place
24. place41Jean-Pierre Bouchard/FDallara F398[-]DE19. place
30. place63Olivier Augusto/FMartini MK49[-]DE24. place
37. place50Yann Heche/CHDallara F392[-]DE29. place
61. place103Dominique Vuillaume/FPorsche Carrera S[-]GT2. place
99. place135Franck Daniel/FHommell Berlinette RS2[-]GT7. place
114. place107Daniel Pasquier/FBMW Z3 M Coupe[-]GT8. place
150. place132Sebastien Meissl/FHommell Berlinette[-]GT21. place
- 161Pascal Cat/F [-]0. place
- 203-Peugeot [-]0. place
- Alain Gilbert/FLada Samara[-]0. place
- 165-BMW M3[-]0. place
- 67Serge Dupuis/FPRC M87[M787_]CN0. place
- 5Bruno Bazaud/FMartini MK81[-]DE0. place
- 106Jean-Marc Charvin/FMitsubishi Lancer Evo V.[_EV5Ch]N0. place

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