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Homburg Käshofen


12. place32Rolf Köppel/DPRC M91[M91-03]C31. place
19. place24Peter Hartmann/DURD C394[C03-7-497]C32. place
45. place21Mario Stulla/DEK Prototyp 85[EK-85]C33. place
49. place19Gerhard Siebert/DURD 772[-]C34. place
63. place20Manfred Baumgartner/DMarch C92[-]C35. place
65. place23Willy Weyten/BAros ZX[-]C36. place
69. place22Alfred Wahl/FTechniplus [-]C37. place
104. place25Michael Heck/DBrixner [-]C38. place
2. place14Herbert Stenger/DStenger ES991[ES991]CN1. place
6. place16Herbert Leibach/DDebora SP90[Debora-UWR-1_]CN2. place
9. place15Uwe Lang/DOsella PA20S[PA20S-02/94]CN3. place
41. place17Uwe Kaufel/DPRC M92[M88-CN93]CN4. place
100. place9Dieter Eckhardt/DChevron EBS[EBS003/81-1981]CN5. place
1. place38Christian Hauser/LReynard 93D[-]D1. place
3. place35Arnold Wagner/DLola T94/50[T94/50-_amweg]D2. place
4. place36Frank Taubert/DReynard 91D[91D-029]D3. place
10. place348Georg Plasa/DBMW 320i 16V 2,5 E36[E21R108/79]H1. place
11. place337Herbert Stolz/APorsche 935DP[DP935301/1989]H2. place
16. place350Dieter Knüttel/DFord RS 200 E2[-]H3. place
37. place355Peter Röllinghoff/DBMW M3 Sport Evo[40587/89]LI+F1. place
- 338Peter Hossfeld/DPorsche Carrera 4[-]H0. place

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